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I managed to get the DVD-rip of this tour the other day. To sum it all, this tour had the flashiest and tackiest stage design and costumes. What's with the moving stage platforms??? I'm not quite satisfied with the playlist like the lack of songs from Entertainment Best / EXILE LOVE. I can't wait for the DVD with the album because of Fireworks performance *___*

Anyway, here is the quick review (because I feel very lazy)

The Monster! )

Have you watched EXILE's new PV??? Seems like these guys are getting more budget for their PVs. ROFL! @ EXILE Police Badge. This is really a total reminisce of Tokyo DOGS

Anyway, lately my free time was dedicated to fansubbing. I joined [info]ao_no_michi the other week and finished subbing 2 videos with them (soon with my 3rd one). So if you have time, check them out. Although the video don't have the original style that I put though ^^;; Also, [info]exsub is getting some more translators. Haha I'm praying that the big projects will continue and be released at least before 2009 ends.

Lalala... woot I'm on leave again. <3

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Woot first post for the June! I was timing some videos last night when I decided to learn how to time for karaoke subs. This is my first lame attempt to make karaoke subs. XD 

Here is the finished product

Download: Mediafire

It's just the basic karaoke effects. LOL you can screw me with this unpolished video. I hope you enjoy this. I'm practicing for karaoke timing so more videos coming up on following days/weeks/months.

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I have already spread these links all over the forums. The reason why I still didn't post these here is I want to compile it and just stick it on one post

Best Hit Kayousai Perfs )

FNS Kayousai ).

NTV Best Artist )

41st Yusen Taisho  )

50th Japan Record Awards )

50th Kouhaku Utagassen )

CDTV SP Premium Live 2008 - 2009 )

Some notes: 

- Feel free to reupload on other hosts BUT...
- Although I welcome mirror links, please credit me for re-encoding / uploading if you will post this on other places as it was really an effort to download/encode/upload these files
- If you have further more complains, just keep it to yourself, download the original files on Jpopsuki/Clubbox and re-encode it by yourself; kthnx.

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It's another year again of year end shows. Continuing my yearly traditions of watching and randomly commenting with the performances, I'm writing again another non-sense stuff for this year XD

It starts with Best Hit Kayousai.... )
The show was decent though.. I can't wait for FNS Kayousai, it was my last year's favorite year end show. I hope it will be a blast :D
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This is one of my favorite recent live performances. I can't resist not to share these wonderful performances. 2 of Japan's "veteran" R&B artists collaborated on one show *O*

I only uploaded the performances so if you are interested for the full show, you can download the torrent on Jpopsuki.

Click on the links for the file (Hosted by Mediafire/Megaupload)

- This is really a great pairing but Take "shoved" Gospellers vocally
- Too bad Kaoru isn't on his shape. There's something wrong in him on the performances
- I really love Take's stage presence. I think he's the male ayaka. SOS music tends to be boring but when you watch live performances you'll be amaze on how Take sings on stage.

Credits: Mattthecat @ Jpopsuki trackers; me for uploading and cutting
Next posts: Gospellers' albums (I know these are hard to find)

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As I promised, here is So'Fly's Discography

Artist Info: So'Fly is a music duo composed of Giogio 13 (MC/composer/producer) and TOKO (vocalist).
Similar Artists: mihimaru GT, m-flo
Info Websites: Official Website // MySpace
Buy So'Fly CDs: HMV Japan

Singles )

Mini-albums ).

Albums )

Do not repost / reupload. I'll be posting mirror links sometime in the future.

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These are the albums / singles (which are mostly my own CD-rips) that I uploaded for[livejournal.com profile] music_and_more @ Wordpress. I just don't want to waste links so enjoy downloading these files :D

The bitrate of these albums ranges from 192 - 320. All files are in Megaupload (and don't ask mirror links as I have loooooooootttsss of stuff to upload)

Chocolate for your ears )
Listen to natural music by NATURAL8 )
Chocolate singles for your ears (cut 2) )
Full Of Harmony CD-rips)
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I really miss the m-flo loves project T____________T

All CD-rips at 320 kbps

m-flo loves everyone )
Reuploaded: October 23, 2008
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Info: Official Site // wiki.theppn
Support: YesAsia // HMV Japan
All at 320kbps

Studio Albums )

Compilation Albums )
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My previous post is too long to add more so I will divide it on 4 parts (general album post, COLOR / J Soul Brothers, EXILE and m-flo)

All in 320 kbps

Love is all around with COLOR )
Groove to the beat of J Soul Brothers )

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I always promise that I'll post the files that I have uploaded and I always forgot it. So now, yeah I just decided to post all the stuff I have recently uploaded in my Mediafire account. Sorry no images for videos as I just reformatted my computer and I still haven't restored all my programs.

Bokura no Ongaku 200th Episode 

Aoyama Thelma - Anata ni deatte yokatta
Aoyama Thelma - Soba ni iru ne
ayaka - Te wo Tsunagou

ayaka - Kokoro.... (2nd perf, I just forgot the title ^^)
EXILE - Together and real world
EXILE - Pure
Gospellers - Aoi Tori
Gospellers - Sotsugyou
YUI - Laugh Away

Gospellers at Bokura no Ongaku 5

Aoi Tori
Nagareboshi with Jazztronik
Hitori with Sowelu

Music Station SP

Aoyama Thelma - Soba ni iru ne feat. Soulja
ARASHI - Step and Go

EXILE videos

CDTV x Sacas perf (real world, Pure, Kawaranai Mono, medley~Hero, Together, EXIT~, Choo Choo Train) - Part 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 (join using hjsplit)
24 karats featuring Doberman Inc at MTV Video Music Awards - Japan 2008 

Full Of Harmony - Energy (my own CD rip) - ahhh this is my 2008 favorite album!
Nao'ymt - wit' 1st Season (another CD rip)
8eight - The First 

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As I have "promised" here are some random uploads:

Covers )

My next uploads will be Skoop on Somebody and Gospellers discographies. Just give me time to finish all of those. ^^

Also heads-up for those who downloaded Full Of Harmony discography, it has been updated with a mp3 of their latest collaboration song with SOFFet. And the Clazziquai Project perf in EBS Space Sympathy have been reuploaded. So yeah check those back in my posts.
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I'm uploaded some live performances. One is a request and the others are just the recent episodes that I really like to share


Media Dump

Jan. 29th, 2008 10:10 pm
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My upload speed improved these past few days so yeah I'm abusing it xD and some are leftovers from my Mediafire Account

Live Performance

Clazziquai Project at EBS Space Sympathy (October 10,2007)
All parts are in MU now (Sorry, Mediafire won't accept these anymore)

Part 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7

  • Flower Children
  • Our Lives
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Friday Blues
  • Love Mode
  • Color your Soul
  • The Light (Horan Version)
  • Lover Boy
  • Fill this Night
  • Be My Love
> This is what I love with Korean music shows as they are showing full performances of songs and I love Clazziquai Live Performances. If you like live performances too and well just beginning to appreciate Clazziquai, this one is a good start. Alex and Horan won't disappoint you vocally in live perfs. Color your Soul is definitely a win for me.



Alex (Clazziquai Project)
> This compilation contains:
  • Night Time
  • Kissing You (with Daniel Henney)
  • Dance with my Daddy
  • Harmony (with Free Tempo)
  • Soul Music (with Viva Soul)
  • Ibyol, Mannam... Gu Jungjomeso (with Epik High)
  • I'll Never Cry (with Park Ki Young)
  • I love You (with Ji Sun (Loveholic))
  • I'll Fly to You (with Lee Ki Chan and Byul)
  • Love Me after 12 AM (m-flo loves Alex)
  • Love Me after 12 AM English Version (Cosmicolor Concert Version)
  • On a dazzling day with J
  • Very Heartbreaking Words
JEWELRY - Jewelry First
Skoop on Somebody - Pianoforte (thank you [profile] hokkyokusei for the first upload)


AAA - Wonderful Life
COLOR - Since you went away feat. ATSUSHI
JUNE - Baby it's you
JUNE - Discotheque Romantic
JYONGRI - Possession (English Version)
Makihara Noriyuki - Green Days
Uno Misako, Mayu - Groovin'
Uno Misako - Now is the Time

ATSUSHI x Toshi Kubota - Indigo Waltz at MTV Icon Special
Bank Band - to U featuring Great Artists (err I'm not sure if this is the 2006 or the 2007 version)
CHEMISTRY - Towani (radio / short version)
EXILE - Pure (radio rip from J-Wave)
Tanaka Roma - Be Mine (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - Free (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - One (Ballad version) from Red Ribbon Live 2007

Also I'm "advertising" my previous uploads

File Database 1
|| File Database 2
Full Of Harmony Discography
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I have been wanting to do this a long time but if it is not my internet that screws up, it is due to my laziness (and some other works)

Artist Info:
In 1997, F.O.H. founding members, Hiro, Arata, and Yutaka formed a pioneering Japanese male R&B group, which lead to their major label release as "F.O.H" in 1999.

Despite being in a world where male R&B groups are not very common, F.O.H. has established a reputation with their groundbreaking performances bringing together and introducing R&B music to the Japanese audience.

F.O.H.'s work has also extended into Japanese motion picture soundtracks such as "Casino Drive" in MUSCLE HEAT, "I Believe" in RYOUKI TEKINA KANOJO (Sassy Girl), and "Namidano Kazudake" in SENGOKU JIEITAI 1549.

Since 2006, F.O.H. has been collaborating in numerous projects with many major US producers such as Ne-Yo and Teddy Riley. -
taken from their official Myspace

Official Sites: F.O.H's Website, Myspace

Similar Artists: EXILE, COLOR, CHEMISTRY, Gospellers, Skoop on Somebody and Boyz II Men

Discography: (Requesting for Q - Best of both worlds featuring Full of Harmony)

Video Samples:
Sweet November
Namida no Kazu dake
You and I
G.O.O.D Times feat. Teddy Riley
Dohzi-T - Kanashimi ni Sayonara featuring Full Of Harmony

Studio Albums )

Singles )
Compilation  )

Collaborations )
Their songs are very pleasant to listen. I compare their music to chocolates for your ears. So if you are looking for songs that will make you relaxed, try Full Of Harmony. They have lived up with their name as their songs really have "Full of Harmony"
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Since it's almost end of 2007, I decided to share some of my leftover links of my files in different account hosts. Just treat these as my Christmas and New Year's gifts for you all :D

Enjoy these goodies!!! :D :D
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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!


I really love collaborations. It's so good to see your favorite artists singing with each other and more or less the output is really good

All of the songs in this list have download links (most are audio rips, some are video links), if these won't work, just leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to upload these songs for you :D
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Yay! My DVD finally arrived!!! *O* I've been anticipating this one since July 21 (yeap the date of the concert)! Without biasness, this concert is one of the best concerts I've seen for this year and really enjoyed. This was a 3 hour concert but I felt that it is still not enough with all the hype XD. Where else can you see a lot of big singers in one concert: of course in a m-flo concert! *O* Plus I really love how genki the audience are even though they are of fans of different artists, they are still hyper party people.

So what are we waiting for??? Let's go now to the concert review!

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I'm really lazy to do screencaps for these so just bear with link ^___^;; Anyway, the download links are more important than the screencaps.

I will not include the links of the Music Fair 21 episode last November 3 and so as NewS' Weeek performance at MS last November 2 because I've seen 31325431543 numbers of links for d/l for it but if anyone will wants a cut, just comment on this post and I'll give you out the links  ^^

And now for the downloads

Edit (11/19/07): All files here are not available for download now. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored
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Okay, after more than one month, I'm back with some live performances videos. My internet was being a pain this past month and it was just fixed recently (of course, I have to download all the things in the torrent that I want before uploading anything since I can't upload files while I'm using torrents).

Since, I haven't been uploading anything this past month, I have some special treats for everyone. (and well no screencaps this time because I'm so lazy to do so lol)

And I'm "pimping" this post which contains all the links that I have uploaded so far in my blog... Feel free to download those files :D

For those who want the ayaka x Gospellers performances in Music Fair 21, I have reuploaded those 3 videos. You can find them in this post

Edit: The only available links here are those from Megaupload. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored


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