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Sep. 22nd, 2007 09:30 pm
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After reading or while reading this entry, you can whack me and say that I'm too imaginative or assuming but please allow me to spazz on this entry because I'm in the mood to do so LOL

Well today, September 22, 2007 is our 1st anniversary of my husband Takahiro!!! *whacks* and of course his anniversary on his debut to EXILE. So well this entry will be dedicated for him *another whack again* *points new avatar and header*

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LOL I was feeling creative a while ago and made some graphics using CCC profile pictures on AAA's official site

LOL I was watching Chimpan News Channel (with Tamaki Hiroshi as guest) and I couldn't help laughing LOOOOOL

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**He is really an adorable, kakkoii, young man *___* LOL his expressions are really priceless LOL**

Speaking of Tamaki Hiroshi, I hope that he will win in the next Japanese TV Drama awards as Best Actor :D :D (I'm sooo excited, 4 days to go!!!!)

My bets??
Best Drama - Either Dr. Koto's Clinic (I haven't seen this one but it is a strong competitor because it has high ratings) or Nodame Cantabile or Boku no Aruku Michi (I want to put 14 sai no haha but the japanese public still consider this as "taboo" it has faint chances of winning Best Drama)

Best Actor - Face to face round between Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile) or Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (Boku no Aruku Michi) (but I want Tamaki Hiroshi to win, he deserves it LOL)

Best Actress - Hmm... tough fight in this category, either, Kou Shibasaki (from Dr. Koto's Clinic based on the posted infos, I haven't really seen her performance because LOL the dorama is still unsubbed), Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile) or Shida Mirai (14 sai no haha)

Best Supporting Actor - Also a tough fight, either, Eita (Nodame Cantabile), Koide Keisuke (Nodame Cantabile), Takenaka Naoto (Nodame Cantabile),  Namase Katsuhisa (14 sai no haha), or Kitamura Kazuki (14 sai no haha)

Best Supporting Actress -  A lot of bets... Aoi Yuu (Dr. Koto's clinic. the reason is same as Kou Shibasaki), Tanaka Misako (14 sai no haha), Karina (Boku no Aruku Michi), Mizukawa Asami (Nodame Cantabile)

Best Music - LOL probably Nodame Cantabile is a strong bet for this category a big BUT 14 sai no haha can win in this category because of Shirushi by Mr. Children (the song is still in the top 10 of Oricon daily and weekly charts)

LOL I hope that Dr. Koto's Clinic won't snatch major awards LOOOOOOOL ~___~ (the reason that I said this because in two straight seasons, spring and summer of 2006, the top rating doramas take home the Best Drama award [but it is okay with me LOL because I love Iryu and Kekkon Dekinai Otoko]) But I don't want to repeat what happened in the past awards that Nobuta wo Produce snatched all major awards and ousted 1 liter of tears >________< (Because it soooo unfair!!! 1 liter of tears was miles away better than Nobuta wo Produce) Deserving performances should be really given an award LOL :D :D
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AAA is my favorite group for this year. When I saw their 1st Attack clips on the TV, I was amaze by their choreography and how they perform live with seemingly endless energy.

So now I am sharing some of the best things of AAA fandoms LOL

Since this is still a season for sharing, I am sharing some AAA stuffs that I uploaded ^__^;;

New Layout

Dec. 26th, 2006 06:34 pm
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After months and months of having the same layout, I decided to change my layout... ^^;;

(Although I can only choose from the templates here in LJ.. LOL ^^;;)

And because I'm bored again, I made the continuation of the "I believe I can Fly" animation LOOOOL

And since it is only a day after Christmas, I'm being extra nice to upload the performance of AAA in Melodix last December 24. (If you want for the other artist, just leave a comment here and I'll try to upload it for you ^^) 

Here are the list of artists that perform in Melodix last Dec.24

WaT - Bokura no Love Story
Exile - Everything
Berrys Koubou
Aiuchi Rina - Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru
AAA - Samurai Heart
Aqua Timez - Sen no Yoru o Koete
BaseBallBear - Matsuri no Ato

(click on the image for the link. Same rules also applies here LOL^^;; Do not reupload (even in clubbox, youtube, other file host site without my permission), repost nor hotlink the video) 

LOL I didn't understand much of the talk part but it was funny when Hidaka talked like Chiaki LOOOOOOL ^^;; Rin also guested in this performance... This Melodix performance is better than the Music Fighter because their voices were good (including Shuta and Shinjiro's raps), Rin guested in this perf and additional dance steps were shown in this perf ^____^;; plus I like Misako's "Nobody helps me anymore" line in this perf LOOOL ^^ (ENJOY WATCHING!!!!)

Waaaiii 14 sai no haha finale episode sub is already out :D :D!!!!!!!!! Last night, my cousin and I watched Nodame Cantabile episode 10 and it was a bit mellow comparing to the hilarious first 9 episodes (except the scenes where Masumi-chan rescued Chiaki-senpai from another gay violin player LOOOOL) I really want to see the last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (There were some romantic scenes between Nodame and Chiaki waaaahhh!!!)


Dec. 4th, 2006 09:21 pm
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>___> @ the news

It was such a depressing mood to see the situation in Albay where almost it was wiped out on the map because of the mudslide.. (The wrath of the mother nature)

I watched last night the NTV Best Artist Show (The version that I got was the "raw" one because it has still commercials) 

According to a blog that I have read, another recording company will launch a group that will be a female counterpart of EXILE (eh?? o____O;;)... Hmm... so let us see in the near future! (But I really really like EXILE)

On my lazy mode, I made another AAA wallpaper with Winter Lander as a theme... (I kinda made a "replica" of the animation on the main page of the official site LOL >__<)

Till then!!!

Ja matta ne!!!


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