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Waiiiii summer in Japan is approaching!! This the time where concerts and music festivals take place (Huhuhuhu I wish I can go and see them)

While I was cutting some perfs from Rock in Japan 2006, I was reminded to check if this year's list is out. And it is.... :D :D (After the disappointment for this year's a-nation and anticipating the artist list for ap bank fes 07)

Rock in Japan Festival is the most extravagant music festival in Japan O__O Last year's artist count was 45++ artists/bands for 3 days, all day and night concert. Of course, all artists/bands will not perform at one stage only, they are divided into three stages. These three stages for RiJ are: Lake Stage, Sound of the Forest and Wing Tent). The ticket price for one day is 10,000 yen and for the whole 3 days it is 30,000 yen (well with this setlist, the ticket price is worth it LOL). Audience can select which stage they want to watch and the ticket applies to all the stages... The sad note here is if two of your favorite artists are performing at the same time on a different stage you have to choose which artist you will watch LOL.

The TV version of this one is aired at Music On! Last year, this concert was an 18 hour marathon on TV (I was only to download I think 12 hours of the concert ^^;; because the next 6 hours has no seeders =___=)

Here is the list of the artist that are already confirmed to perform for this year's Rock in Japan Festival

Rock in Japan Festival 2007 Artist List )

For more info: Rock in Japan Festival 2007 Official Website
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October 6, 2007 (edit)

Since I'm not planning to revive my video request section anymore, I'll just use this entry to put all my active links over Mediafire and Megaupload. Also, I'll use this as a database for all the files that I've uploaded here on my blog.

File Count as of November 7, 2007
Albums: 12
Single: 1
mp3s: 32
Audio Rips: 23
PVs: 6
Live Performances: 216
CMs: 6
Total Files: 297


Albums )

Singles )

mp3s )


PVs )

CMs )

credits for all the videos/audio:
original uploaders at Jpopsuki Trackers (hikkichan, osanekun, Nermal and others)
and of course, me for uploading all of these files


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