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Since I have lots of items that I need to sell, I made a page for these items. I need extra money. It’s so sad that I have to part with these stuff. These items deserve a better home than my room which just collects dust. 

 You can check my buyer feedback on Ebay.

General Buying Rules:
1. I ship worldwide through Registered Airmail. Items here don't include the shipping price. Shipping price varies per item.
2. I only accept PayPal with fees (Use Paypal Fee Calculator to compute the fees (my paypal fee indicator is 3.9% + $.30). I will ship items approximately 2-3 days after I received your payment. However if it will fall on Friday after 5 pm, weekends and holidays, you will wait for the next business day for the items to get shipped.
3. I will only provide pictures of what's inside the items if you are sure to buy the items.
4. I am not responsible for the damage of the items during shipment but I will pack the items with bubble wraps to avoid damage. Please give me your accurate address so that the items will not be lost.
5. I am also not responsible for custom charges. 
6. All are negotioble prices if you buy multiple items
7. Free CD for purchases of $50 and above. (Limited offer) XD 
8. No reservations for more than a week. I am already annoyed with people asking longer reservations but in the end they will not get the items :| 
8. You can contact me through comments on this post or through my email at witchblade.eaxis@gmail.com

Items with this mark are already sold

EXILE magazines )

EXILE's Live Tour Goods )

CDs and DVDs (Artist: # - E )

(Part 2 - CDs F-Z)
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It's time again for Japanese year-end music shows! Haha these strings of music specials make the year end exciting. xD It's been my 5th time (ever since I got really addicted to Japanese stuff) to faithfully watch year-end specials. So I guess it's a tradition to write something about it. Beware that I'm really a poor reviewer. I may have some big lapses about the grammar, poor choices of words and biasness xP

In comparison from last year's show
  • The show seemed shorter and compressed. I know that Japanese music specials rarely shows performances in full but this year's Best Hit Kayousai seemed shorter than last year's show.
  • Eh? No double performances for the winners of Best New Artist and Grand Prix :P
  • 360 degrees stage
  • Better costumes!
  • I don't remember that much but I think this year's Best Hit Kayousai don't give the actual "award" for Gold Artists winners. If I remember right they gave the Gold Artists' winners during previous years some kind of a plaque.
  • The camera shots are worst!!!

To the show proper )

Anyway, nothing related to Best Hit Kayousai, but I just listened to EXILE's new album and I hate to admit that the album s*cks big time. I guess for me who loves R&B that much. It is a lame attempt to bring back the old EXILE style T_____T

Media Dump

Jan. 29th, 2008 10:10 pm
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My upload speed improved these past few days so yeah I'm abusing it xD and some are leftovers from my Mediafire Account

Live Performance

Clazziquai Project at EBS Space Sympathy (October 10,2007)
All parts are in MU now (Sorry, Mediafire won't accept these anymore)

Part 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7

  • Flower Children
  • Our Lives
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Friday Blues
  • Love Mode
  • Color your Soul
  • The Light (Horan Version)
  • Lover Boy
  • Fill this Night
  • Be My Love
> This is what I love with Korean music shows as they are showing full performances of songs and I love Clazziquai Live Performances. If you like live performances too and well just beginning to appreciate Clazziquai, this one is a good start. Alex and Horan won't disappoint you vocally in live perfs. Color your Soul is definitely a win for me.



Alex (Clazziquai Project)
> This compilation contains:
  • Night Time
  • Kissing You (with Daniel Henney)
  • Dance with my Daddy
  • Harmony (with Free Tempo)
  • Soul Music (with Viva Soul)
  • Ibyol, Mannam... Gu Jungjomeso (with Epik High)
  • I'll Never Cry (with Park Ki Young)
  • I love You (with Ji Sun (Loveholic))
  • I'll Fly to You (with Lee Ki Chan and Byul)
  • Love Me after 12 AM (m-flo loves Alex)
  • Love Me after 12 AM English Version (Cosmicolor Concert Version)
  • On a dazzling day with J
  • Very Heartbreaking Words
JEWELRY - Jewelry First
Skoop on Somebody - Pianoforte (thank you [profile] hokkyokusei for the first upload)


AAA - Wonderful Life
COLOR - Since you went away feat. ATSUSHI
JUNE - Baby it's you
JUNE - Discotheque Romantic
JYONGRI - Possession (English Version)
Makihara Noriyuki - Green Days
Uno Misako, Mayu - Groovin'
Uno Misako - Now is the Time

ATSUSHI x Toshi Kubota - Indigo Waltz at MTV Icon Special
Bank Band - to U featuring Great Artists (err I'm not sure if this is the 2006 or the 2007 version)
CHEMISTRY - Towani (radio / short version)
EXILE - Pure (radio rip from J-Wave)
Tanaka Roma - Be Mine (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - Free (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - One (Ballad version) from Red Ribbon Live 2007

Also I'm "advertising" my previous uploads

File Database 1
|| File Database 2
Full Of Harmony Discography
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Although many people say that 2007 is like a boring year for Jpop/Kpop music, I still think that there are a lot of good things that were released this year. This will be a very long entry! LOL

These are all based on my personal opinions so yeah I might be biased xD


This might be an off-topic. But for NEWS x EXILE fans, do you all remember the Hey3x Special where Yamapi and Takahiro had a talk? EXsub really wanted to pick up that project (especially me) but there is already a group who picked that up so yeah we can't make it as a project. But don't worry, our translator, Lena already had the translated the talk for us and well I'll just tell here everyone what they talked about (Please credit makira of EXsub when taking out this translation outside of my blog)

Host: Yamapi's question to EXILE's Takahiro: "What is the wrong thing I did to you?"
Yamapi: Before Takahiro joined EXILE, I already met and was introduced to him. Takahiro said to me that, "maybe I'm going to join EXILE" (see Takahiro has been long eye-ing to be in EXILE) In the beginning, he greeted me nicely, but when we met in some other music shows, he was kinda unreactive/cold (ignored him)
Hama-chan: That's not right! Maybe EXILE made him to act that way!
Takahiro: No, it's not, It was at the bar when we met and I didn't expect him (Yamapi) to remember me.
Hama-chan: Sakaba?? Are you some kind of enka singer? (Sakaba is like a lounge for enka)
Takahiro: At a work place, I didn't want to be all friendly to him because he'll maybe think, "Man, that guy is really too touchy" and well I treated him with modesty instead", If you like you can join us to our, (this part is kinda blurry) sushi party or something like that
Hama-chan: Isn't it weird?!?? "Sushi party" I hate you EXILE!!!!! (in implying that he wasn't invited by Takahiro to join them)

- END -

I think after this talk and some nice hang-out, Yamapi and Takahiro are friends now :D
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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!


I really love collaborations. It's so good to see your favorite artists singing with each other and more or less the output is really good

All of the songs in this list have download links (most are audio rips, some are video links), if these won't work, just leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to upload these songs for you :D
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Okay, after more than one month, I'm back with some live performances videos. My internet was being a pain this past month and it was just fixed recently (of course, I have to download all the things in the torrent that I want before uploading anything since I can't upload files while I'm using torrents).

Since, I haven't been uploading anything this past month, I have some special treats for everyone. (and well no screencaps this time because I'm so lazy to do so lol)

And I'm "pimping" this post which contains all the links that I have uploaded so far in my blog... Feel free to download those files :D

For those who want the ayaka x Gospellers performances in Music Fair 21, I have reuploaded those 3 videos. You can find them in this post

Edit: The only available links here are those from Megaupload. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored


Aug. 20th, 2007 07:57 pm
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This is the continuation of the my previous post about "Same Titles, Different Songs"....

I gave up in fixing my TV tuner! Bleah, it's really a crappy signal in Wowow... I'll still record those tours and it's up to the downloaders to get those videos.

Waaaahhhh I have seen EXILE again in music shows *___* I have to say that Takahiro really improved a lot from the audition until their recent live tour *___*

I got this in a survey game entitled: "Which EXILE member is matched as your marriage partner?"

As expected LOL! Takahiro and I were married since 2006 LOL and we will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary this September *___*

Speaking of Takahiro, LOL I just discovered that he went on audition for Prince of Tennis musicals for the part of Kaoru! LOL I just can't imagine him doing that. Luckily, he auditioned for EXILE xP

EXILE performed in yesterday's J-Wave's Concert with a total of 7 songs including 24 karats with Sowelu and Doberman Inc:

and speaking of J-Wave Concert, this is the biggest surprise of all:

The greatest enjoyment of the photographer > Click at your own risk

As I was browsing [profile] emeraldz's LJ, she wrote about a Korea-Japan film, entitled: 26 years diary ~anata wo wasurenai~ with Maaki of High and Mighty Color, I was curious and watched the film. T_____T It was sooooo touching!!!! I recommend everyone to watch that movie ^^

Clazziquai Project and m-flo will be doing another concert event together!!!! YAY!!! But too bad it has almost impossible chance to be aired in TV >_<

I'm watching Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu xD Hiroki Narimiya is too young to be a dad! But well the story is sooo touching *___*

Ken Hirai's Fake Star = hawt!!!!! *O* Watch that!!!

I just feel indifferent about AAA's latest PV.. LOL I don't have "instant liking" of that song compared to Let it Beat, Samurai Heart, Blood on Fire and Champagne Gold xD

mihimaru GT's Gazen Yeah, is so cute!!! LOL i want to dance like that!!! ^__^;;

I can't really wait for the Nodame Cantabile SP in 2008!!!!! I hope it will air on or before my birthday! LOL Chiaki-senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Won't someone send me already to the "Japanese addiction rehabilitation center"??? (LOL is there a thing like that? How I wish there was one because I'm 200% addict now! Who wants to join me there??)

First thing first. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my new friend, [personal profile] x_fei!! Cheers for joining the elite 20's club LOL and hope that you'll enjoy the beginning of your adulthood and more fangirl years to come :D (Sorry I still can't keep my promise answering your memes because lol this entry will be so long because I'm in the mood to type these randomness.. Gomen ne)

I was overly excited that finally, m-flo's Cosmicolor Final Leg in Yokohama Arena Live Tour DVD will be released on October 31, 2007! Yeah you have read that right, finally my most awaited DVD, is on its way to be released. I was praying that hopefully this would be announced because I'm losing guard with my money for buying cds elsewhere. So I'm glad this is already announced.. LOL I already ordered it!!!! Mwahuahua!!! So from now on, I'm locking up my debit card and WILL not order anything (oooowwww??? promise??) until the dvd is released....

Sad news:

Quoted from z-degrees blog:
"Horan, female vocalist for Korea’s most famous electronica band Clazziquai, severely injured her knee on stage at a concert held last month. She stepped in some pit on stage and tweaked her left knee. 

She is supposed to have plenty of rest for at least 2 months, but with heavy scheduling, the group is having a hard time coping. In place of Horan, member Alex has been coming on the variety shows for her. Her company revealed that she will come out for SBS’s Inkigayo on the 12th." Source

T___T I hope she get well soon.. They still have so many live events until September so I hope she can managed to attend to those. Even if my real favorite member is Alex, I hope that she's get well soon... T__T

I'm sooooo excited but at the same time I'm sad because I'll be broke again T____T I just wish that being a fangirl is a paid job because being a fangirl is really expensive!!!!!!!!

I'll update my list of: You Know when you are addicted when it reached 150 LOL xD

I still have so many things to update to but this is already too long so I'll save that for the next posts....

Thanks for bearing with my fangirl squeals *___*
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LOL I have decided to somehow upload cuts for last week's music show episodes (but I'm not promising to do this regularly). It was just kinda late because I have been downloading in torrents and my upload speed is slow when I'm downloading at torrents.

Anyway, these cuts are just selected performances, which means not all artists that perform in that show have cuts.

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I'm not in love nor have special someone for the moment LOL ^__^;; I just gave a title to my blog entry because I am really addicted to Clazziquai Project's 3rd and latest album, Love Child of the Century (LOL noticed that when I'm typing their name it always have the word "project" because it is their official name) (and you will know the reason later if you follow my posts xD)

Warning: This blog entry will be very very long because I am in the mood to type my randomness hahaha XD

Anyway the next part of my entry will be all about Clazziquai Project, so if you don't want to read this randomness and follow my squeals you have a choice not to read LOL...

Today is the final leg of m-flo's COSMICOLOR tour in Yokohama Arena. Weh those fans are really so lucky to watch it!!!! >___<

EXILE released the covers of their new single and weh I will really award them as the artists with worst covers ~__~ They should fire their album and single cover photoshop artist >_<

I'm really so envy at the people who went to Otakon and see AAA live *wails* But I'm so happy they received our scrapbook T___T

Speaking of AAA, I will order their 4th Attack DVD (the 1 disc version only) plus Monkey Majik's, Sora wa Maru de album *___* Luckily, I have CDjapan's discount so I will save just a bit for the shipping costs... Bleah! Their shipping charges are sooo expensive compared to HMV. CDjapan: 2 CDs airmail = 1000 yen; HMV: 2 CDs EMS = 900 yen ~___~

Well that's all for my randomness entry again, and thanks for reading my nonsense fangirl squeals

*poofs, flies to Korea/Japan and hunts for Love Child*
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Woohoo! It's Friday again.. Time passed by real fast ne??? LOL I'm having Friday Blues ^__^;; Maybe because another week will passed soon and a new week will start...

Anyway, I have listened to my Clazziquai Project cd for 4 times in loop (twice on my cd/dvd player and twice on my PC) and I really love the album. *__* Alex really has a nice voice! I hope that his solo album will push through (It's not that I don't like Horan ^^;; They sound so good together)

I know I am late for giving this album a review but I want to share my opinions about this great album

Waaahh I'm really a sucker for Clazziquai Project's new mascot, Love Child (points my avatar) Isn't it sooo cute???? If last year, I can give the award for "Cutest Mascot" for Nodame Cantabile's Mongoose Doll,

probably this year, the winner for this award is Clazziquai Project's Pig Mascot. As a trivia for everyone, Clazziquai Project's official mascot is a pig for the fact that Clazziquai Project's main man/producer/composer and musician, DJ Clazziquai (Kim Sung Hoon) has a pig pet named Dalmacian (which is always mentioned in each album of Clazziquai Project as his beloved pig). But for this album, he designed a new concept for the pig mascot as his "love child". As seen on the album cover, the mascot's head is a little boy with blue eyes.. ^^ He said that the mascot's purpose is to spread love and peace to everyone ^__^ (as the theme of their new album) The mascot appeared on KBS 2 Love Letter Special of Clazziquai and lol the host is curious of it's gender but well the mascot didn't remove the head part

Because of DJ Clazzi's love for this cute thing, this mascot has his own blog, which has pictures of this mascot in the street meeting different people (LOL even a taxi stopped for it)

Here are some pics from its blog:

>> *points itself on the poster* It's me!!!! **

Speaking of Love Child, Waaaaaaaaaaahhh I want a poster of it which is currently on sale on Yesasia!!! ~___~ Weh it's kinda expensive... $10 for teh poster.. *sigh*

And since I'm talking about Clazziquai Project, looks like it will be a great chance to see Alex on the last of COSMICOLOR live tour because at the same month Clazziquai Project will have a concert in Japan!!!!! Waaaahhhh I hope he will really appear!!! *___*

Woeh! AP Bank Festival Performers are now complete ~____~ Of all the performers, why they did pick out Koda Kumi!!!!!!!!! Angela Aki could be a better choice!!! >__> I can't imagine a song Koda Kumi and Sakurai will sing *rolls eyes* The only console for the festival is that ayaka and AI will be there ^__^;;

waaaahhhh EXILE will appear on a-nation this year!!! After their 2 years absence in that outdoor festival, finally they will perform there, together with mihimaru GT.. AAA + EXILE and mihimaru GT!!!! Also EXILE will also appear in this year's J Wave Live Concert sharing the stage with Yuna Ito, Hajime Chitose, Kaela Kimura, Crystal Kay and Suga Shikao ^_____^.

Weh! SMJ shipped out my item so late.. It was supposed to arrive together with my order but looks like it will arrive on Monday ~___~;;

I just browsed my MediaFire account and woah! I didn't know that I have uploaded so many files (Well not all those files are shared publicly, there are some files that only my friends can download LOL)

My MU and Gigasize uploads are not yet included in this count!

LOL thanks again for reading my non sense random blog posts!

*Hunts for Love Child*
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LOL @ Blog title!!!! xD Actually that title is a fusion of 2 album titles from my top Korean music "idols", Younha and Clazziquai Project :D Finally after the long wait, the albums are already in my hands ^___^ I really love HMV services, the items arrived to me after 3 days of shipment (the fastest and ever reliable)

Younha's A Perfect Day to Say I love You and Clazziquai Project's Love Child of the Century with my new "baby"

 After resisting myself downloading (for almost a month), Clazziquai Project's 3rd album, waaaaaahhh finally I got to listen to it now... :D I really love the packaging of Clazziquai's new album *___* (I'm sooo lucky to order the last available copy of the limited edition one)

***The package: Pocket Photos (Above) Lyrics Booklet that can be turn into mini Poster of Love Child mascot, DVD on the orange paper sleeve, Audio CD on the White Audio Sleeve and the sticker***

**The back panel of the cd box of Love Child of the Century album**

I thought Cristina (Alex's sister) wouldn't sing in this album but looks like she sang 3 songs and one duet with Alex! Well looks like she is still a Clazziquai Project member but she don't appear to any live perfs.. (It's just always Alex, Horan and DJ Clazziquai)... As usual on the credits section of this album, DJ Clazzi mention his dearest pig, Dalmacian (no wonder why the covers are all pigs xD) As usual, both Alex and Horan managed to sing songs that always sound so relaxing and "heavenly" ^___^. I hope there will be a song that will have Alex's rap because he is soooo good both in singing and rapping (He can sing Love Me After 12 AM alone xP) I definitely recommend everyone to try Clazziquai Project songs because they are good!!!

On the other hand, our "heiress" Younha ([profile] emeraldz and I are calling her like that exclusively for our "harems") is very beautiful in the pics on the booklet of her album :D

*the back picture of Younha in her lyrics booklet (Sorry I don't have a scanner)**

I am really happy buying these stuffs (even if I am broke now LOL) Huhuhu after purchasing these two cds, my wishlist is really growing again.....

  • Monkey Majik - Sora wa Maru de - me and [profile] gaily_girl instantly fell in love with this album after listening to it *___* Especially I miss you and Long Shot Penny ^__^ We both wish that Pretty People was not included here and instead change it into Car Crash LOL. Waaaahhh as always Monkey Majik's album is cheaper than other regular jpop albums but with the state of my finances it will took me a lot of time to buy this one
  • Monoral - [profile] gaily_girl introduced me to this great band! And just like Monkey Majik their album is cheaper than regular Jpop albums =____=
  • COSMICOLOR Live Tour DVD - I have got a strong feeling that on the last leg most of the artist on the "m-flo loves project" will appear and perform with them T_T and if that happens, I will really save up money to buy this
  • EXILE EVOLUTION Live Tour DVD - no explanation ask for this one hahahha
Speaking of Jpop, these past few days, there are a lot of "early leaks" from different artists... Hmm.. LOL I can't keep up with it....

I have been watching some old dramas again, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake.... T___T I watched this because I saw the lead guy's pic and he is sooo handsome! LOL And wahhh I have been crying in some scenes T_T

AAA is going to Baltimore!!!!!!!!!! Waaahhh I'm really envy to those people who can watch them T_____T

LOL Sorry again for my fangirl squeals :D

Drama Roll

Jun. 22nd, 2007 07:23 pm
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Woot! I finished watching Hana Kimi! Like just any other Taiwanese Dramas, this one is not spared to the draggy episodes at the middle part of the series ~____~;; I got the feeling of just watching just to finish the song... Well Jiro's acting saved the series' dragginess >__> I don't like Ella in that series... I hope that Maki's acting is better than Ella

Since there are no new subbed episodes of Liar Game, Proposal Daisakusen and Hanayome to Papa, I just dig up some old jdoramas. I'm watching Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love) with Matsushima Nanako and Takki :D :D Waaaaaaaaaiii Takki is sooooo cute!!! Plus this series' theme song is Hikki's First Love! *___* Hmm.. I'm thinking now of watching Takki's doramas because I can't get enough of his cuteness LOL!

Waaahhh tomorrow will be the airing of Liar Game's 3 hour Finale Special *___* I want to watch it but I won't get the story if it is still unsubbed (So I have to wait for a while for that)

Thea of Made in Paradise uploaded the 2 remaining PVs of AAA's triple A single... Hanabi (Girls' song) and No Summer (Boys' song). Hanabi is like Ai Otsuka's song ^__^;; Well I didn't find it catchy nor great song and No Summer is like a typical boyband song.. The dance steps of that PV is also a typical JE dance... (Well at least AAA boys are more talented in dancing/singing than JE boys) Song and PV wise, Get Chu!/She no Jijitsu and Kuchibiru Kara Romantica/That's Right pawn Natsu Mono

I uploaded the PVs (Take note that these are only low quality videos)

AAA - Hanabi PV  || PV - rip (The encoding on the end part is not synch ~__~ I keep on reencoding that one and still it remains the same)
AAA - No Summer PV || PV -rip

Credits: House of Atae for the original file
               [profile] garnet_moon07 for encoding/ripping/uploading

w-inds. PV is also out! The PV look like a low budget PV LOL I don't like the song but I like how Keita shake off his butt LOOOOOL xD Looks like w-inds. is continuing to disappoint me with their new song ~___~;;

Erika's PV was also out in Japanese TV! As usual she looks soooo pretty (Hail to Erika-sama!!!) I like Free than her Kaoru Amane songs xP I made an avatar of Erika taken from her PV

Crystal Kay's album PV, Dream World really make me dizzy while watching it LOL!! But well I like that song in her album :D But they should have used Sugar Rain for PV for album promotion

Waaaahhh I'm excited!!! Mariel-neechan will come to our house tomorrow :D :D LOL It's been a long time since we had a good girl talk xD
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Woohoo!!! After being away for a couple of days due to some "serious" business in the real world, I have been surprised by some jpop news.

Waaaaaahhh 2 weeks more before the 3 hour finale special of Liar Game!!! I can't wait!!!!!

It's soooo hawt =____=
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Woot! I got a new template here at LJ xD xD I wish I can learn how to do a layout in LJ but well I have no time to do that... >__>

After a few days off, so far I have been busy watching videos left and right xD xD and busy timing Delicious Gakuin which will be translated by kurisuti

And then yesterday I had an overload of Takahiro pictures and waaaahhh I was able to make some avatars :D :D *points my new avatar* (Isn't my Takahiro hawt and sexy??) Don't ever dare to pick a fight with him or else...........   LOL

Now, I realized that my AAA and EXILE fandoms are related LOL!!!

>>> The two Takahiros singing together!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhh I want to see this one!!!!!! =____=

>>> The long lost brother of ATSUSHI!!! LOL

Speaking of AAA, I love it's new layout. The Get Chu / She no Jijitsu theme is sooo cute :D :D

and back to EXILE again, last night I saw an interview of Takahiro, Usa and Hiro. The video was about how Takahiro knows about EXILE (of course, he perfectly answered all the questions because he is EXILE no dai fan!!!) The questions were: What is the title of the collaboration single of GLAY and EXILE? (Answer: SCREAM, I hope they will re-record this one!!), What is the name of HIRO, USA, MAKIDAI, and MATSU? (Answer: J Soul Brothers), What is the name of the original singers of Won't Be Long (Brother Tom and Brother Korn), What is the name of USA's companion in his part time job? (LOL I didn't get the answer for this one LOL), What is the title of the book that Hiro released? (LOL I forgot the complete title all I know is B-Boys something like that) (and I forgot the other question, will add later if I remembered it) Here is the interview that I am talking about:

Waaaahhhh m-flo collaboration officially ended >_____________< I wish they had a collaboration with EXILE as I am always saying to [profile] gaily_girl   ~____~ I really love Cosmicolor!!! (especially Love me after 12 AM and Stuck with your love) And I also love YUI's new album.. Hopefully, I can buy those albums!!!!!!!!!!

[profile] gaily_girl 
This video is for you --- Suemith and the Suemitsu - Allegre Cantabile at PJ

So much for fangirl-ism :D :D

Till the next time
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October 6, 2007 (edit)

Since I'm not planning to revive my video request section anymore, I'll just use this entry to put all my active links over Mediafire and Megaupload. Also, I'll use this as a database for all the files that I've uploaded here on my blog.

File Count as of November 7, 2007
Albums: 12
Single: 1
mp3s: 32
Audio Rips: 23
PVs: 6
Live Performances: 216
CMs: 6
Total Files: 297


Albums )

Singles )

mp3s )


PVs )

CMs )

credits for all the videos/audio:
original uploaders at Jpopsuki Trackers (hikkichan, osanekun, Nermal and others)
and of course, me for uploading all of these files

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LOL I was feeling creative a while ago and made some graphics using CCC profile pictures on AAA's official site

LOL I was watching Chimpan News Channel (with Tamaki Hiroshi as guest) and I couldn't help laughing LOOOOOL

[Error: unknown template 'video']
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**He is really an adorable, kakkoii, young man *___* LOL his expressions are really priceless LOL**

Speaking of Tamaki Hiroshi, I hope that he will win in the next Japanese TV Drama awards as Best Actor :D :D (I'm sooo excited, 4 days to go!!!!)

My bets??
Best Drama - Either Dr. Koto's Clinic (I haven't seen this one but it is a strong competitor because it has high ratings) or Nodame Cantabile or Boku no Aruku Michi (I want to put 14 sai no haha but the japanese public still consider this as "taboo" it has faint chances of winning Best Drama)

Best Actor - Face to face round between Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile) or Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (Boku no Aruku Michi) (but I want Tamaki Hiroshi to win, he deserves it LOL)

Best Actress - Hmm... tough fight in this category, either, Kou Shibasaki (from Dr. Koto's Clinic based on the posted infos, I haven't really seen her performance because LOL the dorama is still unsubbed), Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile) or Shida Mirai (14 sai no haha)

Best Supporting Actor - Also a tough fight, either, Eita (Nodame Cantabile), Koide Keisuke (Nodame Cantabile), Takenaka Naoto (Nodame Cantabile),  Namase Katsuhisa (14 sai no haha), or Kitamura Kazuki (14 sai no haha)

Best Supporting Actress -  A lot of bets... Aoi Yuu (Dr. Koto's clinic. the reason is same as Kou Shibasaki), Tanaka Misako (14 sai no haha), Karina (Boku no Aruku Michi), Mizukawa Asami (Nodame Cantabile)

Best Music - LOL probably Nodame Cantabile is a strong bet for this category a big BUT 14 sai no haha can win in this category because of Shirushi by Mr. Children (the song is still in the top 10 of Oricon daily and weekly charts)

LOL I hope that Dr. Koto's Clinic won't snatch major awards LOOOOOOOL ~___~ (the reason that I said this because in two straight seasons, spring and summer of 2006, the top rating doramas take home the Best Drama award [but it is okay with me LOL because I love Iryu and Kekkon Dekinai Otoko]) But I don't want to repeat what happened in the past awards that Nobuta wo Produce snatched all major awards and ousted 1 liter of tears >________< (Because it soooo unfair!!! 1 liter of tears was miles away better than Nobuta wo Produce) Deserving performances should be really given an award LOL :D :D
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These past few days my internet connections was a big crap. My PC can't connect to the net and if the PC is connected, its speed is like a dial-up ~____~ Plus the dial tone sometimes disappears

Waaahhh I'm just having this Nodame Cantabile withdrawal syndrome (it is really one of the best dorama for 2006) and to relieve that withdrawal symptom LOL I'm rewatching the dorama (Yay! for Chiaki-senpai, Nodame, Mine, Masumi-chan, Kiyora, Sakura, Milch and the rest of S-oke and RS-oke) Waaahhh I want the T-shirt and the mongoose doll ~_______~ (I saw it on Yahoo Auctions and it sooo expensive) (Belated Happy Birthday to Tamaki Hiroshi aka Chiaki Shinichi in Nodame Cantabile) Also, I can't wait to watch Nodame Cantabile :D :D (the anime staff behind Nodame Cantabile are the ones behind Honey and Clover)

My cousin and I have watched Hana Yori Dango 1. Comparing it to Meteor Garden, HYD has a faster pace and follows the anime/manga faithfully ^__^;; Shun Oguri *______* and Abe Tsuyoshi *_________* (I like these two actors LOL) So I'm kinda looking up to the 2nd season of HYD (Hopefully it will not turn out like Meteor Garden)

I also watched Rhythm Nation :D :D Waaahhh I really miss Ryohei and DBSK performing (although they only sang 1 song) I can't wait for Ryohei's new album ^^ It is also good to see LISA and m-flo performing together. Waaaahhh EXILE is superb! LOL Takahiro improved his vocal (I just saw on the EXILE 6nen me no shinjitsu a bit of Choo Choo Train's vocals with Takahiro and I want to see that!!!!!!!!!) Takahiro is better singing ballads than upbeat songs

January 17 Jpop releases are coming (the only single that I have heard is YUI's Rolling Star) LOL I want to be surprised >__> because I'm thinking of buying w-inds. Hanamuke single and BoA's made in 20 album.

And speaking of Jpop releases, weh AAA is releasing again like crazy (stupid avex marketing strategy) >__< In just merely three months, AAA will/had released 2 albums (ALL and CCC), 2 singles, 2 DVDs (3rd attack and Channel a). I hope avex will stop this kind of pacing of AAA releases >___< or history will repeat itself (single overload and an album where all singles that are released squeeze into 1 with 2 or 3 new songs, series of live tours with overload of DVD releases) It is really tempting to buy the limited edition single (with a freebie of T-shirt and a pouch) but it is soooo friggin' expensive (5000++ yen)

I uploaded the 3 Samurai Heart performances (Music Fighter, Melodix and Popjam) Of the three performances, I like Melodix ~__~ Popjam perf is too short (they cut off MItsuhiro's rap)

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A couple of days ago, my internet connection was very slow I couldn't open a webpage properly. I can't access to my own blog ^__^;; Plus Y!M is still a pain, my messages were lagged >___>

Since I am in the mood of blogging and putting my own review to different music shows that I have seen: CDTV SP and Japan Record Awards, this post will be a long one

I got some left-over AAA link:

AAA - Hurricane Lily, Boston Mary at a-nation 2006

And visit kurisuti's AAA fansite at: Kagayakitai.com


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