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Info: Official Site
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Gospellers is the Japan's pioneer acapella / chorus group. They began singing in 1991 while they were in college in University of Waseda.

I still consider their song, Towa ni (which has been sang and performed with different artists) as one of the best JR&B songs :D

Sorry for the "low quality files" as I just only found some of these on the net the only exception is G10 (which is my own CD-rip) and Gospellers Works

Music for your souls )
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As I promised, here is So'Fly's Discography

Artist Info: So'Fly is a music duo composed of Giogio 13 (MC/composer/producer) and TOKO (vocalist).
Similar Artists: mihimaru GT, m-flo
Info Websites: Official Website // MySpace
Buy So'Fly CDs: HMV Japan

Singles )

Mini-albums ).

Albums )

Do not repost / reupload. I'll be posting mirror links sometime in the future.

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I really miss the m-flo loves project T____________T

All CD-rips at 320 kbps

m-flo loves everyone )
Reuploaded: October 23, 2008
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Info: Official Site // wiki.theppn
Support: YesAsia // HMV Japan
All at 320kbps

Studio Albums )

Compilation Albums )
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My previous post is too long to add more so I will divide it on 4 parts (general album post, COLOR / J Soul Brothers, EXILE and m-flo)

All in 320 kbps

Love is all around with COLOR )
Groove to the beat of J Soul Brothers )

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I have been wanting to do this a long time but if it is not my internet that screws up, it is due to my laziness (and some other works)

Artist Info:
In 1997, F.O.H. founding members, Hiro, Arata, and Yutaka formed a pioneering Japanese male R&B group, which lead to their major label release as "F.O.H" in 1999.

Despite being in a world where male R&B groups are not very common, F.O.H. has established a reputation with their groundbreaking performances bringing together and introducing R&B music to the Japanese audience.

F.O.H.'s work has also extended into Japanese motion picture soundtracks such as "Casino Drive" in MUSCLE HEAT, "I Believe" in RYOUKI TEKINA KANOJO (Sassy Girl), and "Namidano Kazudake" in SENGOKU JIEITAI 1549.

Since 2006, F.O.H. has been collaborating in numerous projects with many major US producers such as Ne-Yo and Teddy Riley. -
taken from their official Myspace

Official Sites: F.O.H's Website, Myspace

Similar Artists: EXILE, COLOR, CHEMISTRY, Gospellers, Skoop on Somebody and Boyz II Men

Discography: (Requesting for Q - Best of both worlds featuring Full of Harmony)

Video Samples:
Sweet November
Namida no Kazu dake
You and I
G.O.O.D Times feat. Teddy Riley
Dohzi-T - Kanashimi ni Sayonara featuring Full Of Harmony

Studio Albums )

Singles )
Compilation  )

Collaborations )
Their songs are very pleasant to listen. I compare their music to chocolates for your ears. So if you are looking for songs that will make you relaxed, try Full Of Harmony. They have lived up with their name as their songs really have "Full of Harmony"


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