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I managed to get the DVD-rip of this tour the other day. To sum it all, this tour had the flashiest and tackiest stage design and costumes. What's with the moving stage platforms??? I'm not quite satisfied with the playlist like the lack of songs from Entertainment Best / EXILE LOVE. I can't wait for the DVD with the album because of Fireworks performance *___*

Anyway, here is the quick review (because I feel very lazy)

Opening Video
- They showed skeletons transforming to EXILE performers (original) while Takahiro and Atsushi rose from coffins.

If you're a vampire, I'll volunteer my blood for you XD

Actually you just only need rice and you'll have a complete meal *drools* j/k [info]shooqie might whack my ecchi thinking XD

THE NEXT DOOR (original members only)
- This performance was really disappointing. The stage was revolving and they are just merely dancing and singing on a stationary position.
- another video showcasing the new EXILE members. I love the solo dance of each members especially Tetsuya and Naoto.

And who said Naoki is the only one who got nice abs??

- all of the performers were dancing during the bridge part

- I think this is one of the best performances. They followed the choreography from the PV. It was really a long line during the beginning of the song. Then while the vocalists were singing, the performers were dancing in one line with the platform revolving around the stage.

- I don't like this song but the performance made me like it a bit. Takahiro was "playing" guitar while Atsushi is on piano.

Lovers Again (Original members only)
- I love the stage during this song. Good thing the camera wasn't focusing on the performers' faces

FREAKOUT! (new members only)
- Another great performance! Haha it is really so tacky with the performers wearing Cyclops-like sunglasses. But nevertheless the performance was really good.

Is that you, Cyclops???

- The first part of the song was performed by new EXILE members (JSB members). I love this dance part (Naoki, Naoto, Tetsuya). Then on the 2nd part, the original members did some dance solo. After that the 2nd part was sang by the original vocalists then the last part with the 4 vocalists.

Hahaha I think it's nice to ride on Naoki's shoulders XD

Ti Amo (I think only the original members were in this perf)
- The vocalists were sitting on sofa while the platform was revolving again around the stage.

My dear, are you waiting for me to sit there?? XD

- I love the crowd interaction here.

- This is really better than with NEVERLAND. I love the DJ Makidai part.

Choo Choo TRAIN
- There were 2 lines (original and new members). They face every part of the stage to do the Choo Choo Train dance.

- haha the performers look like surfers. I just wish Verbal will appear in this perf instead of the silhoutte screen

Love, Dream & Happiness
- They deleted the LOVE and DREAM's lines here.

For some reasons, I love Takahiro's hairstyle here..

Because I really love you guys, I'll share the DVD-rip of this concert. Please don't repost it everywhere because I promised konki to privately share this. Probably by next week, I'll post this [info]ongaku_bangumi on if no one else share the tour publicly. Sometimes Korean / Chinese fans are hard to deal with in terms of sharing stuff ^^;;

Download on Megaupload

Have you watched EXILE's new PV??? Seems like these guys are getting more budget for their PVs. ROFL! @ EXILE Police Badge. This is really a total reminisce of Tokyo DOGS

Anyway, lately my free time was dedicated to fansubbing. I joined [info]ao_no_michi the other week and finished subbing 2 videos with them (soon with my 3rd one). So if you have time, check them out. Although the video don't have the original style that I put though ^^;; Also, [info]exsub is getting some more translators. Haha I'm praying that the big projects will continue and be released at least before 2009 ends.

Lalala... woot I'm on leave again. <3

on 2009-10-30 12:01 pm (UTC)
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Thanks for that. The alert level for typhoon is already raised to 3 and well so far it's been raining for 2 hours straight.



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