Aug. 20th, 2007 07:57 pm
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This is the continuation of the my previous post about "Same Titles, Different Songs"....

I gave up in fixing my TV tuner! Bleah, it's really a crappy signal in Wowow... I'll still record those tours and it's up to the downloaders to get those videos.

Waaaahhhh I have seen EXILE again in music shows *___* I have to say that Takahiro really improved a lot from the audition until their recent live tour *___*

I got this in a survey game entitled: "Which EXILE member is matched as your marriage partner?"

As expected LOL! Takahiro and I were married since 2006 LOL and we will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary this September *___*

Speaking of Takahiro, LOL I just discovered that he went on audition for Prince of Tennis musicals for the part of Kaoru! LOL I just can't imagine him doing that. Luckily, he auditioned for EXILE xP

EXILE performed in yesterday's J-Wave's Concert with a total of 7 songs including 24 karats with Sowelu and Doberman Inc:

and speaking of J-Wave Concert, this is the biggest surprise of all:

The greatest enjoyment of the photographer > Click at your own risk

As I was browsing [profile] emeraldz's LJ, she wrote about a Korea-Japan film, entitled: 26 years diary ~anata wo wasurenai~ with Maaki of High and Mighty Color, I was curious and watched the film. T_____T It was sooooo touching!!!! I recommend everyone to watch that movie ^^

Clazziquai Project and m-flo will be doing another concert event together!!!! YAY!!! But too bad it has almost impossible chance to be aired in TV >_<

I'm watching Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu xD Hiroki Narimiya is too young to be a dad! But well the story is sooo touching *___*

Ken Hirai's Fake Star = hawt!!!!! *O* Watch that!!!

I just feel indifferent about AAA's latest PV.. LOL I don't have "instant liking" of that song compared to Let it Beat, Samurai Heart, Blood on Fire and Champagne Gold xD

mihimaru GT's Gazen Yeah, is so cute!!! LOL i want to dance like that!!! ^__^;;

I can't really wait for the Nodame Cantabile SP in 2008!!!!! I hope it will air on or before my birthday! LOL Chiaki-senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Woohoo! It's Friday again.. Time passed by real fast ne??? LOL I'm having Friday Blues ^__^;; Maybe because another week will passed soon and a new week will start...

Anyway, I have listened to my Clazziquai Project cd for 4 times in loop (twice on my cd/dvd player and twice on my PC) and I really love the album. *__* Alex really has a nice voice! I hope that his solo album will push through (It's not that I don't like Horan ^^;; They sound so good together)

I know I am late for giving this album a review but I want to share my opinions about this great album

Waaahh I'm really a sucker for Clazziquai Project's new mascot, Love Child (points my avatar) Isn't it sooo cute???? If last year, I can give the award for "Cutest Mascot" for Nodame Cantabile's Mongoose Doll,

probably this year, the winner for this award is Clazziquai Project's Pig Mascot. As a trivia for everyone, Clazziquai Project's official mascot is a pig for the fact that Clazziquai Project's main man/producer/composer and musician, DJ Clazziquai (Kim Sung Hoon) has a pig pet named Dalmacian (which is always mentioned in each album of Clazziquai Project as his beloved pig). But for this album, he designed a new concept for the pig mascot as his "love child". As seen on the album cover, the mascot's head is a little boy with blue eyes.. ^^ He said that the mascot's purpose is to spread love and peace to everyone ^__^ (as the theme of their new album) The mascot appeared on KBS 2 Love Letter Special of Clazziquai and lol the host is curious of it's gender but well the mascot didn't remove the head part

Because of DJ Clazzi's love for this cute thing, this mascot has his own blog, which has pictures of this mascot in the street meeting different people (LOL even a taxi stopped for it)

Here are some pics from its blog:

>> *points itself on the poster* It's me!!!! **

Speaking of Love Child, Waaaaaaaaaaahhh I want a poster of it which is currently on sale on Yesasia!!! ~___~ Weh it's kinda expensive... $10 for teh poster.. *sigh*

And since I'm talking about Clazziquai Project, looks like it will be a great chance to see Alex on the last of COSMICOLOR live tour because at the same month Clazziquai Project will have a concert in Japan!!!!! Waaaahhhh I hope he will really appear!!! *___*

Woeh! AP Bank Festival Performers are now complete ~____~ Of all the performers, why they did pick out Koda Kumi!!!!!!!!! Angela Aki could be a better choice!!! >__> I can't imagine a song Koda Kumi and Sakurai will sing *rolls eyes* The only console for the festival is that ayaka and AI will be there ^__^;;

waaaahhhh EXILE will appear on a-nation this year!!! After their 2 years absence in that outdoor festival, finally they will perform there, together with mihimaru GT.. AAA + EXILE and mihimaru GT!!!! Also EXILE will also appear in this year's J Wave Live Concert sharing the stage with Yuna Ito, Hajime Chitose, Kaela Kimura, Crystal Kay and Suga Shikao ^_____^.

Weh! SMJ shipped out my item so late.. It was supposed to arrive together with my order but looks like it will arrive on Monday ~___~;;

I just browsed my MediaFire account and woah! I didn't know that I have uploaded so many files (Well not all those files are shared publicly, there are some files that only my friends can download LOL)

My MU and Gigasize uploads are not yet included in this count!

LOL thanks again for reading my non sense random blog posts!

*Hunts for Love Child*
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I just want to greet some of my friends, Paul, Jay, Thata, Kuya Jonas, and many more LOL I can't mention all your names but a big congratulations for you :D :D!

I'm just glad that my internet connection is much better than the previous days (I am able to upload videos LOL) :D :D So hopefully, it will continue to be stable.

After months of not watching a single korean drama, we will try to watch a korean drama (Palace S). Korean dramas are not appealing to me as I love jdoramas because I'm kinda sick of romantic genres in which kdrama has to offer. Jdoramas has a wide variety of genre LOL

Waaahhh Tamaki Hiroshi has a gf already (well with his looks and attitudes girls are drooling over him LOOL) Goodluck to whoever his gf is (I want his photobook!!!!!!!!!)

Finally, I can watch Nodame Cantabile anime :D :D (I can't wait!!!!!!)

And lastly, I just want to greet my friend, [profile] emeraldz a happy happy birthday (January 17) LOL Lea-kinz, an advance greeting for yah!!!! Well I have some small gifts for yah! Enjoy!!!

The gifts )
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These past few days my internet connections was a big crap. My PC can't connect to the net and if the PC is connected, its speed is like a dial-up ~____~ Plus the dial tone sometimes disappears

Waaahhh I'm just having this Nodame Cantabile withdrawal syndrome (it is really one of the best dorama for 2006) and to relieve that withdrawal symptom LOL I'm rewatching the dorama (Yay! for Chiaki-senpai, Nodame, Mine, Masumi-chan, Kiyora, Sakura, Milch and the rest of S-oke and RS-oke) Waaahhh I want the T-shirt and the mongoose doll ~_______~ (I saw it on Yahoo Auctions and it sooo expensive) (Belated Happy Birthday to Tamaki Hiroshi aka Chiaki Shinichi in Nodame Cantabile) Also, I can't wait to watch Nodame Cantabile :D :D (the anime staff behind Nodame Cantabile are the ones behind Honey and Clover)

My cousin and I have watched Hana Yori Dango 1. Comparing it to Meteor Garden, HYD has a faster pace and follows the anime/manga faithfully ^__^;; Shun Oguri *______* and Abe Tsuyoshi *_________* (I like these two actors LOL) So I'm kinda looking up to the 2nd season of HYD (Hopefully it will not turn out like Meteor Garden)

I also watched Rhythm Nation :D :D Waaahhh I really miss Ryohei and DBSK performing (although they only sang 1 song) I can't wait for Ryohei's new album ^^ It is also good to see LISA and m-flo performing together. Waaaahhh EXILE is superb! LOL Takahiro improved his vocal (I just saw on the EXILE 6nen me no shinjitsu a bit of Choo Choo Train's vocals with Takahiro and I want to see that!!!!!!!!!) Takahiro is better singing ballads than upbeat songs

January 17 Jpop releases are coming (the only single that I have heard is YUI's Rolling Star) LOL I want to be surprised >__> because I'm thinking of buying w-inds. Hanamuke single and BoA's made in 20 album.

And speaking of Jpop releases, weh AAA is releasing again like crazy (stupid avex marketing strategy) >__< In just merely three months, AAA will/had released 2 albums (ALL and CCC), 2 singles, 2 DVDs (3rd attack and Channel a). I hope avex will stop this kind of pacing of AAA releases >___< or history will repeat itself (single overload and an album where all singles that are released squeeze into 1 with 2 or 3 new songs, series of live tours with overload of DVD releases) It is really tempting to buy the limited edition single (with a freebie of T-shirt and a pouch) but it is soooo friggin' expensive (5000++ yen)

I uploaded the 3 Samurai Heart performances (Music Fighter, Melodix and Popjam) Of the three performances, I like Melodix ~__~ Popjam perf is too short (they cut off MItsuhiro's rap)

New Layout

Dec. 26th, 2006 06:34 pm
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After months and months of having the same layout, I decided to change my layout... ^^;;

(Although I can only choose from the templates here in LJ.. LOL ^^;;)

And because I'm bored again, I made the continuation of the "I believe I can Fly" animation LOOOOL

And since it is only a day after Christmas, I'm being extra nice to upload the performance of AAA in Melodix last December 24. (If you want for the other artist, just leave a comment here and I'll try to upload it for you ^^) 

Here are the list of artists that perform in Melodix last Dec.24

WaT - Bokura no Love Story
Exile - Everything
Berrys Koubou
Aiuchi Rina - Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru
AAA - Samurai Heart
Aqua Timez - Sen no Yoru o Koete
BaseBallBear - Matsuri no Ato

(click on the image for the link. Same rules also applies here LOL^^;; Do not reupload (even in clubbox, youtube, other file host site without my permission), repost nor hotlink the video) 

LOL I didn't understand much of the talk part but it was funny when Hidaka talked like Chiaki LOOOOOOL ^^;; Rin also guested in this performance... This Melodix performance is better than the Music Fighter because their voices were good (including Shuta and Shinjiro's raps), Rin guested in this perf and additional dance steps were shown in this perf ^____^;; plus I like Misako's "Nobody helps me anymore" line in this perf LOOOL ^^ (ENJOY WATCHING!!!!)

Waaaiii 14 sai no haha finale episode sub is already out :D :D!!!!!!!!! Last night, my cousin and I watched Nodame Cantabile episode 10 and it was a bit mellow comparing to the hilarious first 9 episodes (except the scenes where Masumi-chan rescued Chiaki-senpai from another gay violin player LOOOOL) I really want to see the last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (There were some romantic scenes between Nodame and Chiaki waaaahhh!!!)
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Waaaiiii xD xD I should really applaud myself for waking up early for Misa de Gallo! xP Because my house was just a few distance away from the church, my alarm clock was the big bell at the "tower" of the church LOL ~___~ which keep on ringing at 3 am - 3:30 am... The days and nights are starting to get cold and chilly...

57th Kouhaku Utagassen Artist with Song List )
This past few days, I have been fangirling over Tamaki Hiroshi (in Nodame Cantabile) LOOOOOL ^^;; His expressions were really priceless! LOL!!! xD xD.. And lately I have been downloading some Jpop shows (PJ, HeyHeyHey and MF) LOL 

Screenshots Galore!!! xD xD )
Huhuhu! Fall season dramas are now coming to an end.... ~___~ I will miss Nodame Cantabile (but hey! they announced that there will be an anime adaptation next year January 2007 xD xD I can't wait to be on a fangirl mode again to Chiaki-senpai LOL)

Ja matta!!!!!!
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Today is the start of the "Christmas Season", and as a start wooohoooo I woke up sooooo early at 3 am to attend the first of  the nine morning masses :D :D It was a very chilly morning but I enjoyed the mass ^___^;; 

A week of another fangirl-ism LOL xP xP

I saw some lists on some Jpop sites.. LOL different lists under the sun >___<

Here are some of them:

Last week, Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri were the guests at SMAP x SMAP Bistro... Waiii I really like Tamaki Hiroshi, he ish sooo cute and very nice.. I'll just update about that show next time.. I love Nodame Cantabile, 14 sai no haha and Boku no Aruku Michi!!!!!

Happy Birthday Keitachi!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You are officially an adult now LOL >__<)


Dec. 6th, 2006 07:28 pm
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I have submitted again my resume to another hospital and LOL as expected the HR personnel said to me: "Okay, I'll just call you" LOL >___>

Waaaiii there are sooo many singles released today!!!!! 

The rankings for today???

I'm sooooo happy that EXILE is number 1 on its release day (KAT-TUN's single will be released tomorrow), I didn't expect that they will be in the top spot despite of its "low" NINKI ranking. So as AAA!!! (Omedetou!!!) also I didn't expect them to be in the top 10 or in the number 6 spot!!!! xD xD 

Also speaking of ranks, looks like ayaka's debut is nearly hitting the 700K mark (Congrats ayaka) If this will continue, her album will really outsell Ayu's album (Hurray for ayaka!!!)

Also this season's Oricon drama satisfaction ranking was released! xD xD


**** I didn't expect that 14 sai no haha will be in this low ranking >___< I thought it will be on the number 3 or 4 spot because it has a good story >___< and Shida Mirai is such a good young actress xD xD. But it was really good that both Nodame Cantabile and Boku no Aruku Michi is on the top 3 spots... I expected that Kame's drama, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, will be on this rank because comparing to the other drama this is almost a "stereotypical drama"... I hope that D-Fansubs will continue subbing the remaining 6 episodes of Sera Fuku to Kikanjuu >___< I also liked this drama... xD xD *** 

I just hope that they will call me for an interview LOL >____<

2 days more before my niece's Christening Day... ^___^

I like my desktop xD xD (Thanks to WindowsBlinds!! LOL)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Dec. 4th, 2006 09:21 pm
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>___> @ the news

It was such a depressing mood to see the situation in Albay where almost it was wiped out on the map because of the mudslide.. (The wrath of the mother nature)

I watched last night the NTV Best Artist Show (The version that I got was the "raw" one because it has still commercials) 

According to a blog that I have read, another recording company will launch a group that will be a female counterpart of EXILE (eh?? o____O;;)... Hmm... so let us see in the near future! (But I really really like EXILE)

On my lazy mode, I made another AAA wallpaper with Winter Lander as a theme... (I kinda made a "replica" of the animation on the main page of the official site LOL >__<)

Till then!!!

Ja matta ne!!!


Nov. 30th, 2006 08:21 pm
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>__< After Milenyo, Reming is now approaching in our town >________< (We prepared some food stuffs, candles, and charged the emergency light) I hope that everyone here will be safe from the disaster... ^___^;;

On the lighter note, I have been reading Death Note manga... (I finished Volume 6.. 6 more volumes to go). Light ish really a genius (so as L) and Misa can be a pain in the a** too LOL >____>

Nodame Cantabile never fails to amuse us LOL!!!! (A mix of anime-ish drama + musical drama + hilarious comedy) I really like Chiaki-senpai's facial expressions (Hahaha it ish really priceless)

Although the show is entitled: "Nodame Cantabile", Nodame looks like playing a support character to Chiaki-senpai xP But I like their piano showdown xD xD But Nodame's acting really fascinates me.. On how she follows Chiaki-senpai, the way she played the piano, her untidyness LOL!!! >___<

Eita's hair also had a 180 degree change of personality in this drama compared to his summer's drama, Sapuri. LOL In Nodame Cantabile, he is a "rockish" violin player with a comical personality LOL. He dyed his hair blonde for this drama...

I also watched BoA: The Live (her birthday concert). In comparing her other live tour, her vocals in this live tour greatly improves but the dance moves in this live tour is very poor.. She didn't do any dances >___< She left the dance moves to her dancers (I hope the next BoA live tour wouldn't be like this one) So far the best BoA live tour are Love and Honesty and Best of Soul ^__^;; Plus her dresses in BoA the live are too short LOOOOOL!!! But just the same, I "enjoyed" this show... xD xD (Valenti and Listen to my heart looks like the permanent songs in her every live tours)

I like Keita's album especially the last 3 or 4 songs.. (Ehehe the songs hasn't sink in to my mind LOL ~___~)

***LOL  I know now what is the award of WaT during the Best Hit Kayousai... "Best Special Faces / Artist" LOL >__<

Waaahhh I hope that there wouldn't be a prolonged power interruptions!!! >__<

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Dates and days are really my weakness LOL! I thought today was Thursday and not Friday... I forgot to greet my friend, Aki but my other friend sent me a message about Aki's birthday so I was saved and I greeted Aki a while ago via SMS....

I really like Nodame Cantabile!!! xD xD This series ish really hilarious! Plus the way they played musical instruments in the orchestra were superb LOL! (Chiaki-senpai ish very cool in this series!!!! Waaahhh Chiaki-senpai!!!!)

*** Chiaki-senpai during the beginning of his piano performance ***

*** Nodame as the cute mascot as S-oke special performance ***

While me and my cousin were watching 14 sai no haha's episode 6, we cried a little bit. LOL ~____~ It was really a touching episode that we feel pity for the main character that she was ridiculed by the society that as if being pregnant at 14 makes her a criminal.... ^___^ We want to see how this series will progress.. ^^;; 

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi's plot seems good as the series progresses.. Hopefully the next episodes will changed our views about this drama that it will be just an ordinary korean drama... LOL

I also watched Prince of Tennis Live Action Movie.. and LOOOOOL Shirota Yuu ish really kakkoii as Tezuka.. The live action movie covers the beginning until the Hyotei arc in the anime... The live action movie's effects are good... ^___^

**** Shirota Yuu as Tezuka *_____* ****

>____________< As the end of the month is approaching, Waahhhh money money and money again LOL


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I missed this blog (So sorry for this long and senseless random post!)

This past few days lol I am stucked in my house... When my friends, sent me messages or called me up asking how I am now. I'll just say: "Eto naghihibernate na magsisimula na kasi ang winter" LOL =__= 

So in times like this, my fangirl mode is on the high! At the present time, I am in love with AAA's Samurai Heart, OLIVIA "inspi" Reira (trapnest)'s - WISH, ENOZ featuring Haruhi Suzumiya - God Knows and Tsubaki's Sea of LOVE! LOL ~_____~ I really really like these songs!!

Plus the doramas!!! Nodame Cantabile and 14 sai no haha rocks my monitor at night LOL >___< Me and my cousin couldn't help squealing for Chiaki-sempai (Tamaki Hiroshi.. I can't believe he ish the guy in Waterboys, movie version)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

*** Chiaki-sempai in a surprise mode!! LOL ****

The past few days, I have been rearranging the folders in my HDD >____< I just finished arranging the files yesterday and now I'm editing the IDTags LOL!!! (And this is really time consuming =___=)

I watched "melody.'s Be As One Live Tour and Document" and I was really really really disappointed because the video is 77 mins long but the performances are only for 22 minutes ~___~ and during the middle of each performance it was cut off to show the rehearsals >____< (I really like the perf for Once Again and Realize) >____< 

I also watched the Best Hit Kayousai (well I haven't watched the entire show)  

The opening performance was mihimaru GT xD xD I like their performance of Kibun Jojo

Waaaahhhh w-inds. is back in TV!!!!!! LOL. They performed Boogie Woogie 66 xD xD (I really miss the 3nin w-inds.!!!) But the "sad note" in that perf is that Keita looks like he is really tired.... (waaahh he need a break)... And he is very manly now! (the ponytailed hair) (And I also conclude that curling iron in Japan is now a hit LOL)

*w-inds - as they accept their award and give some talk*

***KEITA!!!!!!!!!!!! (His hair really looked like Kame's former hairstyle back in Sapuri days >___<) ***

BoA performed "Nanairo no Ashita" and LOL another source of my harem-ness LOL!!!! ~_____~ Then after w-inds. performed Boogie Woogie 66, the next performer was Aya Matsuura (I really don't like this girl, Gomen H!P fans) >____< BHK showed the clips of her PV and it was YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >______<

Waaaaahhh AAA was in this show!!! (I think it is their first time to appear on BHK). During the earlier part of the talk, the host and the other guest were talking about marriage (I am not 100% sure with this one), I caught Nissy giggling sneakily while the host and the other guest were talking LOL!!! The host also said that AAA were "kawaii hito" (of course!) and during their introduction to their performance, the host were talking about the 1st anniversary concert in Budokan. I thought they were performing Let it Beat! based on their costumes but to my disappointment they performed HLBM (short for Hurricane Lily, Boston Mary) >____< It is not that I hate that song but I want a more upbeat song! LOL. During the perf, Misako's voice is good compared to other HLBM perfs >__< but the highlight of this perf (the so called "Chiaki-copter and "Yukarin-nana" ) were absent >___<

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

**** (Click to see the captions that I made LOL) Their attires really very hot to wear >___< But I like how AAA's costumes were made! xD xD 8 styles: 1 costume concept ****

Also, this year's BHK is ayaka's first year... And I really can say that this girl rocks in live performance, I really like how she performs live.. ^____^. Another noteable performance in BHK was the performance of WaT (They got a special award but I don't know what award was that) WaT seems that they had learned their lesson from their previous mistake in Kohaku last year (For those who have watched Kohaku, the guitars bumped the micstand and it fell on the floor while they were singing live) 

***Look at the distance between Wentz and Teppei LOL! xD xD This is the first time I saw Ready Go perf with a guitar**

Yuna Ito's Precious perf was soooo good too xD xD. And for now this is the end of my Best Hit Kyousai 2006 report LOL (I'll update for more comical update in this show LOL I hope I also get the list of the awards given in romanji)

For those who want AAA's perf in BHK, here is the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4JJOQ7TA (I ripped this one ^___^;; Please credit me when linking to other site)

Well soo much for the randomness.... 

Happy Birthday to my friends, Mama Jenny and Johara!!!! xD xD


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