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Since I have lots of items that I need to sell, I made a page for these items. I need extra money. It’s so sad that I have to part with these stuff. These items deserve a better home than my room which just collects dust. 

 You can check my buyer feedback on Ebay.

General Buying Rules:
1. I ship worldwide through Registered Airmail. Items here don't include the shipping price. Shipping price varies per item.
2. I only accept PayPal with fees (Use Paypal Fee Calculator to compute the fees (my paypal fee indicator is 3.9% + $.30). I will ship items approximately 2-3 days after I received your payment. However if it will fall on Friday after 5 pm, weekends and holidays, you will wait for the next business day for the items to get shipped.
3. I will only provide pictures of what's inside the items if you are sure to buy the items.
4. I am not responsible for the damage of the items during shipment but I will pack the items with bubble wraps to avoid damage. Please give me your accurate address so that the items will not be lost.
5. I am also not responsible for custom charges. 
6. All are negotioble prices if you buy multiple items
7. Free CD for purchases of $50 and above. (Limited offer) XD 
8. No reservations for more than a week. I am already annoyed with people asking longer reservations but in the end they will not get the items :| 
8. You can contact me through comments on this post or through my email at witchblade.eaxis@gmail.com

Items with this mark are already sold

Price for each magazines: $10 (Buy all 6 = $50)


Issues 1-3


Issues 4-6 

EXILE FanClub magazines - Price: $7 (Buy 2: $12)


Left: Volume 23; Right: Volume 21

EXILE Perfect Live Tour Goods

EXILE Perfect Live Tour 2008 Pamphlet with DVD
Price: $50

Takahiro produced tumbler - Purple
Price: $35


> Japan Version unless indicated that it's OS version
> All CDs are in good conditions unless indicated with CD crack
> Some are played once / twice, others are just opened to check content, and others are still brand new
> If obi isn't present in the picture, it is inside the CD case
> Kept on a CD shelf in a smoke-free home
> Each CD weighs around 100 - 200 grams

4minute - For Muzik (CD+DVD+Trading cards) new and sealed - $12

Left: 8eight - Vol. 1 - The First - $5
Right: 8eight - Vol. 2 - Infinity - $5


Left : AAA - Black and White Single (CD-only version) with photobook - $5 (obi is inside the CD case)
Right:  AAA - ATTACK album (CD Version) - $8 (obi is inside the CD case) 
Buy 2: $15

Attack All Around Best Album 2 CD + DVD = $40 

Top Left: AAA - 4th Attack DVD - $20
Top Right: AAA - 1st Attack DVD - $20
Center: AAA - 2nd Attack DVD - $25

AAA - 3rd Attack DVD (1 Disc Version) - $20

ayaka - First Message (CD only / OS version) = $2 

ayaka - Sing to the Sky (CD+Live DVD) = $30 - SOLD 

BoA - Love and Honesty - $8

BRIGHT - Notes 4 You CD+DVD - $25 


CHEMISTRY - All the Best (2CD+Live DVD) OS Version - $20 

Clazziquai - Instant Pig album - $7

Clazziquai Project - Color Your Soul + Love Mode mini album - $15 (Taiwan Version - This is not available in YesAsia. I picked it up on a local HMV store in HK)  

COLOR - BLACK album (CD+DVD) Version - $22

Crystal Kay - COLOR CHANGE (CD+DVD) - $22

David Tao - $15 each, Buy 2: $25 (I can't read Chinese so I don't know the titles XD)

DBSK - Mirotic Album Version A - $12

ELLEGARDEN - Eleven Firecrackers - $5

Emi Maria - A Ballad of My Own - $12 


EXILE - Our Style Album (CD Only) - $12

EXILE - Styles of Beyond CD+DVD - $15 


EXILES - Heart of Gold album - $12

EXILE EVOLUTION (CD+2DVD version) = $40 - this is already out of stock on online CD shops

EXILE Catchy Best CD+DVD = $25

EXILE Entertainment Best (CD+2DVDs) - $32

EXILE Ballad Best (CD+DVD) - $25

EXILE - Evolution Live Tour  2DVD - $35 

EXILE - Perfect Live Tour 2008 (2 DVD) = $35

(Part 2 - CDs F-Z)
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