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Hmm.. I'm just bored again and I decided to post up some news about: Jdramas and Jpop

First News:

53rd Television Drama Academy Awards (For Spring 2007)

Result of Drama Academy Awards Spring 2007

Best Drama: Propose Daisakusen (Fuji)
2. Bambino (NTV)
3. Watashitachi No Kyoukasho (Fuji)
4. LIAR GAME (Fuji) >> this should be the winner ~____~
5. Kaete Kita Jikou Keisatsu (TV Asahi)

Best Actor: Matsumoto Jun (Bambino)
2. Yamashita Tomohisa (Propose Daisakusen)
3. Odagiri Joe (Kaette Kita Jikou Keisatsu)
>> Matsuda Shota should be the one who snag this award

Best Actress: Kanno Miho (Watashitachi No Kyoukasho)
2. Nagasawa Masami (Propose Daisakusen)
3. Toda Erika (LIAR GAME)

Best Supporting Actor: Kitamura Kazuki (Bambino)
2. Matsuda Shouta (LIAR GAME) - wth is he just a supporting actor???
3. Hamada Gaku (Propose Daisakusen)

Best Supporting Actress: Oogo Suzuka (Sexy Voice and Robo)
2. Aso Kumiko (Kaette Kita Jikou Keisatsu)
3. Takeshita Shinobu (Joudan Jya Nai!)

Best Script: Watashitachi No Kyoukasho

Best Dorama Song: Ashita Hareru Ka Na (Southern All Stars), theme song of Propose Daisakusen

Best Directing: Bambino

The Television Special Awards to: Spin-off dorama Bambino and Propose Daisakusen

Second News:

Yehey!!! Papa to Musume is at number 1 spot!!! It is really a good drama! Hmm most dramas that I watched made it to the top 10 (Yamada Taro no Monogatari, Hotaru No Hikari, Tantei Gakuen Q, Hana Kimi, Yama Onna Kabe Onna) I can't wait for the subs of Life!!!!

Third News:

LOL don't be surprised, this is still a Jpop news. Why??? Because most of the artist that will be featured in this album are in the Jpop genre xD (But Celine Dion is one of my favorite Western artist)

TRIBUTE TO CELINE DION / セリーヌ・ディオン・トリビュート
SICP 1565-1566 ¥3,059

CD Tracks
● Yuna Ito - My Heart Will Go On
● K (featuring aki) - To Love You More
● JUJU - The Power of Love
● SOULHEAD - Beauty and the Beast
● Fukuhara Miho - Because You Love Me
● Hoshimura Mai - It's All Coming back to me
● LYRICO - Immortality
● LISA - Be the Man
● Kato Miliyah and Shimizu Shota - I'm Your Angel
● Hirahara Ayaka - The Prayer

- Tribute to Celine Dion Digest
- To Love You More MV

*Most of the songs are my favorite Celine Dion songs. But the question is, most of the singers are only alto, how will they manage to sing those high notes??? Especially Yuna and LISA LOL! But still I'm anticipating this album xD*


Last news

I think this single will be one of the biggest collaboration of 2007 :D :D

Promo Picture

> LOL Atsushi and Sowelu are really close in this picture <3

Sowelu, EXILE, Doberman Inc
Premium Collaboration Single

24 Karats ~Type S~

>> As I expected, they are not in the cover because they are too many to fit in the picture LOL

1. 24 Karats ~type S~
3. 24 Karats ~type S~ instrumentals

1. 24 Karats ~type S~ PV
2. 24 Karats Sowelu, EXILE, Doberman Inc ~Recording Video~  (The Making)
3. 5th Anniversary Special Clip


The PV is out already!!!!!!!!! Finally something R & B from them! 24 karats > Won't Be Long! Waaaahhh they are all sooo hawt!!! *____* @ Takahiro's body

PV rip

credits: doobie of Jpopsuki for the PV

Waaahhh today is the airing of Clazziquai Project's Concert in Shibuya T____T I hope someone will record and upload it for us!!!

I recommend everyone to watch Dororo! It's soooo good especially if you are Satoshi and Kou's fans *__* Plus Mr. Children sang it's theme song LOL I can't wait for the sequel!

Bleah! The weather in our country is really abnormal >__> The feeling is still summer when in fact it should be rainy season. Plus I watched on the news that in the northern part, it rained hailstones ~___~

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