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It's time again for Japanese year-end music shows! Haha these strings of music specials make the year end exciting. xD It's been my 5th time (ever since I got really addicted to Japanese stuff) to faithfully watch year-end specials. So I guess it's a tradition to write something about it. Beware that I'm really a poor reviewer. I may have some big lapses about the grammar, poor choices of words and biasness xP

In comparison from last year's show
  • The show seemed shorter and compressed. I know that Japanese music specials rarely shows performances in full but this year's Best Hit Kayousai seemed shorter than last year's show.
  • Eh? No double performances for the winners of Best New Artist and Grand Prix :P
  • 360 degrees stage
  • Better costumes!
  • I don't remember that much but I think this year's Best Hit Kayousai don't give the actual "award" for Gold Artists winners. If I remember right they gave the Gold Artists' winners during previous years some kind of a plaque.
  • The camera shots are worst!!!

AKB48 - River
> I tried my best not to skip any performances and I succeeded on watching this one. Isn't that their voices sounded like Hayami Kishimoto? (If you don't know her no need to research about her LOL) Anyway, I really like their costumes.

Big Bang - Gara gara go

> All I can say about these guys is that they are very lucky to be invited to all these music shows. I mean being Korean and a boyband are already some minus points for these invitations. I guess the invasion of DBSK to Japan already paved them a way. But then, give Big Bang a nice time to be fluent in Japanese and they'll become a smash hit. I actually like their music style better than DBSK (being a hard core R&B / urban lover)

Koda Kumi - Everything

- This is one of the rare times I didn't skip to watch her performance. The reason why? It is because of her costume! Haha it's so cute. I just remember [livejournal.com profile] aramatheydidnt post on about the comparison between Kumi and alan's same clothes and who wore it better. I hate to admit but my vote goes to Kumi xP

JUJU - Ashita ga kuru nara feat. JAY'ED
- If Soba ni iru ne is the most pimped duet last year, this year it's this song. I have nothing against it because this means more exposure to JAY'ED. But I will definitely appreciate it if JAY'ED got to perform his own song though.

Girl Next Door - Infinity
- Okay I admit Chisa is pretty but that only stops there. I hate her voice! (LOL coming a girl who doesn't know how to sing and talks a lot) Anyway, yeah she's pretty......... xD

AAA - Break Down
- If I have to give an award for Best Costume, AAA will instantly bring home the award. Too bad my big love for them already died when they can already appear to various shows. Unless they bring back old AAA's style, I'll still stick to my R&Bs xD They are the only artist that performed outside the Kobe Hall.

Nishino Kana - Motto

- 2 things to take note for her: The reasons why I checked her out are because: (1) I love her version of m-flo's Yours Only (with WISE); (2) Georgio13 of So'Fly produced Motto. She isn't that bad though but not that good to make me impressed.

- Natsukashii Kioku Clip - (Some old songs VTR. Japanese music shows are s*cker for these VTR clips)

Tsuruno Takeshi - M

> LOL his costume really reminded of one of good old contest called: "Double Karaoke" where contestants have to wear half man / half woman costume and sing of course male part when they face using the man's side and female part when they face the other side. Anyway, I don't have any interest with his performance. Ever since he covered ayaka and Kobukuro's Winding Road on his album, I don't find him interesting. I like Take of Skoop but he isn't sufficient to make me like their version of Winding Road

Tatsuya-kun and blah blah
- I actually forgot to take note of their duo name but yeah this is the time I started to skip out performances.

Best New Artist Award

LOL my caps s*cks. Anyway, if you can see his whole outfit, it is just so fugly!

Yuusuke (Kamiji) - Himawari

> His style of music seems to be like Micro / Def Tech / Funky Monkey Babys (yes finally I got it figured out!) But in fairness to him, I like his style better than Tsuruno Takeshi. Haha his costume and hair are soooooooo funny and weird that I felt he just came out of a different era.

I couldn't get a better cap but you can see how glittery they were

Of course we need some Ryo-chin peace sign!

Kanjani8 - Medley
- Okay I'm lazy to figure out what they performed. Actually I just got interests with these guys because I watched some dramas of K8's members. I always say that these guys have the tackiest costumes among JE but then I think they are the most neglected unit xP (Okay justified that they are wearing tacky costumes because they want Uncle Johnny to notice them)

Yuzu - Niji

> I admit I only did notice about this duo during Golden Circle Time (2006) because Sakurai of Mr.Children collaborated with them. Then I got mesmerized by Kitagawa Yujin during Innocent love time. I am now convinced that Yujin really look like a younger version of Sakurai xP. It's quite funny how they presented the girl whom Yujin has a crush on. And mind you! The girl is only 19! (Yujin is already 31 xP Anyway, I'll still ogle for him). I want them to pimp ToYuu more than their other songs.

Ikimonogakari - Yell
> My love for them is on-off style. I am a big fan of male vocals than female vocals so I tend not to notice them. But this song caught my attention.

Perfume - One Room Disco
- I skipped this perf! Sorry your cute-ness isn't going to appeal on me.

- I felt they have the longest performance but haha I don't give a bother to watch them.

Remioromen - Starting Over

> Many people were saying that they are the next Mr.Children but then I guess their time already passed. Sorry, I didn't watch this performance xD (Haha but the vocalist is a nice eyecandy)

I guess that's the space the fangirls are pointing out XD

Tohoshinki - Stand by U
> They are the most controversial group in this music special. I so love the drama of the fans. Love in the sense that I'm LOL-ing over it. The lawsuit is really grueling and brings to many issues left and right. Some of the fans were saying that there's a big space now between the members like Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu vs Yunho and Changmin. I just hope they fix over their stuff. I'm imagining that they should just dissolve the contract with SM, concentrate in Japan and pimp themselves there. Their earning in Japan is way more than what they do in Korea. I'm in no position to comment over this but I just love reading and laughing over the fans speculations. Going back to their performance, I don't like DBSK ballads that much but well I'm overly biased with the producers of this song (UTA and REO of Tiny Voice Productions) so yeah I came to like them singing mid-tempo/ballads.

Hikawa Kiyoshi
- I didn't watch his performance either but I just want to laugh on how tacky his costume is

> Another special performance of BHK but as usual I didn't bother to watch it xD

I really want to drag TAKAHIRO to a barber shop and have his hair cut! This is my complain every year but then once he smiled lol I stopped whining XD

Grand Prix Winner - EXILE - Someday

> 2009 is a so-so EXILE year for me. They have lots of new fans this year but it's a sinking boat of fandom for me. Since Best Hit Kayousai determines what song artists will sing for the rest of the year end music specials, I'm guess I'm stuck watching EXILE pimped Someday on other shows as well (with a few Futatsu no Kuchibiru perfs). So much for hoping FIREWORKS to be performed live. I just get disappointed. It's not a SURPRISE for EXILE to win this award. They had done it 3 times and they did it again. The online poll is just a way to get audience participation xD. They had a dramatic entrance going up on the stage on 3 different directions. The first group has TAKAHIRO, SHOKICHI and NAOTO. 2nd group has MAKIDAI, USA, KEIJI and NESMITH. 3rd group has ATSUSHI, MATSU, NAOKI, AKIRA, HIRO, KENCHI (I don't know where TETSUYA joined XD) LOL at the fans screaming TAKAHIRO~!!! Instead of a double performance, they just performed SOMEDAY in full.

And that end Best Hit Kayousai 2009. I'm 10 times more excited to FNS Kayousai on Wednesday

Anyway, nothing related to Best Hit Kayousai, but I just listened to EXILE's new album and I hate to admit that the album s*cks big time. I guess for me who loves R&B that much. It is a lame attempt to bring back the old EXILE style T_____T
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