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I have been on guard with this year's MTV Japan MVA 2007 because most of the nominated are my favorites and now as the awards night is airing in Japan, I'm posting the list of winners as they are shown in the official site of MTV Japan MVA 2007


Mar. 23rd, 2007 08:18 pm
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~___~  Another weekend off for me. I spent the rest of Friday morning and afternoon in bed >___< I have a fever and cold (But compared last week, I already regained my voice) I still feel very hot even if my aircon is at the coldest setting (Fever + hot environment)

I can't wait for April (~sings "holidays are coming"~) LOL

I have been missing a lot on downloads (I dunno which is which to download now so much video + songs that are released left and right)

So far this is my download list:

My To-Download List:
1. Mr.Children - I Love You at Tokyo Dome Live Tour (finally after a month I have finished downloading this)
2. Mr. Children - Wonderful World on Dec. 21 (special concert, this is after Sakurai's recovery)
3. Rock in Japan Festival - (also after a month I have finished this one LOL)
4. Yuna Ito - St. Valentine's Acoustic Live
5. Angela Aki - HOME Live Tour at Zepp Tokyo
6. Angela Aki - Piano Live One
7. Hayami Kishimoto - Thursday Night Live
8. February 28's new singles and albums releases
9. Nodame Cantabile anime episodes
10. Yuna Ito at Bokura no Ongaku
11. ayaka at Girl's Pop Factory
12. Angela Aki - My Keys at Budokan
13. J Wave Concert 2006 (both Day 2 and 3)
14. Music Station (March 16  episode)
15. Mr. Children at Bokura no Ongaku (will be aired tonight)
16. Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru Movie (waaaaaaaaaaahhh Tamaki Hiroshi!!!!!!!!! *___*)
17. Death Note the Last Name
18. Hana Yori Dango Last Episode
19. Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 19
20. some other PVs and videos (LOL)

1. March 21 releases
2. Others LOL I'm too lazy to specify

(my conclusion: I need a very large HDD for all of this my 200GB HDD is not enough!)

Waaaahhh Keita is releasing a new single and a photobook (Bad Timing ~________~ I am d*mn broke)

The nominations for MTV Japan MVA '07 is already announced

Woot So many info posted :D :D


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