Dec. 2nd, 2006 07:24 pm
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After the storm had passed on our town, the storm left a large damage to some of provinces here... (My condolences for all those families who were victims of the storm). The news presented the ruins that the storm left >____< It was a very bad time because Christmas is fast approaching ^^;;

And here I am, still waiting for calls, still waiting for the documents from the States (tsk tsk patience is really a virtue)... I want a job (lol a decent paying job!)!!!!!!!!!!!! >___<

Two volumes more and I am finished with Death Note manga (and I am getting lazier and lazier reading the manga because after volume 7, the story becomes sooooooooooooooooooooo draggy >___< I felt that I was just reading for the sake that I will finish reading it). After Volume 7, I just learned to "dislike" Light's character, he becomes more Kira-like than Light Yagami... >___> Well power can really turn someone to a really nasty person. Just as Misa's case too, she becomes too clingy to Light >___<

I can't wait to watch NTV's Best Artist!!!! (more seeders please!!!!!!!!) ~___~ 

Money and job = wish for Christmas 2006 LOL

(Waaaaaaaahhh I want some jpop cds in Yesasia clearance sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

AAA's Official Site Layout ish very cute!!!!! xD xD ( Waaahh I can't wait for the single although their ninki ranking is soooo low >___< 

I made a wallpaper using the Samurai Heart theme (and Nissy's hair looks like Yamapi during Kurosagi times)

~___~ LOL Just a weird idea of designing the wallpaper LOL

Goodluck to all December NLE takers!!!!!!!!!! xD xD


Nov. 30th, 2006 08:21 pm
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>__< After Milenyo, Reming is now approaching in our town >________< (We prepared some food stuffs, candles, and charged the emergency light) I hope that everyone here will be safe from the disaster... ^___^;;

On the lighter note, I have been reading Death Note manga... (I finished Volume 6.. 6 more volumes to go). Light ish really a genius (so as L) and Misa can be a pain in the a** too LOL >____>

Nodame Cantabile never fails to amuse us LOL!!!! (A mix of anime-ish drama + musical drama + hilarious comedy) I really like Chiaki-senpai's facial expressions (Hahaha it ish really priceless)

Although the show is entitled: "Nodame Cantabile", Nodame looks like playing a support character to Chiaki-senpai xP But I like their piano showdown xD xD But Nodame's acting really fascinates me.. On how she follows Chiaki-senpai, the way she played the piano, her untidyness LOL!!! >___<

Eita's hair also had a 180 degree change of personality in this drama compared to his summer's drama, Sapuri. LOL In Nodame Cantabile, he is a "rockish" violin player with a comical personality LOL. He dyed his hair blonde for this drama...

I also watched BoA: The Live (her birthday concert). In comparing her other live tour, her vocals in this live tour greatly improves but the dance moves in this live tour is very poor.. She didn't do any dances >___< She left the dance moves to her dancers (I hope the next BoA live tour wouldn't be like this one) So far the best BoA live tour are Love and Honesty and Best of Soul ^__^;; Plus her dresses in BoA the live are too short LOOOOOL!!! But just the same, I "enjoyed" this show... xD xD (Valenti and Listen to my heart looks like the permanent songs in her every live tours)

I like Keita's album especially the last 3 or 4 songs.. (Ehehe the songs hasn't sink in to my mind LOL ~___~)

***LOL  I know now what is the award of WaT during the Best Hit Kayousai... "Best Special Faces / Artist" LOL >__<

Waaahhh I hope that there wouldn't be a prolonged power interruptions!!! >__<

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After hibernating and being a bum for months >__<, I am now trying to be "back in action".. (I just got my limit of boredom LOL). As I apply again for another job, of course I expected the stereotypical replies in the HR department: "Oh we will call you sometime (for the interview or test)" But I can't afford to go back to my previous job because I need money! (Christmas season is fast approaching, money is a necessity)  ~___~ 

On the lighter note, the much awaited "57th Kohaku Utagassen" performers list is revealed. As Jpop fans know, it is the annual event at New Year's Eve where two groups of performers will sing/dance (Red and White team) and compete as a team... As I scanned down the list, looks like this year's list is a bit shorter than last year's performers... ^^;; Also last year, White team won, but as I looked down the list for the White Team looks like Red Team will probably win for this year... ^^;;

I was really glad that some of my favorites are on the list!!! (The bold ones are my "favorites") But waaaaahhh I was really expecting that AAA will be in Kohaku >___< (Oh well maybe next year >_<) I enjoyed WaT's performance last year LOL (reminds me of their "accident"), Keita and BoA's hair on Kohaku last year was O____O LOL ~__~ 

Ayaka's debut year is soooooo successful!!! xD xD Mihimaru GT is also debuting on Kohaku for this year xD xD 

Hmm.. I wonder what will be for this year's group song??? (Last year was Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana)

Speaking of music specials, Music Station also revealed the list of their performers of MS Special on December 22 (Also this year is MS 20th anniversary, so I think this will be more special compared to last year's special)

Of course, MS is a JE dominated show, I won't expect w-inds. or AAA (or other "boyband") in that show LOL!! >__< 

Hmm.. I guess I'll be hoping that CDTV Special or Japan Record Awards will feature AAA >____< LOL!!! (I'll just wait for the line-up) 

I am now reading Death Note manga (LOL I have fangirling in reverse manner! movie then manga) Waaaahhh hail to Light-sama!!!!!!! *____*

Congratulations Keita for debuting in number 7 in the Oricon Charts Album rank!!! xD xD (As expected I know who is on the top list) LOL!!! The album is released already but I haven't listen to it yet!!!! Waaaahhh I want to listen to Keita's new album (Although he really sound off-key during the Long Road perf during the Japan-China Friendship.. I guess his voice now is not so good comparing to old times LOL >__< Other Keita fangirls don't shoot me LOL) 

In the end, I appeared as a bum >____> (Hope that they will reconsider me in planning the so called "Christmas Party) >__< 

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I woke up very late today >_____<! I spend my Sunday just like how I spend my other Sundays LOL ^____^

I watched last night the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy. I love the twist in this show (The different loveteams and their relationship angst plus the medical scenes) LOL ^^;; Waaahhh Preston Burke x Cristina Yang loveteam has reached its limit.. ~_____~ I just can't understand Cristina... >___> She wants Dr.Burke to operate but she betrayed him by telling to the Chief about his hands. ~___~ George is a new person now LOL ^^;; (Not that T.R Knight admitted that he is gay) He was know firmer about how he stood up on different things. McDreamy x Meredith's relationship is on its cloud 9 LOL (Although, Meredith is imposing a "no-sex" rule, but then it was broken as the episode ends LOL)!!! I can sense a new loveteam LOL (Alex Karev x Addison Montgomery) ^^;; 

I was watching Death Note live action but >_________< I just don't know I fell asleep on the middle of the movie.. I am not bored but I was really really sleepy while I was watching this one.. But this is one good series... I am now downloading the manga and the anime (LOL reverse watching)

Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh w-inds. won in the MKMF awards as the "Best Asian pop artist" (I haven't watched the performances but as soon as the torrent of this one was finally uploaded, I will download this immediately) 

Here are some pictures: (credits to: JPM for the pictures)

*** During the press conference (LOL I think) I like Ryohei's new hairstyle ^_______^ ***

**** With BoA as the award presentor and as their "interpreter"

With this year-end activities, Keita's face looks thin >____< (This guy really needs a break again or else he will end up in the hospital again). w-inds. is now conquering Korea LOL!!! (After they had conquered, Taiwan, HK and Singapore) LOL Hopefully they would have "Asian tour" LOL!!!! (and hopefully they will include Philippines as one of those countries)

*** I just wish that my ATT will arrive anytime soon! I'm really bored at waiting for opportunities >___< I'm such a bum LOL ***

*** Congratulations for my cousin for delivering a very cute baby girl at 2 am (Nov.26 GMT +8) LOL I'm one of the sponsors during the Christening this December 8 LOL!!! ^___^;; (My cousin was telling at me that she will name her baby after me LOL.. And I hope that is a joke!! LOL) ~___~;; Another "pamangkin" on the list LOL ****

***Belated Happy Birthday to my friend, Reth!!!! ***

*** Waaiii Happy Birthday to AAA's Dance Leader and Choreographer, Shinjiro Atae xD xD (LOL as if he reads my blog)!!! He is on the legal age LOL!!!! ****


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