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Before I start my post about Kouhaku Utagassen, I want to share one crack post about JE. LOL XD I just finished reading this one and it is really very funny!

Boys Perspective about JE

I'm pleading for those who have the 2005 Kouhaku file. Onegai! Please upload for me the Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana performance. T___T I have been searching for it for over 2 years actually. As for bribes, check out my uploads page or just tell me anything you want that I can help in searching too... Thank you!!!

Bleah I'm so pissed off that my WOWOW connection was already cut by our cable company xD Tonight is ayaka's Premium Live in that channel. Oh well, I'm sure hikkichan will upload it. (haha I'm eternally grateful to hikkichan)
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LOL I forgot how many times I posted some Japanese entertainment random news ^___^;;

Let's get down to the business:

I really hate sudden change of weathers because I'm very susceptible to colds (even if I take tons of Vitamin C) >__< and if I have colds, my voice is automatically affected *sigh*
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I know I am a few days late in writing my own review of this year's Kouhaku but it was only last night that I have watched the whole show (my internet speed is soooo slow maybe because of the Taiwan's earthquake)

Weh! My wisdom tooth is aching >_____>

And I got some crappy internet connection ~____~ and finally I will be able to finish Tsubasa Chronicles Season 2
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I recently posted the artist line up with their songs... Now the official site of Kouhaku announces the order of appearance of artist that will perform on Dec.31

(1st half / part1)

On the Red Team:

mihimaru GT - Kibun Joujou
BoA - Nanairo no ashita ~brand new beat
Nagayama Yoko - Kizuna (A duet performance with Kageyama Tokinori)]
Sakamoto Fuyumi - Waizake
GAM & Morning Musume - Thanks! Aruiteru 2006 Ambitious Version
Fuji Ayako - Yuki Shinshin

White Team

w-inds. - BoogieWoogie 66
Toba Ichirou - Kyodai Fune
SEAMO - Mata aimasho
Kitayama Takeshi - Otoko no Kobushi
Aqua Timez - Ketsui no asa ni
Hosokawa Takashi - Naniwa Bushi dayo Jinsei wa

(part 2)

White Team

Suga Shikao - Progress 
Horiuchi Takao - Itoshiki Hibi
Mikawaken Ichi - Sasoriza no Onna 2006

Red Team

Godai Natsuko - Kinmokusei
Hirahara Ayaka - Chikai
Otsuka Ai - Renai Sashin

(part 3)

Red Team

Kozai Kaori - Saihoku Koro
Natsukawa Rimi - Hana (Subete no Hito no Kokoro ni Hana wo)
Mori Masako - Barairo no mirai
Bonnie Pink - A perfect Sky
Ishikawa Sayuri - Meoto Zanzai

White Team

ORANGE RANGE - Champione
Fuse Akira - Imagine
Maekawa Kiyoshi - Nagasaki wa Kyo mo Amedatta
Gospellers - Furusato
Morishin Ichi - Ofukuro san


(2nd half / part 1)

Red team

ayaka - Mikazuki
Ayumi Hamasaki - Jewel
Mika Nakashima - Hitoiro

White Team 

WaT - 5 centi

Sukima Switch - Boku Note
TOKIO - Sorafune

(2006 Super Review)

Red Team

aiko - Hitomi
Kobayashi Sachiko - Ooedo Kenka Bana
Angela Aki - HOME
Mizumori Kaori - Kuma no Kodo
Imai Miki - PRIDE
Akiko Wada - Mother
Tendo Yoshimi - Inochi no Kagiri
Koda Kumi - Yume no uta
Kawanaka Miyuki - Futari Sake

White Team

Porno Graffitti - Haneuma Rider
DJ OZMA - Age Age EVERY Knight
Sada Masashi - Kakashi
Hikawa Kiyoshi - Ikken
Akikawa Masashi - Sen no Kaze ni Natte
Tokunaga Hideaki - Kowarekake no Radio
Kobukuro - Kaze
Itsuki Hiroshi - Takasebune
SMAP - Arigato
Kitajima Saburou - Matsuri

***Waiii w-inds., BoA, and mihimaru GT are on the first part of Kouhaku LOOOOL!!!! I want to know the group song >___<  Kouhaku is only a few days away****

So many Enka artist but deserving Jpop artist who did well didn't manage to enter Kouhaku's list.... >___>

I am still on the last half of MSSL 2006 ^^;;

For 2 days I will be baby-sitting my niece.. So a big goodluck for me LOOOOOOOOL ^___^;;


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Waaaiiii xD xD I should really applaud myself for waking up early for Misa de Gallo! xP Because my house was just a few distance away from the church, my alarm clock was the big bell at the "tower" of the church LOL ~___~ which keep on ringing at 3 am - 3:30 am... The days and nights are starting to get cold and chilly...

57th Kouhaku Utagassen Artist with Song List )
This past few days, I have been fangirling over Tamaki Hiroshi (in Nodame Cantabile) LOOOOOL ^^;; His expressions were really priceless! LOL!!! xD xD.. And lately I have been downloading some Jpop shows (PJ, HeyHeyHey and MF) LOL 

Screenshots Galore!!! xD xD )
Huhuhu! Fall season dramas are now coming to an end.... ~___~ I will miss Nodame Cantabile (but hey! they announced that there will be an anime adaptation next year January 2007 xD xD I can't wait to be on a fangirl mode again to Chiaki-senpai LOL)

Ja matta!!!!!!
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After hibernating and being a bum for months >__<, I am now trying to be "back in action".. (I just got my limit of boredom LOL). As I apply again for another job, of course I expected the stereotypical replies in the HR department: "Oh we will call you sometime (for the interview or test)" But I can't afford to go back to my previous job because I need money! (Christmas season is fast approaching, money is a necessity)  ~___~ 

On the lighter note, the much awaited "57th Kohaku Utagassen" performers list is revealed. As Jpop fans know, it is the annual event at New Year's Eve where two groups of performers will sing/dance (Red and White team) and compete as a team... As I scanned down the list, looks like this year's list is a bit shorter than last year's performers... ^^;; Also last year, White team won, but as I looked down the list for the White Team looks like Red Team will probably win for this year... ^^;;

I was really glad that some of my favorites are on the list!!! (The bold ones are my "favorites") But waaaaahhh I was really expecting that AAA will be in Kohaku >___< (Oh well maybe next year >_<) I enjoyed WaT's performance last year LOL (reminds me of their "accident"), Keita and BoA's hair on Kohaku last year was O____O LOL ~__~ 

Ayaka's debut year is soooooo successful!!! xD xD Mihimaru GT is also debuting on Kohaku for this year xD xD 

Hmm.. I wonder what will be for this year's group song??? (Last year was Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana)

Speaking of music specials, Music Station also revealed the list of their performers of MS Special on December 22 (Also this year is MS 20th anniversary, so I think this will be more special compared to last year's special)

Of course, MS is a JE dominated show, I won't expect w-inds. or AAA (or other "boyband") in that show LOL!! >__< 

Hmm.. I guess I'll be hoping that CDTV Special or Japan Record Awards will feature AAA >____< LOL!!! (I'll just wait for the line-up) 

I am now reading Death Note manga (LOL I have fangirling in reverse manner! movie then manga) Waaaahhh hail to Light-sama!!!!!!! *____*

Congratulations Keita for debuting in number 7 in the Oricon Charts Album rank!!! xD xD (As expected I know who is on the top list) LOL!!! The album is released already but I haven't listen to it yet!!!! Waaaahhh I want to listen to Keita's new album (Although he really sound off-key during the Long Road perf during the Japan-China Friendship.. I guess his voice now is not so good comparing to old times LOL >__< Other Keita fangirls don't shoot me LOL) 

In the end, I appeared as a bum >____> (Hope that they will reconsider me in planning the so called "Christmas Party) >__< 


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