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Won't someone send me already to the "Japanese addiction rehabilitation center"??? (LOL is there a thing like that? How I wish there was one because I'm 200% addict now! Who wants to join me there??)

First thing first. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my new friend, [personal profile] x_fei!! Cheers for joining the elite 20's club LOL and hope that you'll enjoy the beginning of your adulthood and more fangirl years to come :D (Sorry I still can't keep my promise answering your memes because lol this entry will be so long because I'm in the mood to type these randomness.. Gomen ne)

I was overly excited that finally, m-flo's Cosmicolor Final Leg in Yokohama Arena Live Tour DVD will be released on October 31, 2007! Yeah you have read that right, finally my most awaited DVD, is on its way to be released. I was praying that hopefully this would be announced because I'm losing guard with my money for buying cds elsewhere. So I'm glad this is already announced.. LOL I already ordered it!!!! Mwahuahua!!! So from now on, I'm locking up my debit card and WILL not order anything (oooowwww??? promise??) until the dvd is released....

Sad news:

Quoted from z-degrees blog:
"Horan, female vocalist for Korea’s most famous electronica band Clazziquai, severely injured her knee on stage at a concert held last month. She stepped in some pit on stage and tweaked her left knee. 

She is supposed to have plenty of rest for at least 2 months, but with heavy scheduling, the group is having a hard time coping. In place of Horan, member Alex has been coming on the variety shows for her. Her company revealed that she will come out for SBS’s Inkigayo on the 12th." Source

T___T I hope she get well soon.. They still have so many live events until September so I hope she can managed to attend to those. Even if my real favorite member is Alex, I hope that she's get well soon... T__T

I'm sooooo excited but at the same time I'm sad because I'll be broke again T____T I just wish that being a fangirl is a paid job because being a fangirl is really expensive!!!!!!!!

I'll update my list of: You Know when you are addicted when it reached 150 LOL xD

I still have so many things to update to but this is already too long so I'll save that for the next posts....

Thanks for bearing with my fangirl squeals *___*
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I am really so bored LOL >__>

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Clazziquai Project's concert in Club Quattro Shibuya is the best!!!!!!! I just felt the 1 1/2 hours concert (21 songs) are not enough! T____T They are amazing live!!! Alex is so cute speaking in English and Japanese. So as Horan and DJ Clazzi! This is a must watch concert!!! Thank you Rika for recording and uploading it for us! I'm really really really grateful!

Speaking of them, I ripped some audio from their concert footage. These audio rips are the different songs that have a different version from the original one.

The zipped file contains:
  • DJ Clazzi - Walk Away (this track is the a bonus song for the Japanese version of Love Child of the Century album) - the tour in Japan has made DJ Clazzi to sing in front of the audience. The english introduction of this song is Alex's voice ^__~
  • Romeo n Juliet (Alex's rap version) - in the original album, it was MC Meta who did the raps. In this concert it was a mix of Alex and Horan's raps
  • Prayers (Horan's Version) - The original one is from Christina. She didn't appear on any live performances so Horan covers up her part (this is for [personal profile] x_fei, who likes this song LOL this time, it is now Horan's version)
  • Come Alive (Horan's Version) - same as Prayers
  • Love Mode (Alex's rap version) - This is the English / Japanese one (Love Mode has a Korean version too with Tablo of Epik High rapping), which Verbal who did the original raps.
  • Stepping Out (Alex and Horan's version) - The original version of this song is sang by Christina
Love Child of the Century at Club Quattro Shibuya Audio Rips

Speaking of live tours, I watched a leak video from Cosmicolor Live Tour!!!!!!!! It's the Love Bug perf with BoA and m-flo! It was soooo good that I'm overly excited for the whole concert!! (chants: DVD, DVD, DVD!!!)

I have been overloading myself with dramas LOL! Watching Satorare is really so touching T___T Is it just me that I find Odagiri Joe and Tamaki Hiroshi to have some resemblance? o___O

I want to hunt CDjapan!!!! >__> My drugs err jpop cd/dvd didn't arrive yet! It's really so unfair, I paid a little more for faster shipping and yet it hasn't arrived!!! It's really so expensive there... CDjapan's Airmail vs HMV's EMS for almost the same price.

Bleah! I really want to hunt those people who made Mediafire delete my files... As of my latest checkup, 2GB of my files are now deleted T___T If Mediafire will delete all my files because of those ungrateful people, I will not upload again!!! >__> (But LOL I'm building up my video library at Veoh ^__^;;)

24 karats is sooooo addicting!!! (especially drooling watching Takahiro at the PV)<333 I can't wait for the full release of the single! Yappari, the song justified the hype of the news! (Get your hands up!!!!)
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My weekly dose of blogging was delayed for a few days because I have been so busy (LOL my cousin's wedding + some swimming outings here and there)

Woot time is really so fast... April is about to end in a few hours LOL! And everything is moving so fast ^^;;

I have uploaded some videos (live perfs) Just search on this one for the links xD xD (I'm too lazy to post here all of the links that were available for downloads :D :D

Weh! =___= It's sooooo hot
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Another weekly blog post, waaahhhh with some days off in the internet, my download list seem to be longer and longer ~___~

My To-Download List:
1. Mr.Children - I Love You at Tokyo Dome Live Tour - Currently Downloading
2. Mr. Children - Wonderful World on Dec. 21 (special concert, this is after Sakurai's recovery)
3. Rock in Japan Festival - Currently Downloading
4. Yuna Ito - St. Valentine's Acoustic Live
5. Angela Aki - HOME Live Tour at Zepp Tokyo
6. Angela Aki - Piano Live One
7. Hayami Kishimoto - Thursday Night Live
8. February 28's new singles and albums releases
9. Nodame Cantabile anime episodes
10. Others - LOL

*LOL I am really a live performance addict!!!*

*with these pending downloads, I can't upload for now some videos because I am using torrents (when I am using torrents, my upload speed is too slow) *

Speaking with new releases, this month will be the albums overload (Blame Avex for that LOL ~___~) Waaahhh I'm excited with these albums but at the same time, this will the time that I'll be broke ~___~ (goodbye my pay!)

LOL I even wrote all my cd wishlist in 1 page of my notebook (Hopefully in year 2008 and beyond, I can afford all of these cds LOOOL) and marked my calendar for this hell of releases ~___~

I love this week's HyD 2 Episode!!!!! :D :D Rui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_____________*

Grey's anatomy is having a 2 weeks break ~__~ New episodes will air on March 15... Waaaaaaaaahhhh ~__~

I'm burning some videos for my portable DVD player (in times that I am away from my PC, I can watch some videos).. Weh! Sunday is approaching again... ~___~ Another busy week for me again... *sigh* What a boring life LOL

On Hiatus

Jan. 29th, 2007 08:29 pm
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Waahhh I will miss blogging, downloading and other net stuffs (but not fangirling LOL even if I'm away from the net I'll still and always be a fangirl). Despite with my upcoming busy schedule, I will try to once in a while to be updated and check the net ^^;; (LOL I can't really control myself with it)

For the AAA's 1st Attack clips that I haven't reuploaded, I will try one by one to reupload them all (be patient, I will reupload them!)
I will miss Orange Days!!! (LOL I'll try every weekends to finish that series, it keeps me addictive)

As for upcoming Jpop releases, my album / single wishlist are as follows:

1. w-inds. 6th album
2. BoA - made in 20 (LOL I haven't bought it on HMV maybe next time)
3. AAA T&C single limited edition with T-shirt and pouch as freebies (for me to purchase this one is very very low >___< because it is sooo friggin' expensive and I spend money to buy some AAA stuffs ~__~)
4. m-flo's upcoming album (I love the new line-up and collaboration)
5. m-flo Beat Space Nine (Korean version, I know this is on bargain on Yesasia but....)
6. Anna Tsuchiya / OLIVIA Limited inspi'NANA albums ~______~ (as the word says it is limited in copies >__<)
7. Ryohei - ReListen album (waaaahhh it has been a while since he released an album and waaahh I want that)
8. Mr. Children - Home album (this is special because it is their 15th anniversary album and I love Mr.Children's new stuffs)
9. EXILE's rumored album - the 1 cd + 2 dvd version (i hope this is true), the cd contains the audio tracks (with their past singles + Won't Be Long and Unmei no Hito ~orchestra version~), the 1st dvd contains the PVs of their past singles plus the making-of videos while the 2nd dvd contains the entire EXILE Vocal Battle Audition Final Live (Waaahhhh this is what I really really want to see.. Takahiro!!! *__*)
10. UVERworld - Bugright album (after being postponed!! >__<)
11. some stuffs on YJA ~___~;;

I hope that avex trax will stop their album releasing spree ~_______~;; (Well knowing avex trax, the money sucking recording company in Japan) and yuck Koda Kumi *ehem* releasing Best-of album again is really too much... so as Ayu (yuck!) releasing Best album in two versions (I just wished that my favorite artists don't belong to avex trax and Rhythm nation)

And I also hope that Nodame Cantabile will snag major awards on 51st Japanese Drama Awards LOL (Tamaki Hiroshi as Best Actor!!!) (If this happens, I will be online no matter what and share the joy to everyone LOL)

So much for fangirl stuffs and see yah all!!!!!! :D :D
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>______< Since I read about the news that Hachimitsu to Kurobaa (Honey and Clover), will be made into a live action movie, I eagerly anticipated to watch it because I really love the anime ~____~. I was suppose to watch this last night after I finished downloading the DVD torrent but I was too sleepy to watch it, so I just watch it a while ago. And......


I was very very very very disappointed of how they made this movie >______< The storyline is very twisted >__< They just mixed up the scenes in Season 1 and Season 2....

Here are some opinions:

1. Morita's character is too serious and bland compared to anime ~___~
2. Mayama and Yamada are really like stalkers in this movie.. Mayama stalked Rika while Yamada stalked Mayama ~___~ (Mayama has a "board" in his room where all "memento" of Rika was placed like the straw that she used, a piece of paper and things like that)
3. Hanamoto-sensei's part is bland as well
4. Takemoto's love confession doesn't look romantic at all >___< I liked how he proposed to Hagu in the anime
5. The timelines in the movie was distorted >___> All of the sudden, they jumped into 6 months after without indication LOL
6. The only thing that I like in this movie (just a little bit) is the portrayal of Aoi Yuu as Hagu (well she looks like Hagu ^^;;)

Also, this is the first time that I have actually watched Kimura Takuya's dorama. And it is very boring!!!!!! >____< Fall season's doramas are way way better than this season dramas.....

Blah Blah I need something good to watch ~___~

I want to buy some Jpop cds but I am too broke for that *points the billboard for charity* (Any donors??) LOL

Woot Yuna Ito did a good job on debuting on #1 spot today (I didn't expect this LOL) A big good luck for her LOL >__< And a big congratulations to ayaka (just a few more and her album will break its 1 million mark). Also congratulations to EXILE and YUI for a high sales in the first week of their singles release (I really like both their singles)

As usual, I like AAA's new site layout!! :D :D (I think I can buy both CCC and 3rd Attack since I saw Champagne Gold performance and it sooooo hawt LOL)

On the other note, I am on the process of reuploading AAA 1st Attack DVD-rips (So be patient and check my blog for updates)

Just a request: Pleading kind soul uploaders who has the Sekai ni Hitotsu no Dake no Hana performance last 2005 in Kouhaku Utagassen (Yeah the group performance) I badly need that LOL My file was lost when my laptop crashed >___< I want to see Keita "eagerly singing / attempts to steal the mic from SMAP members" during that performance

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These past few days my internet connections was a big crap. My PC can't connect to the net and if the PC is connected, its speed is like a dial-up ~____~ Plus the dial tone sometimes disappears

Waaahhh I'm just having this Nodame Cantabile withdrawal syndrome (it is really one of the best dorama for 2006) and to relieve that withdrawal symptom LOL I'm rewatching the dorama (Yay! for Chiaki-senpai, Nodame, Mine, Masumi-chan, Kiyora, Sakura, Milch and the rest of S-oke and RS-oke) Waaahhh I want the T-shirt and the mongoose doll ~_______~ (I saw it on Yahoo Auctions and it sooo expensive) (Belated Happy Birthday to Tamaki Hiroshi aka Chiaki Shinichi in Nodame Cantabile) Also, I can't wait to watch Nodame Cantabile :D :D (the anime staff behind Nodame Cantabile are the ones behind Honey and Clover)

My cousin and I have watched Hana Yori Dango 1. Comparing it to Meteor Garden, HYD has a faster pace and follows the anime/manga faithfully ^__^;; Shun Oguri *______* and Abe Tsuyoshi *_________* (I like these two actors LOL) So I'm kinda looking up to the 2nd season of HYD (Hopefully it will not turn out like Meteor Garden)

I also watched Rhythm Nation :D :D Waaahhh I really miss Ryohei and DBSK performing (although they only sang 1 song) I can't wait for Ryohei's new album ^^ It is also good to see LISA and m-flo performing together. Waaaahhh EXILE is superb! LOL Takahiro improved his vocal (I just saw on the EXILE 6nen me no shinjitsu a bit of Choo Choo Train's vocals with Takahiro and I want to see that!!!!!!!!!) Takahiro is better singing ballads than upbeat songs

January 17 Jpop releases are coming (the only single that I have heard is YUI's Rolling Star) LOL I want to be surprised >__> because I'm thinking of buying w-inds. Hanamuke single and BoA's made in 20 album.

And speaking of Jpop releases, weh AAA is releasing again like crazy (stupid avex marketing strategy) >__< In just merely three months, AAA will/had released 2 albums (ALL and CCC), 2 singles, 2 DVDs (3rd attack and Channel a). I hope avex will stop this kind of pacing of AAA releases >___< or history will repeat itself (single overload and an album where all singles that are released squeeze into 1 with 2 or 3 new songs, series of live tours with overload of DVD releases) It is really tempting to buy the limited edition single (with a freebie of T-shirt and a pouch) but it is soooo friggin' expensive (5000++ yen)

I uploaded the 3 Samurai Heart performances (Music Fighter, Melodix and Popjam) Of the three performances, I like Melodix ~__~ Popjam perf is too short (they cut off MItsuhiro's rap)


Dec. 2nd, 2006 07:24 pm
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After the storm had passed on our town, the storm left a large damage to some of provinces here... (My condolences for all those families who were victims of the storm). The news presented the ruins that the storm left >____< It was a very bad time because Christmas is fast approaching ^^;;

And here I am, still waiting for calls, still waiting for the documents from the States (tsk tsk patience is really a virtue)... I want a job (lol a decent paying job!)!!!!!!!!!!!! >___<

Two volumes more and I am finished with Death Note manga (and I am getting lazier and lazier reading the manga because after volume 7, the story becomes sooooooooooooooooooooo draggy >___< I felt that I was just reading for the sake that I will finish reading it). After Volume 7, I just learned to "dislike" Light's character, he becomes more Kira-like than Light Yagami... >___> Well power can really turn someone to a really nasty person. Just as Misa's case too, she becomes too clingy to Light >___<

I can't wait to watch NTV's Best Artist!!!! (more seeders please!!!!!!!!) ~___~ 

Money and job = wish for Christmas 2006 LOL

(Waaaaaaaahhh I want some jpop cds in Yesasia clearance sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

AAA's Official Site Layout ish very cute!!!!! xD xD (http://avexnet.or.jp/aaa) Waaahh I can't wait for the single although their ninki ranking is soooo low >___< 

I made a wallpaper using the Samurai Heart theme (and Nissy's hair looks like Yamapi during Kurosagi times)

~___~ LOL Just a weird idea of designing the wallpaper LOL

Goodluck to all December NLE takers!!!!!!!!!! xD xD
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After hibernating and being a bum for months >__<, I am now trying to be "back in action".. (I just got my limit of boredom LOL). As I apply again for another job, of course I expected the stereotypical replies in the HR department: "Oh we will call you sometime (for the interview or test)" But I can't afford to go back to my previous job because I need money! (Christmas season is fast approaching, money is a necessity)  ~___~ 

On the lighter note, the much awaited "57th Kohaku Utagassen" performers list is revealed. As Jpop fans know, it is the annual event at New Year's Eve where two groups of performers will sing/dance (Red and White team) and compete as a team... As I scanned down the list, looks like this year's list is a bit shorter than last year's performers... ^^;; Also last year, White team won, but as I looked down the list for the White Team looks like Red Team will probably win for this year... ^^;;

I was really glad that some of my favorites are on the list!!! (The bold ones are my "favorites") But waaaaahhh I was really expecting that AAA will be in Kohaku >___< (Oh well maybe next year >_<) I enjoyed WaT's performance last year LOL (reminds me of their "accident"), Keita and BoA's hair on Kohaku last year was O____O LOL ~__~ 

Ayaka's debut year is soooooo successful!!! xD xD Mihimaru GT is also debuting on Kohaku for this year xD xD 

Hmm.. I wonder what will be for this year's group song??? (Last year was Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana)

Speaking of music specials, Music Station also revealed the list of their performers of MS Special on December 22 (Also this year is MS 20th anniversary, so I think this will be more special compared to last year's special)

Of course, MS is a JE dominated show, I won't expect w-inds. or AAA (or other "boyband") in that show LOL!! >__< 

Hmm.. I guess I'll be hoping that CDTV Special or Japan Record Awards will feature AAA >____< LOL!!! (I'll just wait for the line-up) 

I am now reading Death Note manga (LOL I have fangirling in reverse manner! movie then manga) Waaaahhh hail to Light-sama!!!!!!! *____*

Congratulations Keita for debuting in number 7 in the Oricon Charts Album rank!!! xD xD (As expected I know who is on the top list) LOL!!! The album is released already but I haven't listen to it yet!!!! Waaaahhh I want to listen to Keita's new album (Although he really sound off-key during the Long Road perf during the Japan-China Friendship.. I guess his voice now is not so good comparing to old times LOL >__< Other Keita fangirls don't shoot me LOL) 

In the end, I appeared as a bum >____> (Hope that they will reconsider me in planning the so called "Christmas Party) >__< 

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I'm really pissed off with my internet connection!!!!!!!!!!! >_____________________________<

**SID's songs are good xD xD xD ***

*** I love AAA's 2nd Attack DVD xD xD The performances were really a blast! (Plus I really like their feel like dance version) ***

>_____________________< Stupid DSL


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