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Dec. 26th, 2006 06:34 pm
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After months and months of having the same layout, I decided to change my layout... ^^;;

(Although I can only choose from the templates here in LJ.. LOL ^^;;)

And because I'm bored again, I made the continuation of the "I believe I can Fly" animation LOOOOL

And since it is only a day after Christmas, I'm being extra nice to upload the performance of AAA in Melodix last December 24. (If you want for the other artist, just leave a comment here and I'll try to upload it for you ^^) 

Here are the list of artists that perform in Melodix last Dec.24

WaT - Bokura no Love Story
Exile - Everything
Berrys Koubou
Aiuchi Rina - Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru
AAA - Samurai Heart
Aqua Timez - Sen no Yoru o Koete
BaseBallBear - Matsuri no Ato

(click on the image for the link. Same rules also applies here LOL^^;; Do not reupload (even in clubbox, youtube, other file host site without my permission), repost nor hotlink the video) 

LOL I didn't understand much of the talk part but it was funny when Hidaka talked like Chiaki LOOOOOOL ^^;; Rin also guested in this performance... This Melodix performance is better than the Music Fighter because their voices were good (including Shuta and Shinjiro's raps), Rin guested in this perf and additional dance steps were shown in this perf ^____^;; plus I like Misako's "Nobody helps me anymore" line in this perf LOOOL ^^ (ENJOY WATCHING!!!!)

Waaaiii 14 sai no haha finale episode sub is already out :D :D!!!!!!!!! Last night, my cousin and I watched Nodame Cantabile episode 10 and it was a bit mellow comparing to the hilarious first 9 episodes (except the scenes where Masumi-chan rescued Chiaki-senpai from another gay violin player LOOOOL) I really want to see the last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (There were some romantic scenes between Nodame and Chiaki waaaahhh!!!)


Dec. 6th, 2006 07:28 pm
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I have submitted again my resume to another hospital and LOL as expected the HR personnel said to me: "Okay, I'll just call you" LOL >___>

Waaaiii there are sooo many singles released today!!!!! 

The rankings for today???

I'm sooooo happy that EXILE is number 1 on its release day (KAT-TUN's single will be released tomorrow), I didn't expect that they will be in the top spot despite of its "low" NINKI ranking. So as AAA!!! (Omedetou!!!) also I didn't expect them to be in the top 10 or in the number 6 spot!!!! xD xD 

Also speaking of ranks, looks like ayaka's debut is nearly hitting the 700K mark (Congrats ayaka) If this will continue, her album will really outsell Ayu's album (Hurray for ayaka!!!)

Also this season's Oricon drama satisfaction ranking was released! xD xD


**** I didn't expect that 14 sai no haha will be in this low ranking >___< I thought it will be on the number 3 or 4 spot because it has a good story >___< and Shida Mirai is such a good young actress xD xD. But it was really good that both Nodame Cantabile and Boku no Aruku Michi is on the top 3 spots... I expected that Kame's drama, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, will be on this rank because comparing to the other drama this is almost a "stereotypical drama"... I hope that D-Fansubs will continue subbing the remaining 6 episodes of Sera Fuku to Kikanjuu >___< I also liked this drama... xD xD *** 

I just hope that they will call me for an interview LOL >____<

2 days more before my niece's Christening Day... ^___^

I like my desktop xD xD (Thanks to WindowsBlinds!! LOL)

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Dates and days are really my weakness LOL! I thought today was Thursday and not Friday... I forgot to greet my friend, Aki but my other friend sent me a message about Aki's birthday so I was saved and I greeted Aki a while ago via SMS....

I really like Nodame Cantabile!!! xD xD This series ish really hilarious! Plus the way they played musical instruments in the orchestra were superb LOL! (Chiaki-senpai ish very cool in this series!!!! Waaahhh Chiaki-senpai!!!!)

*** Chiaki-senpai during the beginning of his piano performance ***

*** Nodame as the cute mascot as S-oke special performance ***

While me and my cousin were watching 14 sai no haha's episode 6, we cried a little bit. LOL ~____~ It was really a touching episode that we feel pity for the main character that she was ridiculed by the society that as if being pregnant at 14 makes her a criminal.... ^___^ We want to see how this series will progress.. ^^;; 

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi's plot seems good as the series progresses.. Hopefully the next episodes will changed our views about this drama that it will be just an ordinary korean drama... LOL

I also watched Prince of Tennis Live Action Movie.. and LOOOOOL Shirota Yuu ish really kakkoii as Tezuka.. The live action movie covers the beginning until the Hyotei arc in the anime... The live action movie's effects are good... ^___^

**** Shirota Yuu as Tezuka *_____* ****

>____________< As the end of the month is approaching, Waahhhh money money and money again LOL



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