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*_____* It's a special day today for my husband as he is celebrating his 23rd birthday!!!!! I'm a such a bad wife for forgetting his birthday last year, so I need to make this up this year :D I want to be first to greet him that's why I'm posting this at 12 am, Japan Time (and hahaha I need to sleep early as my bestfriend will come here at early morning) Haha call me insane or crazy, I don't care XD

I hope that you will have a great birthday celebration!!! I also hope that you can now finally eat your very large hamburger that you dream on eating. (Love, your wife, GaiL XD)
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I just want to greet some of my friends, Paul, Jay, Thata, Kuya Jonas, and many more LOL I can't mention all your names but a big congratulations for you :D :D!

I'm just glad that my internet connection is much better than the previous days (I am able to upload videos LOL) :D :D So hopefully, it will continue to be stable.

After months of not watching a single korean drama, we will try to watch a korean drama (Palace S). Korean dramas are not appealing to me as I love jdoramas because I'm kinda sick of romantic genres in which kdrama has to offer. Jdoramas has a wide variety of genre LOL

Waaahhh Tamaki Hiroshi has a gf already (well with his looks and attitudes girls are drooling over him LOOL) Goodluck to whoever his gf is (I want his photobook!!!!!!!!!)

Finally, I can watch Nodame Cantabile anime :D :D (I can't wait!!!!!!)

And lastly, I just want to greet my friend, [profile] emeraldz a happy happy birthday (January 17) LOL Lea-kinz, an advance greeting for yah!!!! Well I have some small gifts for yah! Enjoy!!!

The gifts )
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Today is the start of the "Christmas Season", and as a start wooohoooo I woke up sooooo early at 3 am to attend the first of  the nine morning masses :D :D It was a very chilly morning but I enjoyed the mass ^___^;; 

A week of another fangirl-ism LOL xP xP

I saw some lists on some Jpop sites.. LOL different lists under the sun >___<

Here are some of them:

Last week, Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri were the guests at SMAP x SMAP Bistro... Waiii I really like Tamaki Hiroshi, he ish sooo cute and very nice.. I'll just update about that show next time.. I love Nodame Cantabile, 14 sai no haha and Boku no Aruku Michi!!!!!

Happy Birthday Keitachi!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You are officially an adult now LOL >__<)
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I woke up very late today >_____<! I spend my Sunday just like how I spend my other Sundays LOL ^____^

I watched last night the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy. I love the twist in this show (The different loveteams and their relationship angst plus the medical scenes) LOL ^^;; Waaahhh Preston Burke x Cristina Yang loveteam has reached its limit.. ~_____~ I just can't understand Cristina... >___> She wants Dr.Burke to operate but she betrayed him by telling to the Chief about his hands. ~___~ George is a new person now LOL ^^;; (Not that T.R Knight admitted that he is gay) He was know firmer about how he stood up on different things. McDreamy x Meredith's relationship is on its cloud 9 LOL (Although, Meredith is imposing a "no-sex" rule, but then it was broken as the episode ends LOL)!!! I can sense a new loveteam LOL (Alex Karev x Addison Montgomery) ^^;; 

I was watching Death Note live action but >_________< I just don't know I fell asleep on the middle of the movie.. I am not bored but I was really really sleepy while I was watching this one.. But this is one good series... I am now downloading the manga and the anime (LOL reverse watching)

Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh w-inds. won in the MKMF awards as the "Best Asian pop artist" (I haven't watched the performances but as soon as the torrent of this one was finally uploaded, I will download this immediately) 

Here are some pictures: (credits to: JPM for the pictures)

*** During the press conference (LOL I think) I like Ryohei's new hairstyle ^_______^ ***

**** With BoA as the award presentor and as their "interpreter"

With this year-end activities, Keita's face looks thin >____< (This guy really needs a break again or else he will end up in the hospital again). w-inds. is now conquering Korea LOL!!! (After they had conquered, Taiwan, HK and Singapore) LOL Hopefully they would have "Asian tour" LOL!!!! (and hopefully they will include Philippines as one of those countries)

*** I just wish that my ATT will arrive anytime soon! I'm really bored at waiting for opportunities >___< I'm such a bum LOL ***

*** Congratulations for my cousin for delivering a very cute baby girl at 2 am (Nov.26 GMT +8) LOL I'm one of the sponsors during the Christening this December 8 LOL!!! ^___^;; (My cousin was telling at me that she will name her baby after me LOL.. And I hope that is a joke!! LOL) ~___~;; Another "pamangkin" on the list LOL ****

***Belated Happy Birthday to my friend, Reth!!!! ***

*** Waaiii Happy Birthday to AAA's Dance Leader and Choreographer, Shinjiro Atae xD xD (LOL as if he reads my blog)!!! He is on the legal age LOL!!!! ****

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I missed this blog (So sorry for this long and senseless random post!)

This past few days lol I am stucked in my house... When my friends, sent me messages or called me up asking how I am now. I'll just say: "Eto naghihibernate na magsisimula na kasi ang winter" LOL =__= 

So in times like this, my fangirl mode is on the high! At the present time, I am in love with AAA's Samurai Heart, OLIVIA "inspi" Reira (trapnest)'s - WISH, ENOZ featuring Haruhi Suzumiya - God Knows and Tsubaki's Sea of LOVE! LOL ~_____~ I really really like these songs!!

Plus the doramas!!! Nodame Cantabile and 14 sai no haha rocks my monitor at night LOL >___< Me and my cousin couldn't help squealing for Chiaki-sempai (Tamaki Hiroshi.. I can't believe he ish the guy in Waterboys, movie version)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

*** Chiaki-sempai in a surprise mode!! LOL ****

The past few days, I have been rearranging the folders in my HDD >____< I just finished arranging the files yesterday and now I'm editing the IDTags LOL!!! (And this is really time consuming =___=)

I watched "melody.'s Be As One Live Tour and Document" and I was really really really disappointed because the video is 77 mins long but the performances are only for 22 minutes ~___~ and during the middle of each performance it was cut off to show the rehearsals >____< (I really like the perf for Once Again and Realize) >____< 

I also watched the Best Hit Kayousai (well I haven't watched the entire show)  

The opening performance was mihimaru GT xD xD I like their performance of Kibun Jojo

Waaaahhhh w-inds. is back in TV!!!!!! LOL. They performed Boogie Woogie 66 xD xD (I really miss the 3nin w-inds.!!!) But the "sad note" in that perf is that Keita looks like he is really tired.... (waaahh he need a break)... And he is very manly now! (the ponytailed hair) (And I also conclude that curling iron in Japan is now a hit LOL)

*w-inds - as they accept their award and give some talk*

***KEITA!!!!!!!!!!!! (His hair really looked like Kame's former hairstyle back in Sapuri days >___<) ***

BoA performed "Nanairo no Ashita" and LOL another source of my harem-ness LOL!!!! ~_____~ Then after w-inds. performed Boogie Woogie 66, the next performer was Aya Matsuura (I really don't like this girl, Gomen H!P fans) >____< BHK showed the clips of her PV and it was YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >______<

Waaaaahhh AAA was in this show!!! (I think it is their first time to appear on BHK). During the earlier part of the talk, the host and the other guest were talking about marriage (I am not 100% sure with this one), I caught Nissy giggling sneakily while the host and the other guest were talking LOL!!! The host also said that AAA were "kawaii hito" (of course!) and during their introduction to their performance, the host were talking about the 1st anniversary concert in Budokan. I thought they were performing Let it Beat! based on their costumes but to my disappointment they performed HLBM (short for Hurricane Lily, Boston Mary) >____< It is not that I hate that song but I want a more upbeat song! LOL. During the perf, Misako's voice is good compared to other HLBM perfs >__< but the highlight of this perf (the so called "Chiaki-copter and "Yukarin-nana" ) were absent >___<

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

**** (Click to see the captions that I made LOL) Their attires really very hot to wear >___< But I like how AAA's costumes were made! xD xD 8 styles: 1 costume concept ****

Also, this year's BHK is ayaka's first year... And I really can say that this girl rocks in live performance, I really like how she performs live.. ^____^. Another noteable performance in BHK was the performance of WaT (They got a special award but I don't know what award was that) WaT seems that they had learned their lesson from their previous mistake in Kohaku last year (For those who have watched Kohaku, the guitars bumped the micstand and it fell on the floor while they were singing live) 

***Look at the distance between Wentz and Teppei LOL! xD xD This is the first time I saw Ready Go perf with a guitar**

Yuna Ito's Precious perf was soooo good too xD xD. And for now this is the end of my Best Hit Kyousai 2006 report LOL (I'll update for more comical update in this show LOL I hope I also get the list of the awards given in romanji)

For those who want AAA's perf in BHK, here is the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4JJOQ7TA (I ripped this one ^___^;; Please credit me when linking to other site)

Well soo much for the randomness.... 

Happy Birthday to my friends, Mama Jenny and Johara!!!! xD xD


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