Dec. 4th, 2006 09:21 pm
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>___> @ the news

It was such a depressing mood to see the situation in Albay where almost it was wiped out on the map because of the mudslide.. (The wrath of the mother nature)

I watched last night the NTV Best Artist Show (The version that I got was the "raw" one because it has still commercials) 

According to a blog that I have read, another recording company will launch a group that will be a female counterpart of EXILE (eh?? o____O;;)... Hmm... so let us see in the near future! (But I really really like EXILE)

On my lazy mode, I made another AAA wallpaper with Winter Lander as a theme... (I kinda made a "replica" of the animation on the main page of the official site LOL >__<)

Till then!!!

Ja matta ne!!!


Dec. 2nd, 2006 07:24 pm
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After the storm had passed on our town, the storm left a large damage to some of provinces here... (My condolences for all those families who were victims of the storm). The news presented the ruins that the storm left >____< It was a very bad time because Christmas is fast approaching ^^;;

And here I am, still waiting for calls, still waiting for the documents from the States (tsk tsk patience is really a virtue)... I want a job (lol a decent paying job!)!!!!!!!!!!!! >___<

Two volumes more and I am finished with Death Note manga (and I am getting lazier and lazier reading the manga because after volume 7, the story becomes sooooooooooooooooooooo draggy >___< I felt that I was just reading for the sake that I will finish reading it). After Volume 7, I just learned to "dislike" Light's character, he becomes more Kira-like than Light Yagami... >___> Well power can really turn someone to a really nasty person. Just as Misa's case too, she becomes too clingy to Light >___<

I can't wait to watch NTV's Best Artist!!!! (more seeders please!!!!!!!!) ~___~ 

Money and job = wish for Christmas 2006 LOL

(Waaaaaaaahhh I want some jpop cds in Yesasia clearance sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

AAA's Official Site Layout ish very cute!!!!! xD xD (http://avexnet.or.jp/aaa) Waaahh I can't wait for the single although their ninki ranking is soooo low >___< 

I made a wallpaper using the Samurai Heart theme (and Nissy's hair looks like Yamapi during Kurosagi times)

~___~ LOL Just a weird idea of designing the wallpaper LOL

Goodluck to all December NLE takers!!!!!!!!!! xD xD


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