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Another music show cuts from me for those who can't download in bittorrent / Jpopsuki. (Hmm.. I might reconsider doing this in weekly basis, well it depends on the guest list of the music shows ^__^;;)

Edit (11/19/07): All files here are not available for download now. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored

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I just spend the entire day watching Live Earth for the nth time except for the Linkin Park part because it's friggin long >__> But I enjoyed ayaka, Ai's Peach, AI and Abingdon Boys' performances (Notice that they are 4 A's)

For those who want to watch Live Earth concert streams who don't want to watch the entire clips, streams are now available per artist and song: Live Earth MSN Site

Jdramas are still the core part of my video marathons. Papa to Musume no Nanokakan is soooo good! I like how they both managed to portray each other roles very well.. It is really so funny especially when they are in public place. I definitely recommend everyone to watch this. I'll watch Yamada Taro no Monogatari when I finished downloading it. I read that Nino managed to pull great acts in this show. I also have watched Romeo and Juliet SP with Takki and Masami. Well the SP is not that fantastic, I just "savored" Takki as an eyecandy LOL xP

And since I'm in my mood for sharing, I decided to cut some performances in the last week's Music Fighter and CDTV

Edit (11/19/07): All files here are not available for download now. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored

CDTV Cuts )


May. 12th, 2007 09:35 pm
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Here I am for a weekly dose of nonsense blog post. LOL I can't think of a blog title =___=

Since there is nothing exciting happened to me this week, I'll post some Jpop News

  • Ryohei will release his acoustic cover album entitled: CaVaCa or Catch the Various Catchy :D :D (LOL I like the title xD) He will be covering some tracks like: Calling You by: Holly Cole; Georgy Porgy by: TOTO; Human Nature by: Michael Jackson, I Like It by: Debarge, Lately by: Stevie Wonder, She Will Be Loved by: MAROON 5, Sweet Soul Revue(English Ver.) by: PIZZICATO FIVE (although I expect that AAA will cover this LOL xD), You Gatta Be by: Des’ree. This will be released on July 18,2007 for only 2000 yen (a very good price for jpop albums LOL): Source
  • ayaka will be joining the league of Final Fantasy singers :D :D ayaka will be singing the theme song of FF VII: Crisis Core with the song entitled: WHY. (Source)
  • mink was chosen to sing the theme song of a CG movie entitled: Vexille -2077 Nippon Sakoku which will be produced in both Japanese and English and will be shown in over 53 countries worldwide. The released date is still unconfirmed but rumors said that it will be sometime this August and the single will have both Japanese and English version (Wow a worldwide promotion for mink *claps*) (Source)
  • Dong Bang Shi Ki (DBSK) / Toho Shinki will do a collaboration song with EXILE (yeah EXILE as in the group where Takahiro is) that will be released on June 13 in their Loving You single as their b-side. The title of the song is Sky xD xD (Well  I  think this is more beneficial for DBSK since EXILE is famous and establish in Japan already LOL) (It was just a speculated rumor >___<)
  • This year is the return of the comebacks LOL xD xD Yoshika is now back at the scene after giving birth to a baby girl. She is now joining m-flo's tour (COSMICOLOR) / will be produced a tour by m-flo (I dunno if which of this two is correct but the words are Yoshika, tour, m-flo LOL)
  • Takeshi Kobayashi (Mr.Children's "5th member") will file a divorce now with his wife after the allegedly true rumor of having an affair with Hitoto Yo (LOL they first met in ap bank fes and now rumors are they are going to be married once the divorce is settled)
  • If there is a divorce news, now for the marriage news, rumors are strongly spread that finally Ayu and Tomoya Nagase will tie their knot this year xD (waaaahhh Tomoya Nagase). The rumor is JE manage to say yes to Tomoya's plan to marry Ayu because he was kinda involved in Jin's return to JE / KAT-TUN xD. Well time for them to settle down (and time for Ayu to retire and pass her "crown" to some deserving artists LOL and avex have already milked her a big money with all of her releases in the span of 10 years)
I'm sooo addicted to COLOR's new song with ATSUSHI, Lost Moments ~okiwasureta jikan~ :D :D (Might consider buying this single LOL)
Looks like I'll break my promise that I will not buy jpop stuffs =____= Waaahhh AAA is releasing 4th Attack DVD!!!! (I know they have crazy releases but I'm a live perf freak and AAA's live performances never fails to amaze me and their concert DVDs are worth buying) >__> Time to be broke again

Speaking of live perfs, I'm on my uploading mode again, I'm sharing these recent live perfs :D :D

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all the moms out there (and to my mom, waaaaaaaaaaaahhh I really miss you so much Love yah mommy!!! :D :D)


May. 5th, 2007 07:52 pm
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Well as I have said on my previous entries, I have uploaded some albums that are included in my top album list for this year (although all of this albums were already shared but well make these as mirror links of the previously shared albums

And since, I'm on my uploading mood. I also uploaded Keita's performance on Music Japan last Friday xD

If you got some live performances requests, requests are still open and available by leaving a comment on this post (or you could download some clips that were previously uploaded)
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October 6, 2007 (edit)

Since I'm not planning to revive my video request section anymore, I'll just use this entry to put all my active links over Mediafire and Megaupload. Also, I'll use this as a database for all the files that I've uploaded here on my blog.

File Count as of November 7, 2007
Albums: 12
Single: 1
mp3s: 32
Audio Rips: 23
PVs: 6
Live Performances: 216
CMs: 6
Total Files: 297


Albums )

Singles )

mp3s )


PVs )

CMs )

credits for all the videos/audio:
original uploaders at Jpopsuki Trackers (hikkichan, osanekun, Nermal and others)
and of course, me for uploading all of these files

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Waiiiiiiiii after a busy week, I have been resurrected again from a busy schedule. Yesterday, I was really anxious about my cd orders at HMV because I don't want my items to get stuck on the post office during weekends (because I can get them and watch them next week because I'll be very very busy this week). I was sleeping when they delivered my parcel. They just called me to pick-up my stuff, so in a flash of lightning, I immediately went to the post office and get my stuffs (the office will close at 5 pm and it was 4:30 pm when I went to get my stuff)

*** My w-inds. and EXILE albums *___* (with my bear, garnet as the background LOL) ***

Last week, I experienced overload of downloads (Well I am still being overloaded with that), but today I overloaded myself with videos.... So far, I have watched: Mr.Children's live tour (I love Innocent World and Sign performances), mihimaru GT's - mihimaLIVE DVD rip (waaaiii hiroko is soo cute and she knows how to dance) and of course my anticipated DVD (EXILE's Vocal Battle Audition Finals Night)

**Beware of picture spam LOL***

After all of these, I am d*mn broke! LOL But then I am very happy with the cds (the satisfaction of an addict LOL)

And I love HMV for being so reliable and super fast with my order!!! Also I contacted them about a cracked cd case and now they are sending a replacement jewel case for that *____* HMV is one of the best online cd shop LOL (I am advertising already)

So long for a weekly entry LOL See yah my blog next week!
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A couple of days ago, my internet connection was very slow I couldn't open a webpage properly. I can't access to my own blog ^__^;; Plus Y!M is still a pain, my messages were lagged >___>

Since I am in the mood of blogging and putting my own review to different music shows that I have seen: CDTV SP and Japan Record Awards, this post will be a long one

I got some left-over AAA link:

AAA - Hurricane Lily, Boston Mary at a-nation 2006

And visit kurisuti's AAA fansite at: Kagayakitai.com
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I know I am a few days late in writing my own review of this year's Kouhaku but it was only last night that I have watched the whole show (my internet speed is soooo slow maybe because of the Taiwan's earthquake)

Weh! My wisdom tooth is aching >_____>

And I got some crappy internet connection ~____~ and finally I will be able to finish Tsubasa Chronicles Season 2
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Waaaiiii xD xD I should really applaud myself for waking up early for Misa de Gallo! xP Because my house was just a few distance away from the church, my alarm clock was the big bell at the "tower" of the church LOL ~___~ which keep on ringing at 3 am - 3:30 am... The days and nights are starting to get cold and chilly...

57th Kouhaku Utagassen Artist with Song List )
This past few days, I have been fangirling over Tamaki Hiroshi (in Nodame Cantabile) LOOOOOL ^^;; His expressions were really priceless! LOL!!! xD xD.. And lately I have been downloading some Jpop shows (PJ, HeyHeyHey and MF) LOL 

Screenshots Galore!!! xD xD )
Huhuhu! Fall season dramas are now coming to an end.... ~___~ I will miss Nodame Cantabile (but hey! they announced that there will be an anime adaptation next year January 2007 xD xD I can't wait to be on a fangirl mode again to Chiaki-senpai LOL)

Ja matta!!!!!!
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Today is the start of the "Christmas Season", and as a start wooohoooo I woke up sooooo early at 3 am to attend the first of  the nine morning masses :D :D It was a very chilly morning but I enjoyed the mass ^___^;; 

A week of another fangirl-ism LOL xP xP

I saw some lists on some Jpop sites.. LOL different lists under the sun >___<

Here are some of them:

Last week, Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri were the guests at SMAP x SMAP Bistro... Waiii I really like Tamaki Hiroshi, he ish sooo cute and very nice.. I'll just update about that show next time.. I love Nodame Cantabile, 14 sai no haha and Boku no Aruku Michi!!!!!

Happy Birthday Keitachi!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You are officially an adult now LOL >__<)


Nov. 30th, 2006 08:21 pm
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>__< After Milenyo, Reming is now approaching in our town >________< (We prepared some food stuffs, candles, and charged the emergency light) I hope that everyone here will be safe from the disaster... ^___^;;

On the lighter note, I have been reading Death Note manga... (I finished Volume 6.. 6 more volumes to go). Light ish really a genius (so as L) and Misa can be a pain in the a** too LOL >____>

Nodame Cantabile never fails to amuse us LOL!!!! (A mix of anime-ish drama + musical drama + hilarious comedy) I really like Chiaki-senpai's facial expressions (Hahaha it ish really priceless)

Although the show is entitled: "Nodame Cantabile", Nodame looks like playing a support character to Chiaki-senpai xP But I like their piano showdown xD xD But Nodame's acting really fascinates me.. On how she follows Chiaki-senpai, the way she played the piano, her untidyness LOL!!! >___<

Eita's hair also had a 180 degree change of personality in this drama compared to his summer's drama, Sapuri. LOL In Nodame Cantabile, he is a "rockish" violin player with a comical personality LOL. He dyed his hair blonde for this drama...

I also watched BoA: The Live (her birthday concert). In comparing her other live tour, her vocals in this live tour greatly improves but the dance moves in this live tour is very poor.. She didn't do any dances >___< She left the dance moves to her dancers (I hope the next BoA live tour wouldn't be like this one) So far the best BoA live tour are Love and Honesty and Best of Soul ^__^;; Plus her dresses in BoA the live are too short LOOOOOL!!! But just the same, I "enjoyed" this show... xD xD (Valenti and Listen to my heart looks like the permanent songs in her every live tours)

I like Keita's album especially the last 3 or 4 songs.. (Ehehe the songs hasn't sink in to my mind LOL ~___~)

***LOL  I know now what is the award of WaT during the Best Hit Kayousai... "Best Special Faces / Artist" LOL >__<

Waaahhh I hope that there wouldn't be a prolonged power interruptions!!! >__<

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After hibernating and being a bum for months >__<, I am now trying to be "back in action".. (I just got my limit of boredom LOL). As I apply again for another job, of course I expected the stereotypical replies in the HR department: "Oh we will call you sometime (for the interview or test)" But I can't afford to go back to my previous job because I need money! (Christmas season is fast approaching, money is a necessity)  ~___~ 

On the lighter note, the much awaited "57th Kohaku Utagassen" performers list is revealed. As Jpop fans know, it is the annual event at New Year's Eve where two groups of performers will sing/dance (Red and White team) and compete as a team... As I scanned down the list, looks like this year's list is a bit shorter than last year's performers... ^^;; Also last year, White team won, but as I looked down the list for the White Team looks like Red Team will probably win for this year... ^^;;

I was really glad that some of my favorites are on the list!!! (The bold ones are my "favorites") But waaaaahhh I was really expecting that AAA will be in Kohaku >___< (Oh well maybe next year >_<) I enjoyed WaT's performance last year LOL (reminds me of their "accident"), Keita and BoA's hair on Kohaku last year was O____O LOL ~__~ 

Ayaka's debut year is soooooo successful!!! xD xD Mihimaru GT is also debuting on Kohaku for this year xD xD 

Hmm.. I wonder what will be for this year's group song??? (Last year was Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana)

Speaking of music specials, Music Station also revealed the list of their performers of MS Special on December 22 (Also this year is MS 20th anniversary, so I think this will be more special compared to last year's special)

Of course, MS is a JE dominated show, I won't expect w-inds. or AAA (or other "boyband") in that show LOL!! >__< 

Hmm.. I guess I'll be hoping that CDTV Special or Japan Record Awards will feature AAA >____< LOL!!! (I'll just wait for the line-up) 

I am now reading Death Note manga (LOL I have fangirling in reverse manner! movie then manga) Waaaahhh hail to Light-sama!!!!!!! *____*

Congratulations Keita for debuting in number 7 in the Oricon Charts Album rank!!! xD xD (As expected I know who is on the top list) LOL!!! The album is released already but I haven't listen to it yet!!!! Waaaahhh I want to listen to Keita's new album (Although he really sound off-key during the Long Road perf during the Japan-China Friendship.. I guess his voice now is not so good comparing to old times LOL >__< Other Keita fangirls don't shoot me LOL) 

In the end, I appeared as a bum >____> (Hope that they will reconsider me in planning the so called "Christmas Party) >__< 


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