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Info: Official Site
Support: YesAsia // HMV Japan

Gospellers is the Japan's pioneer acapella / chorus group. They began singing in 1991 while they were in college in University of Waseda.

I still consider their song, Towa ni (which has been sang and performed with different artists) as one of the best JR&B songs :D

Sorry for the "low quality files" as I just only found some of these on the net the only exception is G10 (which is my own CD-rip) and Gospellers Works

Music for your souls )
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These are the albums / singles (which are mostly my own CD-rips) that I uploaded for[livejournal.com profile] music_and_more @ Wordpress. I just don't want to waste links so enjoy downloading these files :D

The bitrate of these albums ranges from 192 - 320. All files are in Megaupload (and don't ask mirror links as I have loooooooootttsss of stuff to upload)

Chocolate for your ears )
Listen to natural music by NATURAL8 )
Chocolate singles for your ears (cut 2) )
Full Of Harmony CD-rips)
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I really miss the m-flo loves project T____________T

All CD-rips at 320 kbps

m-flo loves everyone )
Reuploaded: October 23, 2008
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Info: Official Site // wiki.theppn
Support: YesAsia // HMV Japan
All at 320kbps

Studio Albums )

Compilation Albums )
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My previous post is too long to add more so I will divide it on 4 parts (general album post, COLOR / J Soul Brothers, EXILE and m-flo)

All in 320 kbps

Love is all around with COLOR )
Groove to the beat of J Soul Brothers )

Media Dump

Jan. 29th, 2008 10:10 pm
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My upload speed improved these past few days so yeah I'm abusing it xD and some are leftovers from my Mediafire Account

Live Performance

Clazziquai Project at EBS Space Sympathy (October 10,2007)
All parts are in MU now (Sorry, Mediafire won't accept these anymore)

Part 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7

  • Flower Children
  • Our Lives
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Friday Blues
  • Love Mode
  • Color your Soul
  • The Light (Horan Version)
  • Lover Boy
  • Fill this Night
  • Be My Love
> This is what I love with Korean music shows as they are showing full performances of songs and I love Clazziquai Live Performances. If you like live performances too and well just beginning to appreciate Clazziquai, this one is a good start. Alex and Horan won't disappoint you vocally in live perfs. Color your Soul is definitely a win for me.



Alex (Clazziquai Project)
> This compilation contains:
  • Night Time
  • Kissing You (with Daniel Henney)
  • Dance with my Daddy
  • Harmony (with Free Tempo)
  • Soul Music (with Viva Soul)
  • Ibyol, Mannam... Gu Jungjomeso (with Epik High)
  • I'll Never Cry (with Park Ki Young)
  • I love You (with Ji Sun (Loveholic))
  • I'll Fly to You (with Lee Ki Chan and Byul)
  • Love Me after 12 AM (m-flo loves Alex)
  • Love Me after 12 AM English Version (Cosmicolor Concert Version)
  • On a dazzling day with J
  • Very Heartbreaking Words
JEWELRY - Jewelry First
Skoop on Somebody - Pianoforte (thank you [profile] hokkyokusei for the first upload)


AAA - Wonderful Life
COLOR - Since you went away feat. ATSUSHI
JUNE - Baby it's you
JUNE - Discotheque Romantic
JYONGRI - Possession (English Version)
Makihara Noriyuki - Green Days
Uno Misako, Mayu - Groovin'
Uno Misako - Now is the Time

ATSUSHI x Toshi Kubota - Indigo Waltz at MTV Icon Special
Bank Band - to U featuring Great Artists (err I'm not sure if this is the 2006 or the 2007 version)
CHEMISTRY - Towani (radio / short version)
EXILE - Pure (radio rip from J-Wave)
Tanaka Roma - Be Mine (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - Free (ripped from his Myspace)
Tanaka Roma - One (Ballad version) from Red Ribbon Live 2007

Also I'm "advertising" my previous uploads

File Database 1
|| File Database 2
Full Of Harmony Discography
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I have been wanting to do this a long time but if it is not my internet that screws up, it is due to my laziness (and some other works)

Artist Info:
In 1997, F.O.H. founding members, Hiro, Arata, and Yutaka formed a pioneering Japanese male R&B group, which lead to their major label release as "F.O.H" in 1999.

Despite being in a world where male R&B groups are not very common, F.O.H. has established a reputation with their groundbreaking performances bringing together and introducing R&B music to the Japanese audience.

F.O.H.'s work has also extended into Japanese motion picture soundtracks such as "Casino Drive" in MUSCLE HEAT, "I Believe" in RYOUKI TEKINA KANOJO (Sassy Girl), and "Namidano Kazudake" in SENGOKU JIEITAI 1549.

Since 2006, F.O.H. has been collaborating in numerous projects with many major US producers such as Ne-Yo and Teddy Riley. -
taken from their official Myspace

Official Sites: F.O.H's Website, Myspace

Similar Artists: EXILE, COLOR, CHEMISTRY, Gospellers, Skoop on Somebody and Boyz II Men

Discography: (Requesting for Q - Best of both worlds featuring Full of Harmony)

Video Samples:
Sweet November
Namida no Kazu dake
You and I
G.O.O.D Times feat. Teddy Riley
Dohzi-T - Kanashimi ni Sayonara featuring Full Of Harmony

Studio Albums )

Singles )
Compilation  )

Collaborations )
Their songs are very pleasant to listen. I compare their music to chocolates for your ears. So if you are looking for songs that will make you relaxed, try Full Of Harmony. They have lived up with their name as their songs really have "Full of Harmony"
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Since it's almost end of 2007, I decided to share some of my leftover links of my files in different account hosts. Just treat these as my Christmas and New Year's gifts for you all :D

Enjoy these goodies!!! :D :D
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Okay, after more than one month, I'm back with some live performances videos. My internet was being a pain this past month and it was just fixed recently (of course, I have to download all the things in the torrent that I want before uploading anything since I can't upload files while I'm using torrents).

Since, I haven't been uploading anything this past month, I have some special treats for everyone. (and well no screencaps this time because I'm so lazy to do so lol)

And I'm "pimping" this post which contains all the links that I have uploaded so far in my blog... Feel free to download those files :D

For those who want the ayaka x Gospellers performances in Music Fair 21, I have reuploaded those 3 videos. You can find them in this post

Edit: The only available links here are those from Megaupload. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored
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I'm really so bored! LOL So it has been my past time these past few days to compile songs from my playlist songs that have same titles but of different sound (not covers)

And here are some that I compiled:

Yay! We found a translator for our EXILE's project! Thanks Lena!!! :D :D

My TV setup is on its 80% finished! Yay :D :D

Here is my sample recording:

And LOL after so many months I finally managed to change my desktop theme *___*

LOL Clazziquai Project updated their official Korean website and I managed to snag some wallpapers :D :D (Isn't it so cute???)

www.clazziquaipig.com > The Clazziquai Pig's domain

Jotei is really a good drama!!! :D :D
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I am really so bored LOL >__>

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Clazziquai Project's concert in Club Quattro Shibuya is the best!!!!!!! I just felt the 1 1/2 hours concert (21 songs) are not enough! T____T They are amazing live!!! Alex is so cute speaking in English and Japanese. So as Horan and DJ Clazzi! This is a must watch concert!!! Thank you Rika for recording and uploading it for us! I'm really really really grateful!

Speaking of them, I ripped some audio from their concert footage. These audio rips are the different songs that have a different version from the original one.

The zipped file contains:
  • DJ Clazzi - Walk Away (this track is the a bonus song for the Japanese version of Love Child of the Century album) - the tour in Japan has made DJ Clazzi to sing in front of the audience. The english introduction of this song is Alex's voice ^__~
  • Romeo n Juliet (Alex's rap version) - in the original album, it was MC Meta who did the raps. In this concert it was a mix of Alex and Horan's raps
  • Prayers (Horan's Version) - The original one is from Christina. She didn't appear on any live performances so Horan covers up her part (this is for [personal profile] x_fei, who likes this song LOL this time, it is now Horan's version)
  • Come Alive (Horan's Version) - same as Prayers
  • Love Mode (Alex's rap version) - This is the English / Japanese one (Love Mode has a Korean version too with Tablo of Epik High rapping), which Verbal who did the original raps.
  • Stepping Out (Alex and Horan's version) - The original version of this song is sang by Christina
Love Child of the Century at Club Quattro Shibuya Audio Rips

Speaking of live tours, I watched a leak video from Cosmicolor Live Tour!!!!!!!! It's the Love Bug perf with BoA and m-flo! It was soooo good that I'm overly excited for the whole concert!! (chants: DVD, DVD, DVD!!!)

I have been overloading myself with dramas LOL! Watching Satorare is really so touching T___T Is it just me that I find Odagiri Joe and Tamaki Hiroshi to have some resemblance? o___O

I want to hunt CDjapan!!!! >__> My drugs err jpop cd/dvd didn't arrive yet! It's really so unfair, I paid a little more for faster shipping and yet it hasn't arrived!!! It's really so expensive there... CDjapan's Airmail vs HMV's EMS for almost the same price.

Bleah! I really want to hunt those people who made Mediafire delete my files... As of my latest checkup, 2GB of my files are now deleted T___T If Mediafire will delete all my files because of those ungrateful people, I will not upload again!!! >__> (But LOL I'm building up my video library at Veoh ^__^;;)

24 karats is sooooo addicting!!! (especially drooling watching Takahiro at the PV)<333 I can't wait for the full release of the single! Yappari, the song justified the hype of the news! (Get your hands up!!!!)
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Hmm.. I'm just bored again and I decided to post up some news about: Jdramas and Jpop

First News:

Second News:

Third News:

Last news

Waaahhh today is the airing of Clazziquai Project's Concert in Shibuya T____T I hope someone will record and upload it for us!!!

I recommend everyone to watch Dororo! It's soooo good especially if you are Satoshi and Kou's fans *__* Plus Mr. Children sang it's theme song LOL I can't wait for the sequel!

Bleah! The weather in our country is really abnormal >__> The feeling is still summer when in fact it should be rainy season. Plus I watched on the news that in the northern part, it rained hailstones ~___~

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LOL I have decided to somehow upload cuts for last week's music show episodes (but I'm not promising to do this regularly). It was just kinda late because I have been downloading in torrents and my upload speed is slow when I'm downloading at torrents.

Anyway, these cuts are just selected performances, which means not all artists that perform in that show have cuts.

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I was tagged by [profile] gaily_girl  to answer this meme and since I'm on my "randomness" mood.. I'm answering this one xP

I am tagging [profile] emeraldz  , [profile] hanabihana  , [personal profile] yuuka  , [personal profile] ashitae  , [profile] yessenhart  , [profile] sonagun , and [profile] doxies  to take some time off and answer this meme :D

And since I am on my Clazziquai Project mode, I found a video on Youtube that is really sooooo funny!!! Hahaha this one is their video of their rehearsal for Lover Boy! xD Alex and Horan are goofing in this video! LOL they are really so genki and hyper!

I'm really rooting an Alex x Horan loveteam! They are sooo cute together!! (But well according to both of them, they are just friends)

Huhuhuhu HMV is having a sale again.. T__T I seriously need money hahaha (Hmm.. I'll hunt Sakurai of Mr.Children and ask him to adopt me LOL) I don't like looking at HMV's site anymore because I will feel really so sad not buying some of the cds that I really like T__T

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Woohoo! It's Friday again.. Time passed by real fast ne??? LOL I'm having Friday Blues ^__^;; Maybe because another week will passed soon and a new week will start...

Anyway, I have listened to my Clazziquai Project cd for 4 times in loop (twice on my cd/dvd player and twice on my PC) and I really love the album. *__* Alex really has a nice voice! I hope that his solo album will push through (It's not that I don't like Horan ^^;; They sound so good together)

I know I am late for giving this album a review but I want to share my opinions about this great album

Waaahh I'm really a sucker for Clazziquai Project's new mascot, Love Child (points my avatar) Isn't it sooo cute???? If last year, I can give the award for "Cutest Mascot" for Nodame Cantabile's Mongoose Doll,

probably this year, the winner for this award is Clazziquai Project's Pig Mascot. As a trivia for everyone, Clazziquai Project's official mascot is a pig for the fact that Clazziquai Project's main man/producer/composer and musician, DJ Clazziquai (Kim Sung Hoon) has a pig pet named Dalmacian (which is always mentioned in each album of Clazziquai Project as his beloved pig). But for this album, he designed a new concept for the pig mascot as his "love child". As seen on the album cover, the mascot's head is a little boy with blue eyes.. ^^ He said that the mascot's purpose is to spread love and peace to everyone ^__^ (as the theme of their new album) The mascot appeared on KBS 2 Love Letter Special of Clazziquai and lol the host is curious of it's gender but well the mascot didn't remove the head part

Because of DJ Clazzi's love for this cute thing, this mascot has his own blog, which has pictures of this mascot in the street meeting different people (LOL even a taxi stopped for it)

Here are some pics from its blog:

>> *points itself on the poster* It's me!!!! **

Speaking of Love Child, Waaaaaaaaaaahhh I want a poster of it which is currently on sale on Yesasia!!! ~___~ Weh it's kinda expensive... $10 for teh poster.. *sigh*

And since I'm talking about Clazziquai Project, looks like it will be a great chance to see Alex on the last of COSMICOLOR live tour because at the same month Clazziquai Project will have a concert in Japan!!!!! Waaaahhhh I hope he will really appear!!! *___*

Woeh! AP Bank Festival Performers are now complete ~____~ Of all the performers, why they did pick out Koda Kumi!!!!!!!!! Angela Aki could be a better choice!!! >__> I can't imagine a song Koda Kumi and Sakurai will sing *rolls eyes* The only console for the festival is that ayaka and AI will be there ^__^;;

waaaahhhh EXILE will appear on a-nation this year!!! After their 2 years absence in that outdoor festival, finally they will perform there, together with mihimaru GT.. AAA + EXILE and mihimaru GT!!!! Also EXILE will also appear in this year's J Wave Live Concert sharing the stage with Yuna Ito, Hajime Chitose, Kaela Kimura, Crystal Kay and Suga Shikao ^_____^.

Weh! SMJ shipped out my item so late.. It was supposed to arrive together with my order but looks like it will arrive on Monday ~___~;;

I just browsed my MediaFire account and woah! I didn't know that I have uploaded so many files (Well not all those files are shared publicly, there are some files that only my friends can download LOL)

My MU and Gigasize uploads are not yet included in this count!

LOL thanks again for reading my non sense random blog posts!

*Hunts for Love Child*
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Sorry to flood on your friend's page with my post but my previous post is too long for my uploads LOL!

I ripped uploaded this for [profile] gaily_girl and I'm sharing these to everyone. Try downloading and listening to Clazziquai Project because they are good LOL

Clazziquai Project's mini album, Love Mode (ripped @ 320 kbps, files are already tagged) (click on the cover art for the link)


1. Skyscraper
2. Love Mode feat VERBAL (m-flo) **
3. She loves you
4. Be My Love (English version-house mix) **
5. After Love (female version)
6. Snatcher
7. Love Mode feat VERBAL and PE'Z (pzq mode)
8. She Is ** (This song is from My Name is Kim Sam Soon OST)

Daichi is back!!!!!!! After sooooo long, he finally released his PV :D :D

credits: Controlle

Drama Roll

Jun. 22nd, 2007 07:23 pm
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Woot! I finished watching Hana Kimi! Like just any other Taiwanese Dramas, this one is not spared to the draggy episodes at the middle part of the series ~____~;; I got the feeling of just watching just to finish the song... Well Jiro's acting saved the series' dragginess >__> I don't like Ella in that series... I hope that Maki's acting is better than Ella

Since there are no new subbed episodes of Liar Game, Proposal Daisakusen and Hanayome to Papa, I just dig up some old jdoramas. I'm watching Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love) with Matsushima Nanako and Takki :D :D Waaaaaaaaaiii Takki is sooooo cute!!! Plus this series' theme song is Hikki's First Love! *___* Hmm.. I'm thinking now of watching Takki's doramas because I can't get enough of his cuteness LOL!

Waaahhh tomorrow will be the airing of Liar Game's 3 hour Finale Special *___* I want to watch it but I won't get the story if it is still unsubbed (So I have to wait for a while for that)

Thea of Made in Paradise uploaded the 2 remaining PVs of AAA's triple A single... Hanabi (Girls' song) and No Summer (Boys' song). Hanabi is like Ai Otsuka's song ^__^;; Well I didn't find it catchy nor great song and No Summer is like a typical boyband song.. The dance steps of that PV is also a typical JE dance... (Well at least AAA boys are more talented in dancing/singing than JE boys) Song and PV wise, Get Chu!/She no Jijitsu and Kuchibiru Kara Romantica/That's Right pawn Natsu Mono

I uploaded the PVs (Take note that these are only low quality videos)

AAA - Hanabi PV  || PV - rip (The encoding on the end part is not synch ~__~ I keep on reencoding that one and still it remains the same)
AAA - No Summer PV || PV -rip

Credits: House of Atae for the original file
               [profile] garnet_moon07 for encoding/ripping/uploading

w-inds. PV is also out! The PV look like a low budget PV LOL I don't like the song but I like how Keita shake off his butt LOOOOOL xD Looks like w-inds. is continuing to disappoint me with their new song ~___~;;

Erika's PV was also out in Japanese TV! As usual she looks soooo pretty (Hail to Erika-sama!!!) I like Free than her Kaoru Amane songs xP I made an avatar of Erika taken from her PV

Crystal Kay's album PV, Dream World really make me dizzy while watching it LOL!! But well I like that song in her album :D But they should have used Sugar Rain for PV for album promotion

Waaaahhh I'm excited!!! Mariel-neechan will come to our house tomorrow :D :D LOL It's been a long time since we had a good girl talk xD


Jun. 2nd, 2007 07:55 pm
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I was just browsing for something when I "bumped" into this random BBS and found out some interesting facts about NaNa. NaNa??? Yeah the one featured in EXILE's EVOLUTION album track 9 - No Other Man. I really like the song out of the new songs in that album :D :D And for some it is really mysterious who NaNa is, since she is just a newbie and this song don't have a PV.

Waaaiii I'm loving the jdoramas these season and just found out that Liar Game will have a 3 hour finale special on June 23!!! Yay! I think this is the only dorama that has given this long finale special. Some were only given 15 - 30 minutes special :D :D

Yay!!! Liar Game, Proposal Daisakusen and Hanayome to Papa are all in the top ranks of doramas for this season :D :D

I feel dizzy after watching m-flo's COSMICOLOR DVD-rip LOL @__@ The mix made me dizzy and Love Song's PV LOL ^____^;; I really find Lotta Love as a cute PV :D


May. 5th, 2007 07:52 pm
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Well as I have said on my previous entries, I have uploaded some albums that are included in my top album list for this year (although all of this albums were already shared but well make these as mirror links of the previously shared albums

And since, I'm on my uploading mood. I also uploaded Keita's performance on Music Japan last Friday xD

If you got some live performances requests, requests are still open and available by leaving a comment on this post (or you could download some clips that were previously uploaded)
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October 6, 2007 (edit)

Since I'm not planning to revive my video request section anymore, I'll just use this entry to put all my active links over Mediafire and Megaupload. Also, I'll use this as a database for all the files that I've uploaded here on my blog.

File Count as of November 7, 2007
Albums: 12
Single: 1
mp3s: 32
Audio Rips: 23
PVs: 6
Live Performances: 216
CMs: 6
Total Files: 297


Albums )

Singles )

mp3s )


PVs )

CMs )

credits for all the videos/audio:
original uploaders at Jpopsuki Trackers (hikkichan, osanekun, Nermal and others)
and of course, me for uploading all of these files


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