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Another Friday the 13th for this year xP I don't believe in superstitions.... It is still man who creates his own destiny hahaha


As we all know, the m-flo loves project will officially end after their last leg of COSMICOLOR live tour this Saturday, July 21. Most of their fans have a question: "What's next for m-flo??" And well, the answer for this question will be also revealed on the 21st. But as I was reading VERBAL's blog, he wrote a sentence there (in big and bold fonts) that caught my attention:

LOL this is not my supposed to be my blog entry... but well since I'm typing up a post, it wouldn't be complete without adding some randomness

As an eyecandy for everyone, I'm now presenting a new breed of Tuxedo Mask


LOL I'm just adding this video!!! Clazziquai is a cool group! Alex and Horan are goofing off during their rehearsals ^__^ but still their vocals are so great! (And *evil grin* I really want to take the mascot and have a purikura with it)

This ends my novel-like fangirl post ^^


Jul. 4th, 2007 08:46 pm
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LOL I really can't think of a blog title, so I just put etc... ^^;;

I was reading an article about Clazziquai Project and waaaaaaaaaahhh I discovered something I am really anticipating for: ALEX will be performing on COSMICOLOR's LAST LEG LIVE TOUR on JULY 21!!!!!! *____* (although the date of the tour on the article is July 20, but it is July 21, and hmm Yokohama Arena is not exactly on Yokohama as I have read on some info pages) hahaha I know he will be performing because a week after the Cosmicolor live tour, Clazziquai Project will have a concert on Japan :D (I just need a confirmation ehehe, or maybe I'm the only one who is going hype with this news because I adore Love Me After 12 AM LOL)

Hmm.. let us see who are the other artists who will appear on COSMICOLOR's last leg (aside from the "m-flo regulars; Emi, Emyli, Ryohei, Yoshika and Lisa). As I am browsing Yahoo auctions, tickets are now at 25 thousand yen mark (and those are not good seats LOL) I'm really excited for this concert!!! ^__^;; If this will be released on DVD, I will definitely buy it (I'm already saving money for this one LOL) I'm sooo envy for the fans who will watch this live on Yokohama Arena T____T

Speaking of m-flo, melody, just released an album and on the credits page, she thanked Verbal, Taku, Roma (Tanaka), Ryohei and Emyli (Credits Page, scanned by k1sek1), How sweet of her to write this long credits page.. Usually Jpop artist don't write message on their albums, they just mention names of people they want to thank

An irony thing is that w-inds.' Love is the Greatest Thing single debuts at number 2!!!! >__< I really don't like the single (well knowing w-inds. trajectory sales, as the days passed it will drop to lower ranks) and as expected ERIKA debuted at number 1... ayaka got a low rank because the single leaked very very early and people in Japan already downloaded and listened to the single a couple of times. LOL but well ayaka's sales trajectory are good because even if her singles don't debut on a high rank, the singles last long in the ranks.. (longevity vs ranks) || Source

The collaboration song of EXILE, Sowelu and Doberman Inc will be released in 3 ways. (1) as a b-side of EXILE's, Toki no Kakera single (which will be used as a theme to dorama Yama Onna, Kabe Onna); (2) as an a-side single of the single in their names, 24 karat; and last (3) as an album track to Doberman Inc's best album all of these will be released on August 29.

Toki no Kakera sounds like Hibiki (the b-side song in their Summer Time Love Single)

I already watched the first episode of Hana Kimi (Japanese version) last night and waaahhh it is really so funny ehehe especially the "shampoo search scene" Maki's acting improved a bit compared to her Kurosagi acting xP and Shun??? waaaaaahhh he had this chest exposure!!! I can't wait to watch this again with subtitles :D

Next Episode Preview: (Do not click if you don't want to be spoiled; If you clicked it, don't tell me you were not warned LOL) *______*

I am watching again another Taiwanese drama, Why Why Why Love with Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone *___* Mike He is sooo gorgeous!! (as usual he is playing a rebel child who likes riding motorcycle just like his role on Devil Beside You)

Another fangirl squeal from me :D

Ja ne!

Drama Roll

Jun. 22nd, 2007 07:23 pm
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Woot! I finished watching Hana Kimi! Like just any other Taiwanese Dramas, this one is not spared to the draggy episodes at the middle part of the series ~____~;; I got the feeling of just watching just to finish the song... Well Jiro's acting saved the series' dragginess >__> I don't like Ella in that series... I hope that Maki's acting is better than Ella

Since there are no new subbed episodes of Liar Game, Proposal Daisakusen and Hanayome to Papa, I just dig up some old jdoramas. I'm watching Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love) with Matsushima Nanako and Takki :D :D Waaaaaaaaaiii Takki is sooooo cute!!! Plus this series' theme song is Hikki's First Love! *___* Hmm.. I'm thinking now of watching Takki's doramas because I can't get enough of his cuteness LOL!

Waaahhh tomorrow will be the airing of Liar Game's 3 hour Finale Special *___* I want to watch it but I won't get the story if it is still unsubbed (So I have to wait for a while for that)

Thea of Made in Paradise uploaded the 2 remaining PVs of AAA's triple A single... Hanabi (Girls' song) and No Summer (Boys' song). Hanabi is like Ai Otsuka's song ^__^;; Well I didn't find it catchy nor great song and No Summer is like a typical boyband song.. The dance steps of that PV is also a typical JE dance... (Well at least AAA boys are more talented in dancing/singing than JE boys) Song and PV wise, Get Chu!/She no Jijitsu and Kuchibiru Kara Romantica/That's Right pawn Natsu Mono

I uploaded the PVs (Take note that these are only low quality videos)

AAA - Hanabi PV  || PV - rip (The encoding on the end part is not synch ~__~ I keep on reencoding that one and still it remains the same)
AAA - No Summer PV || PV -rip

Credits: House of Atae for the original file
               [profile] garnet_moon07 for encoding/ripping/uploading

w-inds. PV is also out! The PV look like a low budget PV LOL I don't like the song but I like how Keita shake off his butt LOOOOOL xD Looks like w-inds. is continuing to disappoint me with their new song ~___~;;

Erika's PV was also out in Japanese TV! As usual she looks soooo pretty (Hail to Erika-sama!!!) I like Free than her Kaoru Amane songs xP I made an avatar of Erika taken from her PV

Crystal Kay's album PV, Dream World really make me dizzy while watching it LOL!! But well I like that song in her album :D But they should have used Sugar Rain for PV for album promotion

Waaaahhh I'm excited!!! Mariel-neechan will come to our house tomorrow :D :D LOL It's been a long time since we had a good girl talk xD
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I feel sooo lazy... ^__^;; and spent some time watching Hana Kimi (the taiwan version) and waaaaaaaaahhhh Wu Chun is love!!!!!!!!!! *________* I can't wait for the Japanese version this July!!! xD xD

and speaking of Japanese version, I saw one cm of Hana Kimi and waaaaaaaaaaahhh Shun is sooo hawt!!!

***She really looks a girlish boy here LOL**

Shun!!!!!!!!!! *___*

I also watched Chemistry's live tour and waaaaahhh Douchin is soooo kakkoii!!! Hahaha Too bad he is already taken bleah xP

I am still reconsidering of buying a 2 disc version of 4th Attack DVD.. My reasons?? (1) It is the "last" concert that they are still complete (Yukari -____-) (2) If I got it right, the 2nd disc contains a documentary portion waaaaahhhh finally!!! I don't like multi angle shots LOL xD (But my main problem is I'm d*mn broke -__-)

One thing that I'm fixing now is my bank account. Well I have problems with SMJ (the "middle man agency" for YJA) because of the deposit and still it hasn't been refunded to my account ~__~ I already sent an email to the bank and asked how can I get the refund. They replied back to me that I should send a fax of a letter of dispute and a copy of the email they sent to me ~___~ WTH, this is load of work for me >____>

Summer in Japan is approaching! And huhuhu those fans are sooo lucky with lots of summer music festivals to anticipated.. I already made a post about the artist line up for Rock in Japan 2007 and now I will add some line-ups of the anticipated festivals in Japan (grrrr how I wish I can watch at least 1 of these festivals!!!!!!!!!!)

Mr. Children will release a Triple A single this August! O___O I thought they wouldn't fall with this type of single versions! ~___~ Anyway the single will be more intense than Fake (Woah a hard rock song!!!). The single title is Black and White (Similar to AAA's Double a Single)

And EXILE's upcoming single will be used as a theme song in an upcoming jdorama, Yama no Onna, Kabe no Onna (Mountain Woman, Wall Woman). Hmm.. Looks like the upcoming single got great promotions (well the fact that they will have a collab with Sowelu already created a big news)


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