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Haha this weekend, I did nothing but to "play" with Photoshop! LOL I just discovered a good coloring scheme for icons so yeah I tried to make batch icons with it. It has been a looooooong time since I posted icons here in LJ (I think it was last year for Takahiro's birthday and haha yeah I'll make the celebration in advance to post icons)


Total Icons: 44

Icons are love <3 )

I'll post an icon tutorial with Mr.Children on my next post. Ahh lol I never made this lots of icons for a long time.. XD If you have requests (especially EXILE icons; well there are a lot of icons for other artists (especially JE/DBSK) so I want to make icons for other artists too) you can comment here, just give me an image to work on plus what do you want (example you want it to be textless)

Also I still have to list my resources so for now these are the communities I want to thank for my resources [livejournal.com profile] texturize, [livejournal.com profile] star_jrock, [livejournal.com profile] omg_resource

Media Dump

Jan. 29th, 2008 10:10 pm
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My upload speed improved these past few days so yeah I'm abusing it xD and some are leftovers from my Mediafire Account

Live Performance

Clazziquai Project at EBS Space Sympathy (October 10,2007)
All parts are in MU now (Sorry, Mediafire won't accept these anymore)

Part 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7

  • Flower Children
  • Our Lives
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Friday Blues
  • Love Mode
  • Color your Soul
  • The Light (Horan Version)
  • Lover Boy
  • Fill this Night
  • Be My Love
> This is what I love with Korean music shows as they are showing full performances of songs and I love Clazziquai Live Performances. If you like live performances too and well just beginning to appreciate Clazziquai, this one is a good start. Alex and Horan won't disappoint you vocally in live perfs. Color your Soul is definitely a win for me.



Alex (Clazziquai Project)
> This compilation contains:
  • Night Time
  • Kissing You (with Daniel Henney)
  • Dance with my Daddy
  • Harmony (with Free Tempo)
  • Soul Music (with Viva Soul)
  • Ibyol, Mannam... Gu Jungjomeso (with Epik High)
  • I'll Never Cry (with Park Ki Young)
  • I love You (with Ji Sun (Loveholic))
  • I'll Fly to You (with Lee Ki Chan and Byul)
  • Love Me after 12 AM (m-flo loves Alex)
  • Love Me after 12 AM English Version (Cosmicolor Concert Version)
  • On a dazzling day with J
  • Very Heartbreaking Words
JEWELRY - Jewelry First
Skoop on Somebody - Pianoforte (thank you [profile] hokkyokusei for the first upload)


AAA - Wonderful Life
COLOR - Since you went away feat. ATSUSHI
JUNE - Baby it's you
JUNE - Discotheque Romantic
JYONGRI - Possession (English Version)
Makihara Noriyuki - Green Days
Uno Misako, Mayu - Groovin'
Uno Misako - Now is the Time

ATSUSHI x Toshi Kubota - Indigo Waltz at MTV Icon Special
Bank Band - to U featuring Great Artists (err I'm not sure if this is the 2006 or the 2007 version)
CHEMISTRY - Towani (radio / short version)
EXILE - Pure (radio rip from J-Wave)
Tanaka Roma - Be Mine (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - Free (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - One (Ballad version) from Red Ribbon Live 2007

Also I'm "advertising" my previous uploads

File Database 1
|| File Database 2
Full Of Harmony Discography
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Although many people say that 2007 is like a boring year for Jpop/Kpop music, I still think that there are a lot of good things that were released this year. This will be a very long entry! LOL

These are all based on my personal opinions so yeah I might be biased xD


This might be an off-topic. But for NEWS x EXILE fans, do you all remember the Hey3x Special where Yamapi and Takahiro had a talk? EXsub really wanted to pick up that project (especially me) but there is already a group who picked that up so yeah we can't make it as a project. But don't worry, our translator, Lena already had the translated the talk for us and well I'll just tell here everyone what they talked about (Please credit makira of EXsub when taking out this translation outside of my blog)

Host: Yamapi's question to EXILE's Takahiro: "What is the wrong thing I did to you?"
Yamapi: Before Takahiro joined EXILE, I already met and was introduced to him. Takahiro said to me that, "maybe I'm going to join EXILE" (see Takahiro has been long eye-ing to be in EXILE) In the beginning, he greeted me nicely, but when we met in some other music shows, he was kinda unreactive/cold (ignored him)
Hama-chan: That's not right! Maybe EXILE made him to act that way!
Takahiro: No, it's not, It was at the bar when we met and I didn't expect him (Yamapi) to remember me.
Hama-chan: Sakaba?? Are you some kind of enka singer? (Sakaba is like a lounge for enka)
Takahiro: At a work place, I didn't want to be all friendly to him because he'll maybe think, "Man, that guy is really too touchy" and well I treated him with modesty instead", If you like you can join us to our, (this part is kinda blurry) sushi party or something like that
Hama-chan: Isn't it weird?!?? "Sushi party" I hate you EXILE!!!!! (in implying that he wasn't invited by Takahiro to join them)

- END -

I think after this talk and some nice hang-out, Yamapi and Takahiro are friends now :D
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Since it's almost end of 2007, I decided to share some of my leftover links of my files in different account hosts. Just treat these as my Christmas and New Year's gifts for you all :D

Enjoy these goodies!!! :D :D
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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!


I really love collaborations. It's so good to see your favorite artists singing with each other and more or less the output is really good

All of the songs in this list have download links (most are audio rips, some are video links), if these won't work, just leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to upload these songs for you :D
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Woohoo finally I have finished watching this 4 hour show. LOL with shows like this even, I always have to start watching at the beginning to end and not just randomly skipping some perfs (well this thing applies most of the time)

LOL I have to download again this show, as my first video source was the CB version. I want a HQ so haha I'll download hikkichan's version (hmmm, I just read that Japan will enforce again laws for uploading and downloading >__> Bleah!!! Why don't they accept that things like that are inevitable!! *hides from JASRAC lol xD*)

Kinda off topic to MSSL but waiiiiiiiii I just read that Shota Shimizu will release his debut single on February next year!!!!! ZOMG!! I have been waiting for him to debut! (This is way overdue though) For those who don't know him, he was the duet partner of Kato Miliyah in their version of Celine Dion's song, I'm your Angel (Tribute to Celine Dion album) and he was the featuring artist in Dohzi-T's single, One Love. I really love his voice. I'm so happy that he will finally release something on his own. I just learned that he is just 18 years old! Wow he is so young... (Oh if you think of him as an idol just simply don't. LOL he don't have that looks but he got that talent that I'm looking for in a singer) 
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My MSSL Review will be a little late because I haven't finished downloading the files and I have a lot of work to do ^^;; So yeah here is the first part of my top list series for this year.

2007 is coming to an end and everyone are almost making their own top list for this year (and I'm not exempted from this) I know I'm not good at ratings but I'll try my best here.

Here are my Top 10 "Most Respected/Talented" artists. Hmm.. I think I can consider this as all-time hall of famers LOL XD

Don't you just love the Top 10 lists??? ahaha

See you next time for another part of this top 10 lists.. :D
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I just finished watching FNS Kayousai 2007. Wow that was one enjoyable show!!! I love their dual stage. The first stage is the one with all the instruments (piano, strings, drums, wind instruments) and backups and the second stage is a regular one. In between those stages is the banquet hall where all the guests were sitting. I think this is one show that don't have a regular audience as their audience are the performers themselves. I love their Bokura no Ongaku style of music arrangement (yeah the lounge-fy one) and the fact that most artists perform full version of their songs *_______*

Waaaahhhh T____T Why did Clazziquai Project will release their remix album on an unexpected date. Although, it's a remix album but almost half of the songs are new ones *sigh* If ever HMV will have a pre-order link on or before December 10, then it's a sign that I should buy it. But if not, I will wait for another Korean album to purchase on YA.

I'm really so bankrupt now *sigh*
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I'm really lazy to do screencaps for these so just bear with link ^___^;; Anyway, the download links are more important than the screencaps.

I will not include the links of the Music Fair 21 episode last November 3 and so as NewS' Weeek performance at MS last November 2 because I've seen 31325431543 numbers of links for d/l for it but if anyone will wants a cut, just comment on this post and I'll give you out the links  ^^

And now for the downloads

Edit (11/19/07): All files here are not available for download now. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored
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Okay, after more than one month, I'm back with some live performances videos. My internet was being a pain this past month and it was just fixed recently (of course, I have to download all the things in the torrent that I want before uploading anything since I can't upload files while I'm using torrents).

Since, I haven't been uploading anything this past month, I have some special treats for everyone. (and well no screencaps this time because I'm so lazy to do so lol)

And I'm "pimping" this post which contains all the links that I have uploaded so far in my blog... Feel free to download those files :D

For those who want the ayaka x Gospellers performances in Music Fair 21, I have reuploaded those 3 videos. You can find them in this post

Edit: The only available links here are those from Megaupload. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored
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LOL I forgot how many times I posted some Japanese entertainment random news ^___^;;

Let's get down to the business:

I really hate sudden change of weathers because I'm very susceptible to colds (even if I take tons of Vitamin C) >__< and if I have colds, my voice is automatically affected *sigh*


Oct. 18th, 2007 07:42 pm
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If you are thinking that Celine Dion's tribute album was the biggest Japanese artists tribute album for this year, you are wrong. Now that Luna Sea announced their one night comeback concert on Tokyo Dome on Christmas Eve, they also announced the tribute album for them on December 19.

As I've read the news when it first appeared on Tokyograph, my first reaction was: "huh!?! wth!?!". I had that reaction when I saw some of the artists' name that was there was just so weird. I can't imagine them singing Luna Sea's songs.

And now for the song list and artists that will be featured for the tribute album

bleah, m-flo is really killing me in suspense for their dvd. MTV Japan has aired the Luvotomy performance (the one with Namie Amuro) in Yokohama Arena that will be used as a promo for the dvd >___< As expected the performance was just so good that I can't really wait! LOL! *sings: I want this.... that... this.. that...*

and I just discovered that by the time that it will be shipped here, it is holiday here because of the All Soul's/Saint's Day T___T So probably, I'll receive my cds/dvds on November 5!!!! *wails*
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I really love live performances *___* Well that's the reason why I upload live perf videos rather than PVs or albums :D

Live performance + Collaborations = The awesomeness *O*

I have been wanting to post these but I have to do first the regular uploads.. LOL I started uploading this one last Thursday

Here are some of my favorite live performance collaborations. I know there are some more but lol I can't find my other burned DVDs where I saved most of the perfs ^^;; I'll just post them again if I have compiled enough videos

Some of these videos are only on live performance, meaning that the songs performed are unreleased in CDs ^__^ So it will be a good chance to download them (all of these are in their full songs)

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Hmm.. I'm just bored again and I decided to post up some news about: Jdramas and Jpop

First News:

Second News:

Third News:

Last news

Waaahhh today is the airing of Clazziquai Project's Concert in Shibuya T____T I hope someone will record and upload it for us!!!

I recommend everyone to watch Dororo! It's soooo good especially if you are Satoshi and Kou's fans *__* Plus Mr. Children sang it's theme song LOL I can't wait for the sequel!

Bleah! The weather in our country is really abnormal >__> The feeling is still summer when in fact it should be rainy season. Plus I watched on the news that in the northern part, it rained hailstones ~___~

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I feel sooo lazy... ^__^;; and spent some time watching Hana Kimi (the taiwan version) and waaaaaaaaahhhh Wu Chun is love!!!!!!!!!! *________* I can't wait for the Japanese version this July!!! xD xD

and speaking of Japanese version, I saw one cm of Hana Kimi and waaaaaaaaaaahhh Shun is sooo hawt!!!

***She really looks a girlish boy here LOL**

Shun!!!!!!!!!! *___*

I also watched Chemistry's live tour and waaaaahhh Douchin is soooo kakkoii!!! Hahaha Too bad he is already taken bleah xP

I am still reconsidering of buying a 2 disc version of 4th Attack DVD.. My reasons?? (1) It is the "last" concert that they are still complete (Yukari -____-) (2) If I got it right, the 2nd disc contains a documentary portion waaaaahhhh finally!!! I don't like multi angle shots LOL xD (But my main problem is I'm d*mn broke -__-)

One thing that I'm fixing now is my bank account. Well I have problems with SMJ (the "middle man agency" for YJA) because of the deposit and still it hasn't been refunded to my account ~__~ I already sent an email to the bank and asked how can I get the refund. They replied back to me that I should send a fax of a letter of dispute and a copy of the email they sent to me ~___~ WTH, this is load of work for me >____>

Summer in Japan is approaching! And huhuhu those fans are sooo lucky with lots of summer music festivals to anticipated.. I already made a post about the artist line up for Rock in Japan 2007 and now I will add some line-ups of the anticipated festivals in Japan (grrrr how I wish I can watch at least 1 of these festivals!!!!!!!!!!)

Mr. Children will release a Triple A single this August! O___O I thought they wouldn't fall with this type of single versions! ~___~ Anyway the single will be more intense than Fake (Woah a hard rock song!!!). The single title is Black and White (Similar to AAA's Double a Single)

And EXILE's upcoming single will be used as a theme song in an upcoming jdorama, Yama no Onna, Kabe no Onna (Mountain Woman, Wall Woman). Hmm.. Looks like the upcoming single got great promotions (well the fact that they will have a collab with Sowelu already created a big news)
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October 6, 2007 (edit)

Since I'm not planning to revive my video request section anymore, I'll just use this entry to put all my active links over Mediafire and Megaupload. Also, I'll use this as a database for all the files that I've uploaded here on my blog.

File Count as of November 7, 2007
Albums: 12
Single: 1
mp3s: 32
Audio Rips: 23
PVs: 6
Live Performances: 216
CMs: 6
Total Files: 297


Albums )

Singles )

mp3s )


PVs )

CMs )

credits for all the videos/audio:
original uploaders at Jpopsuki Trackers (hikkichan, osanekun, Nermal and others)
and of course, me for uploading all of these files


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