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LOL I forgot how many times I posted some Japanese entertainment random news ^___^;;

Let's get down to the business:

I really hate sudden change of weathers because I'm very susceptible to colds (even if I take tons of Vitamin C) >__< and if I have colds, my voice is automatically affected *sigh*
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I am really so bored LOL >__>

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Clazziquai Project's concert in Club Quattro Shibuya is the best!!!!!!! I just felt the 1 1/2 hours concert (21 songs) are not enough! T____T They are amazing live!!! Alex is so cute speaking in English and Japanese. So as Horan and DJ Clazzi! This is a must watch concert!!! Thank you Rika for recording and uploading it for us! I'm really really really grateful!

Speaking of them, I ripped some audio from their concert footage. These audio rips are the different songs that have a different version from the original one.

The zipped file contains:
  • DJ Clazzi - Walk Away (this track is the a bonus song for the Japanese version of Love Child of the Century album) - the tour in Japan has made DJ Clazzi to sing in front of the audience. The english introduction of this song is Alex's voice ^__~
  • Romeo n Juliet (Alex's rap version) - in the original album, it was MC Meta who did the raps. In this concert it was a mix of Alex and Horan's raps
  • Prayers (Horan's Version) - The original one is from Christina. She didn't appear on any live performances so Horan covers up her part (this is for [personal profile] x_fei, who likes this song LOL this time, it is now Horan's version)
  • Come Alive (Horan's Version) - same as Prayers
  • Love Mode (Alex's rap version) - This is the English / Japanese one (Love Mode has a Korean version too with Tablo of Epik High rapping), which Verbal who did the original raps.
  • Stepping Out (Alex and Horan's version) - The original version of this song is sang by Christina
Love Child of the Century at Club Quattro Shibuya Audio Rips

Speaking of live tours, I watched a leak video from Cosmicolor Live Tour!!!!!!!! It's the Love Bug perf with BoA and m-flo! It was soooo good that I'm overly excited for the whole concert!! (chants: DVD, DVD, DVD!!!)

I have been overloading myself with dramas LOL! Watching Satorare is really so touching T___T Is it just me that I find Odagiri Joe and Tamaki Hiroshi to have some resemblance? o___O

I want to hunt CDjapan!!!! >__> My drugs err jpop cd/dvd didn't arrive yet! It's really so unfair, I paid a little more for faster shipping and yet it hasn't arrived!!! It's really so expensive there... CDjapan's Airmail vs HMV's EMS for almost the same price.

Bleah! I really want to hunt those people who made Mediafire delete my files... As of my latest checkup, 2GB of my files are now deleted T___T If Mediafire will delete all my files because of those ungrateful people, I will not upload again!!! >__> (But LOL I'm building up my video library at Veoh ^__^;;)

24 karats is sooooo addicting!!! (especially drooling watching Takahiro at the PV)<333 I can't wait for the full release of the single! Yappari, the song justified the hype of the news! (Get your hands up!!!!)
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Hmm.. I'm just bored again and I decided to post up some news about: Jdramas and Jpop

First News:

Second News:

Third News:

Last news

Waaahhh today is the airing of Clazziquai Project's Concert in Shibuya T____T I hope someone will record and upload it for us!!!

I recommend everyone to watch Dororo! It's soooo good especially if you are Satoshi and Kou's fans *__* Plus Mr. Children sang it's theme song LOL I can't wait for the sequel!

Bleah! The weather in our country is really abnormal >__> The feeling is still summer when in fact it should be rainy season. Plus I watched on the news that in the northern part, it rained hailstones ~___~

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Another Friday the 13th for this year xP I don't believe in superstitions.... It is still man who creates his own destiny hahaha


As we all know, the m-flo loves project will officially end after their last leg of COSMICOLOR live tour this Saturday, July 21. Most of their fans have a question: "What's next for m-flo??" And well, the answer for this question will be also revealed on the 21st. But as I was reading VERBAL's blog, he wrote a sentence there (in big and bold fonts) that caught my attention:

LOL this is not my supposed to be my blog entry... but well since I'm typing up a post, it wouldn't be complete without adding some randomness

As an eyecandy for everyone, I'm now presenting a new breed of Tuxedo Mask


LOL I'm just adding this video!!! Clazziquai is a cool group! Alex and Horan are goofing off during their rehearsals ^__^ but still their vocals are so great! (And *evil grin* I really want to take the mascot and have a purikura with it)

This ends my novel-like fangirl post ^^
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I just spend the entire day watching Live Earth for the nth time except for the Linkin Park part because it's friggin long >__> But I enjoyed ayaka, Ai's Peach, AI and Abingdon Boys' performances (Notice that they are 4 A's)

For those who want to watch Live Earth concert streams who don't want to watch the entire clips, streams are now available per artist and song: Live Earth MSN Site

Jdramas are still the core part of my video marathons. Papa to Musume no Nanokakan is soooo good! I like how they both managed to portray each other roles very well.. It is really so funny especially when they are in public place. I definitely recommend everyone to watch this. I'll watch Yamada Taro no Monogatari when I finished downloading it. I read that Nino managed to pull great acts in this show. I also have watched Romeo and Juliet SP with Takki and Masami. Well the SP is not that fantastic, I just "savored" Takki as an eyecandy LOL xP

And since I'm in my mood for sharing, I decided to cut some performances in the last week's Music Fighter and CDTV

Edit (11/19/07): All files here are not available for download now. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored

CDTV Cuts )


Jul. 4th, 2007 08:46 pm
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LOL I really can't think of a blog title, so I just put etc... ^^;;

I was reading an article about Clazziquai Project and waaaaaaaaaahhh I discovered something I am really anticipating for: ALEX will be performing on COSMICOLOR's LAST LEG LIVE TOUR on JULY 21!!!!!! *____* (although the date of the tour on the article is July 20, but it is July 21, and hmm Yokohama Arena is not exactly on Yokohama as I have read on some info pages) hahaha I know he will be performing because a week after the Cosmicolor live tour, Clazziquai Project will have a concert on Japan :D (I just need a confirmation ehehe, or maybe I'm the only one who is going hype with this news because I adore Love Me After 12 AM LOL)

Hmm.. let us see who are the other artists who will appear on COSMICOLOR's last leg (aside from the "m-flo regulars; Emi, Emyli, Ryohei, Yoshika and Lisa). As I am browsing Yahoo auctions, tickets are now at 25 thousand yen mark (and those are not good seats LOL) I'm really excited for this concert!!! ^__^;; If this will be released on DVD, I will definitely buy it (I'm already saving money for this one LOL) I'm sooo envy for the fans who will watch this live on Yokohama Arena T____T

Speaking of m-flo, melody, just released an album and on the credits page, she thanked Verbal, Taku, Roma (Tanaka), Ryohei and Emyli (Credits Page, scanned by k1sek1), How sweet of her to write this long credits page.. Usually Jpop artist don't write message on their albums, they just mention names of people they want to thank

An irony thing is that w-inds.' Love is the Greatest Thing single debuts at number 2!!!! >__< I really don't like the single (well knowing w-inds. trajectory sales, as the days passed it will drop to lower ranks) and as expected ERIKA debuted at number 1... ayaka got a low rank because the single leaked very very early and people in Japan already downloaded and listened to the single a couple of times. LOL but well ayaka's sales trajectory are good because even if her singles don't debut on a high rank, the singles last long in the ranks.. (longevity vs ranks) || Source

The collaboration song of EXILE, Sowelu and Doberman Inc will be released in 3 ways. (1) as a b-side of EXILE's, Toki no Kakera single (which will be used as a theme to dorama Yama Onna, Kabe Onna); (2) as an a-side single of the single in their names, 24 karat; and last (3) as an album track to Doberman Inc's best album all of these will be released on August 29.

Toki no Kakera sounds like Hibiki (the b-side song in their Summer Time Love Single)

I already watched the first episode of Hana Kimi (Japanese version) last night and waaahhh it is really so funny ehehe especially the "shampoo search scene" Maki's acting improved a bit compared to her Kurosagi acting xP and Shun??? waaaaaahhh he had this chest exposure!!! I can't wait to watch this again with subtitles :D

Next Episode Preview: (Do not click if you don't want to be spoiled; If you clicked it, don't tell me you were not warned LOL) *______*

I am watching again another Taiwanese drama, Why Why Why Love with Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone *___* Mike He is sooo gorgeous!! (as usual he is playing a rebel child who likes riding motorcycle just like his role on Devil Beside You)

Another fangirl squeal from me :D

Ja ne!
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LOL @ Blog title!!!! xD Actually that title is a fusion of 2 album titles from my top Korean music "idols", Younha and Clazziquai Project :D Finally after the long wait, the albums are already in my hands ^___^ I really love HMV services, the items arrived to me after 3 days of shipment (the fastest and ever reliable)

Younha's A Perfect Day to Say I love You and Clazziquai Project's Love Child of the Century with my new "baby"

 After resisting myself downloading (for almost a month), Clazziquai Project's 3rd album, waaaaaahhh finally I got to listen to it now... :D I really love the packaging of Clazziquai's new album *___* (I'm sooo lucky to order the last available copy of the limited edition one)

***The package: Pocket Photos (Above) Lyrics Booklet that can be turn into mini Poster of Love Child mascot, DVD on the orange paper sleeve, Audio CD on the White Audio Sleeve and the sticker***

**The back panel of the cd box of Love Child of the Century album**

I thought Cristina (Alex's sister) wouldn't sing in this album but looks like she sang 3 songs and one duet with Alex! Well looks like she is still a Clazziquai Project member but she don't appear to any live perfs.. (It's just always Alex, Horan and DJ Clazziquai)... As usual on the credits section of this album, DJ Clazzi mention his dearest pig, Dalmacian (no wonder why the covers are all pigs xD) As usual, both Alex and Horan managed to sing songs that always sound so relaxing and "heavenly" ^___^. I hope there will be a song that will have Alex's rap because he is soooo good both in singing and rapping (He can sing Love Me After 12 AM alone xP) I definitely recommend everyone to try Clazziquai Project songs because they are good!!!

On the other hand, our "heiress" Younha ([profile] emeraldz and I are calling her like that exclusively for our "harems") is very beautiful in the pics on the booklet of her album :D

*the back picture of Younha in her lyrics booklet (Sorry I don't have a scanner)**

I am really happy buying these stuffs (even if I am broke now LOL) Huhuhu after purchasing these two cds, my wishlist is really growing again.....

  • Monkey Majik - Sora wa Maru de - me and [profile] gaily_girl instantly fell in love with this album after listening to it *___* Especially I miss you and Long Shot Penny ^__^ We both wish that Pretty People was not included here and instead change it into Car Crash LOL. Waaaahhh as always Monkey Majik's album is cheaper than other regular jpop albums but with the state of my finances it will took me a lot of time to buy this one
  • Monoral - [profile] gaily_girl introduced me to this great band! And just like Monkey Majik their album is cheaper than regular Jpop albums =____=
  • COSMICOLOR Live Tour DVD - I have got a strong feeling that on the last leg most of the artist on the "m-flo loves project" will appear and perform with them T_T and if that happens, I will really save up money to buy this
  • EXILE EVOLUTION Live Tour DVD - no explanation ask for this one hahahha
Speaking of Jpop, these past few days, there are a lot of "early leaks" from different artists... Hmm.. LOL I can't keep up with it....

I have been watching some old dramas again, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake.... T___T I watched this because I saw the lead guy's pic and he is sooo handsome! LOL And wahhh I have been crying in some scenes T_T

AAA is going to Baltimore!!!!!!!!!! Waaahhh I'm really envy to those people who can watch them T_____T

LOL Sorry again for my fangirl squeals :D

Drama Roll

Jun. 22nd, 2007 07:23 pm
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Woot! I finished watching Hana Kimi! Like just any other Taiwanese Dramas, this one is not spared to the draggy episodes at the middle part of the series ~____~;; I got the feeling of just watching just to finish the song... Well Jiro's acting saved the series' dragginess >__> I don't like Ella in that series... I hope that Maki's acting is better than Ella

Since there are no new subbed episodes of Liar Game, Proposal Daisakusen and Hanayome to Papa, I just dig up some old jdoramas. I'm watching Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love) with Matsushima Nanako and Takki :D :D Waaaaaaaaaiii Takki is sooooo cute!!! Plus this series' theme song is Hikki's First Love! *___* Hmm.. I'm thinking now of watching Takki's doramas because I can't get enough of his cuteness LOL!

Waaahhh tomorrow will be the airing of Liar Game's 3 hour Finale Special *___* I want to watch it but I won't get the story if it is still unsubbed (So I have to wait for a while for that)

Thea of Made in Paradise uploaded the 2 remaining PVs of AAA's triple A single... Hanabi (Girls' song) and No Summer (Boys' song). Hanabi is like Ai Otsuka's song ^__^;; Well I didn't find it catchy nor great song and No Summer is like a typical boyband song.. The dance steps of that PV is also a typical JE dance... (Well at least AAA boys are more talented in dancing/singing than JE boys) Song and PV wise, Get Chu!/She no Jijitsu and Kuchibiru Kara Romantica/That's Right pawn Natsu Mono

I uploaded the PVs (Take note that these are only low quality videos)

AAA - Hanabi PV  || PV - rip (The encoding on the end part is not synch ~__~ I keep on reencoding that one and still it remains the same)
AAA - No Summer PV || PV -rip

Credits: House of Atae for the original file
               [profile] garnet_moon07 for encoding/ripping/uploading

w-inds. PV is also out! The PV look like a low budget PV LOL I don't like the song but I like how Keita shake off his butt LOOOOOL xD Looks like w-inds. is continuing to disappoint me with their new song ~___~;;

Erika's PV was also out in Japanese TV! As usual she looks soooo pretty (Hail to Erika-sama!!!) I like Free than her Kaoru Amane songs xP I made an avatar of Erika taken from her PV

Crystal Kay's album PV, Dream World really make me dizzy while watching it LOL!! But well I like that song in her album :D But they should have used Sugar Rain for PV for album promotion

Waaaahhh I'm excited!!! Mariel-neechan will come to our house tomorrow :D :D LOL It's been a long time since we had a good girl talk xD


Jun. 2nd, 2007 07:55 pm
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I was just browsing for something when I "bumped" into this random BBS and found out some interesting facts about NaNa. NaNa??? Yeah the one featured in EXILE's EVOLUTION album track 9 - No Other Man. I really like the song out of the new songs in that album :D :D And for some it is really mysterious who NaNa is, since she is just a newbie and this song don't have a PV.

Waaaiii I'm loving the jdoramas these season and just found out that Liar Game will have a 3 hour finale special on June 23!!! Yay! I think this is the only dorama that has given this long finale special. Some were only given 15 - 30 minutes special :D :D

Yay!!! Liar Game, Proposal Daisakusen and Hanayome to Papa are all in the top ranks of doramas for this season :D :D

I feel dizzy after watching m-flo's COSMICOLOR DVD-rip LOL @__@ The mix made me dizzy and Love Song's PV LOL ^____^;; I really find Lotta Love as a cute PV :D
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LOL! I just finished Orange Days last night xD xD And hahaha after Nodame Cantabile withdrawal symptoms, I have now Orange Days withdrawal symptoms

To relieve my withdrawal symptoms, I am watching this video (and learning how to do it, I mastered a bit of the chorus)

[Error: unknown template video]

Hmm.. I think my next drama will be another Satoshi Tsumabuki dorama (He is sooooooooo adorable!!!!)
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Okay I know, I am a day late but I am very very busy as of today (I haven't got any good sleep for now) but waaaaahhh I'm very happy that Nodame Cantabile snags all the major awards in the last 51st Japanese Drama Awards (As I promised I will be online if this thing happens)

LOL I just get online because I am really really curious about the result and lalala.. time for me to get some sleep ^^


On Hiatus

Jan. 29th, 2007 08:29 pm
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Waahhh I will miss blogging, downloading and other net stuffs (but not fangirling LOL even if I'm away from the net I'll still and always be a fangirl). Despite with my upcoming busy schedule, I will try to once in a while to be updated and check the net ^^;; (LOL I can't really control myself with it)

For the AAA's 1st Attack clips that I haven't reuploaded, I will try one by one to reupload them all (be patient, I will reupload them!)
I will miss Orange Days!!! (LOL I'll try every weekends to finish that series, it keeps me addictive)

As for upcoming Jpop releases, my album / single wishlist are as follows:

1. w-inds. 6th album
2. BoA - made in 20 (LOL I haven't bought it on HMV maybe next time)
3. AAA T&C single limited edition with T-shirt and pouch as freebies (for me to purchase this one is very very low >___< because it is sooo friggin' expensive and I spend money to buy some AAA stuffs ~__~)
4. m-flo's upcoming album (I love the new line-up and collaboration)
5. m-flo Beat Space Nine (Korean version, I know this is on bargain on Yesasia but....)
6. Anna Tsuchiya / OLIVIA Limited inspi'NANA albums ~______~ (as the word says it is limited in copies >__<)
7. Ryohei - ReListen album (waaaahhh it has been a while since he released an album and waaahh I want that)
8. Mr. Children - Home album (this is special because it is their 15th anniversary album and I love Mr.Children's new stuffs)
9. EXILE's rumored album - the 1 cd + 2 dvd version (i hope this is true), the cd contains the audio tracks (with their past singles + Won't Be Long and Unmei no Hito ~orchestra version~), the 1st dvd contains the PVs of their past singles plus the making-of videos while the 2nd dvd contains the entire EXILE Vocal Battle Audition Final Live (Waaahhhh this is what I really really want to see.. Takahiro!!! *__*)
10. UVERworld - Bugright album (after being postponed!! >__<)
11. some stuffs on YJA ~___~;;

I hope that avex trax will stop their album releasing spree ~_______~;; (Well knowing avex trax, the money sucking recording company in Japan) and yuck Koda Kumi *ehem* releasing Best-of album again is really too much... so as Ayu (yuck!) releasing Best album in two versions (I just wished that my favorite artists don't belong to avex trax and Rhythm nation)

And I also hope that Nodame Cantabile will snag major awards on 51st Japanese Drama Awards LOL (Tamaki Hiroshi as Best Actor!!!) (If this happens, I will be online no matter what and share the joy to everyone LOL)

So much for fangirl stuffs and see yah all!!!!!! :D :D
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LOL I was feeling creative a while ago and made some graphics using CCC profile pictures on AAA's official site

LOL I was watching Chimpan News Channel (with Tamaki Hiroshi as guest) and I couldn't help laughing LOOOOOL

[Error: unknown template 'video']
[Error: unknown template 'video']

**He is really an adorable, kakkoii, young man *___* LOL his expressions are really priceless LOL**

Speaking of Tamaki Hiroshi, I hope that he will win in the next Japanese TV Drama awards as Best Actor :D :D (I'm sooo excited, 4 days to go!!!!)

My bets??
Best Drama - Either Dr. Koto's Clinic (I haven't seen this one but it is a strong competitor because it has high ratings) or Nodame Cantabile or Boku no Aruku Michi (I want to put 14 sai no haha but the japanese public still consider this as "taboo" it has faint chances of winning Best Drama)

Best Actor - Face to face round between Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile) or Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (Boku no Aruku Michi) (but I want Tamaki Hiroshi to win, he deserves it LOL)

Best Actress - Hmm... tough fight in this category, either, Kou Shibasaki (from Dr. Koto's Clinic based on the posted infos, I haven't really seen her performance because LOL the dorama is still unsubbed), Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile) or Shida Mirai (14 sai no haha)

Best Supporting Actor - Also a tough fight, either, Eita (Nodame Cantabile), Koide Keisuke (Nodame Cantabile), Takenaka Naoto (Nodame Cantabile),  Namase Katsuhisa (14 sai no haha), or Kitamura Kazuki (14 sai no haha)

Best Supporting Actress -  A lot of bets... Aoi Yuu (Dr. Koto's clinic. the reason is same as Kou Shibasaki), Tanaka Misako (14 sai no haha), Karina (Boku no Aruku Michi), Mizukawa Asami (Nodame Cantabile)

Best Music - LOL probably Nodame Cantabile is a strong bet for this category a big BUT 14 sai no haha can win in this category because of Shirushi by Mr. Children (the song is still in the top 10 of Oricon daily and weekly charts)

LOL I hope that Dr. Koto's Clinic won't snatch major awards LOOOOOOOL ~___~ (the reason that I said this because in two straight seasons, spring and summer of 2006, the top rating doramas take home the Best Drama award [but it is okay with me LOL because I love Iryu and Kekkon Dekinai Otoko]) But I don't want to repeat what happened in the past awards that Nobuta wo Produce snatched all major awards and ousted 1 liter of tears >________< (Because it soooo unfair!!! 1 liter of tears was miles away better than Nobuta wo Produce) Deserving performances should be really given an award LOL :D :D
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After being disappointed with Honey and Clover movie, I have found another good thing to watch, Orange Days!!! Waaaaaaahhh I love this dorama!!!! :D :D Satoshi Tsumabuki is sooooooooooo kakkoii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *___* I like it's story, a mix of drama, romance, comedy and a bit musical :D :D Plus some of Orange Days casts are also in Nodame Cantabile like Ueno Juri, Eita and Shiraishi Miho xD I am learning a bit of sign language (the japanese style) in this dorama. Plus this drama's theme song waaahh I like it, Sign by Mr. Children ^^

I am dropping off in watching 2007 Winter Dramas (Fall Season Dramas are way way way better) instead I am raving on to older dramas... ^^;;

On my watch list:
1. Orange Days - currently on episode 3
2. Waterboys 1 - currently on episode 10
3. Hana Yori Dango 2 - currently on episode 3
4. Grey's Anatomy Season 3 - episode 13

On the other hand, I am almost finished on uploading AAA's 1st Attack DVD-rip ^^ (Speaking of AAA, I just wished CDjapan will ship my order!!! >__< It has been 4 days since I ordered that and they already charged my account >__< LOL I'm getting impatient) LOL when I finished writing this entry, I received an e-mail that they already shipped my order *_____*

So check this post for updates and new links (and be sure to read the rules before downloading ne?? LOL)
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I just want to greet some of my friends, Paul, Jay, Thata, Kuya Jonas, and many more LOL I can't mention all your names but a big congratulations for you :D :D!

I'm just glad that my internet connection is much better than the previous days (I am able to upload videos LOL) :D :D So hopefully, it will continue to be stable.

After months of not watching a single korean drama, we will try to watch a korean drama (Palace S). Korean dramas are not appealing to me as I love jdoramas because I'm kinda sick of romantic genres in which kdrama has to offer. Jdoramas has a wide variety of genre LOL

Waaahhh Tamaki Hiroshi has a gf already (well with his looks and attitudes girls are drooling over him LOOL) Goodluck to whoever his gf is (I want his photobook!!!!!!!!!)

Finally, I can watch Nodame Cantabile anime :D :D (I can't wait!!!!!!)

And lastly, I just want to greet my friend, [profile] emeraldz a happy happy birthday (January 17) LOL Lea-kinz, an advance greeting for yah!!!! Well I have some small gifts for yah! Enjoy!!!

The gifts )
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These past few days my internet connections was a big crap. My PC can't connect to the net and if the PC is connected, its speed is like a dial-up ~____~ Plus the dial tone sometimes disappears

Waaahhh I'm just having this Nodame Cantabile withdrawal syndrome (it is really one of the best dorama for 2006) and to relieve that withdrawal symptom LOL I'm rewatching the dorama (Yay! for Chiaki-senpai, Nodame, Mine, Masumi-chan, Kiyora, Sakura, Milch and the rest of S-oke and RS-oke) Waaahhh I want the T-shirt and the mongoose doll ~_______~ (I saw it on Yahoo Auctions and it sooo expensive) (Belated Happy Birthday to Tamaki Hiroshi aka Chiaki Shinichi in Nodame Cantabile) Also, I can't wait to watch Nodame Cantabile :D :D (the anime staff behind Nodame Cantabile are the ones behind Honey and Clover)

My cousin and I have watched Hana Yori Dango 1. Comparing it to Meteor Garden, HYD has a faster pace and follows the anime/manga faithfully ^__^;; Shun Oguri *______* and Abe Tsuyoshi *_________* (I like these two actors LOL) So I'm kinda looking up to the 2nd season of HYD (Hopefully it will not turn out like Meteor Garden)

I also watched Rhythm Nation :D :D Waaahhh I really miss Ryohei and DBSK performing (although they only sang 1 song) I can't wait for Ryohei's new album ^^ It is also good to see LISA and m-flo performing together. Waaaahhh EXILE is superb! LOL Takahiro improved his vocal (I just saw on the EXILE 6nen me no shinjitsu a bit of Choo Choo Train's vocals with Takahiro and I want to see that!!!!!!!!!) Takahiro is better singing ballads than upbeat songs

January 17 Jpop releases are coming (the only single that I have heard is YUI's Rolling Star) LOL I want to be surprised >__> because I'm thinking of buying w-inds. Hanamuke single and BoA's made in 20 album.

And speaking of Jpop releases, weh AAA is releasing again like crazy (stupid avex marketing strategy) >__< In just merely three months, AAA will/had released 2 albums (ALL and CCC), 2 singles, 2 DVDs (3rd attack and Channel a). I hope avex will stop this kind of pacing of AAA releases >___< or history will repeat itself (single overload and an album where all singles that are released squeeze into 1 with 2 or 3 new songs, series of live tours with overload of DVD releases) It is really tempting to buy the limited edition single (with a freebie of T-shirt and a pouch) but it is soooo friggin' expensive (5000++ yen)

I uploaded the 3 Samurai Heart performances (Music Fighter, Melodix and Popjam) Of the three performances, I like Melodix ~__~ Popjam perf is too short (they cut off MItsuhiro's rap)

New Layout

Dec. 26th, 2006 06:34 pm
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After months and months of having the same layout, I decided to change my layout... ^^;;

(Although I can only choose from the templates here in LJ.. LOL ^^;;)

And because I'm bored again, I made the continuation of the "I believe I can Fly" animation LOOOOL

And since it is only a day after Christmas, I'm being extra nice to upload the performance of AAA in Melodix last December 24. (If you want for the other artist, just leave a comment here and I'll try to upload it for you ^^) 

Here are the list of artists that perform in Melodix last Dec.24

WaT - Bokura no Love Story
Exile - Everything
Berrys Koubou
Aiuchi Rina - Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru
AAA - Samurai Heart
Aqua Timez - Sen no Yoru o Koete
BaseBallBear - Matsuri no Ato

(click on the image for the link. Same rules also applies here LOL^^;; Do not reupload (even in clubbox, youtube, other file host site without my permission), repost nor hotlink the video) 

LOL I didn't understand much of the talk part but it was funny when Hidaka talked like Chiaki LOOOOOOL ^^;; Rin also guested in this performance... This Melodix performance is better than the Music Fighter because their voices were good (including Shuta and Shinjiro's raps), Rin guested in this perf and additional dance steps were shown in this perf ^____^;; plus I like Misako's "Nobody helps me anymore" line in this perf LOOOL ^^ (ENJOY WATCHING!!!!)

Waaaiii 14 sai no haha finale episode sub is already out :D :D!!!!!!!!! Last night, my cousin and I watched Nodame Cantabile episode 10 and it was a bit mellow comparing to the hilarious first 9 episodes (except the scenes where Masumi-chan rescued Chiaki-senpai from another gay violin player LOOOOL) I really want to see the last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (There were some romantic scenes between Nodame and Chiaki waaaahhh!!!)
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Waaaiiii xD xD I should really applaud myself for waking up early for Misa de Gallo! xP Because my house was just a few distance away from the church, my alarm clock was the big bell at the "tower" of the church LOL ~___~ which keep on ringing at 3 am - 3:30 am... The days and nights are starting to get cold and chilly...

57th Kouhaku Utagassen Artist with Song List )
This past few days, I have been fangirling over Tamaki Hiroshi (in Nodame Cantabile) LOOOOOL ^^;; His expressions were really priceless! LOL!!! xD xD.. And lately I have been downloading some Jpop shows (PJ, HeyHeyHey and MF) LOL 

Screenshots Galore!!! xD xD )
Huhuhu! Fall season dramas are now coming to an end.... ~___~ I will miss Nodame Cantabile (but hey! they announced that there will be an anime adaptation next year January 2007 xD xD I can't wait to be on a fangirl mode again to Chiaki-senpai LOL)

Ja matta!!!!!!


Dec. 6th, 2006 07:28 pm
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I have submitted again my resume to another hospital and LOL as expected the HR personnel said to me: "Okay, I'll just call you" LOL >___>

Waaaiii there are sooo many singles released today!!!!! 

The rankings for today???

I'm sooooo happy that EXILE is number 1 on its release day (KAT-TUN's single will be released tomorrow), I didn't expect that they will be in the top spot despite of its "low" NINKI ranking. So as AAA!!! (Omedetou!!!) also I didn't expect them to be in the top 10 or in the number 6 spot!!!! xD xD 

Also speaking of ranks, looks like ayaka's debut is nearly hitting the 700K mark (Congrats ayaka) If this will continue, her album will really outsell Ayu's album (Hurray for ayaka!!!)

Also this season's Oricon drama satisfaction ranking was released! xD xD


**** I didn't expect that 14 sai no haha will be in this low ranking >___< I thought it will be on the number 3 or 4 spot because it has a good story >___< and Shida Mirai is such a good young actress xD xD. But it was really good that both Nodame Cantabile and Boku no Aruku Michi is on the top 3 spots... I expected that Kame's drama, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, will be on this rank because comparing to the other drama this is almost a "stereotypical drama"... I hope that D-Fansubs will continue subbing the remaining 6 episodes of Sera Fuku to Kikanjuu >___< I also liked this drama... xD xD *** 

I just hope that they will call me for an interview LOL >____<

2 days more before my niece's Christening Day... ^___^

I like my desktop xD xD (Thanks to WindowsBlinds!! LOL)

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Nov. 30th, 2006 08:21 pm
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>__< After Milenyo, Reming is now approaching in our town >________< (We prepared some food stuffs, candles, and charged the emergency light) I hope that everyone here will be safe from the disaster... ^___^;;

On the lighter note, I have been reading Death Note manga... (I finished Volume 6.. 6 more volumes to go). Light ish really a genius (so as L) and Misa can be a pain in the a** too LOL >____>

Nodame Cantabile never fails to amuse us LOL!!!! (A mix of anime-ish drama + musical drama + hilarious comedy) I really like Chiaki-senpai's facial expressions (Hahaha it ish really priceless)

Although the show is entitled: "Nodame Cantabile", Nodame looks like playing a support character to Chiaki-senpai xP But I like their piano showdown xD xD But Nodame's acting really fascinates me.. On how she follows Chiaki-senpai, the way she played the piano, her untidyness LOL!!! >___<

Eita's hair also had a 180 degree change of personality in this drama compared to his summer's drama, Sapuri. LOL In Nodame Cantabile, he is a "rockish" violin player with a comical personality LOL. He dyed his hair blonde for this drama...

I also watched BoA: The Live (her birthday concert). In comparing her other live tour, her vocals in this live tour greatly improves but the dance moves in this live tour is very poor.. She didn't do any dances >___< She left the dance moves to her dancers (I hope the next BoA live tour wouldn't be like this one) So far the best BoA live tour are Love and Honesty and Best of Soul ^__^;; Plus her dresses in BoA the live are too short LOOOOOL!!! But just the same, I "enjoyed" this show... xD xD (Valenti and Listen to my heart looks like the permanent songs in her every live tours)

I like Keita's album especially the last 3 or 4 songs.. (Ehehe the songs hasn't sink in to my mind LOL ~___~)

***LOL  I know now what is the award of WaT during the Best Hit Kayousai... "Best Special Faces / Artist" LOL >__<

Waaahhh I hope that there wouldn't be a prolonged power interruptions!!! >__<


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