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Since it's almost end of 2007, I decided to share some of my leftover links of my files in different account hosts. Just treat these as my Christmas and New Year's gifts for you all :D

Enjoy these goodies!!! :D :D
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Woohoo finally I have finished watching this 4 hour show. LOL with shows like this even, I always have to start watching at the beginning to end and not just randomly skipping some perfs (well this thing applies most of the time)

LOL I have to download again this show, as my first video source was the CB version. I want a HQ so haha I'll download hikkichan's version (hmmm, I just read that Japan will enforce again laws for uploading and downloading >__> Bleah!!! Why don't they accept that things like that are inevitable!! *hides from JASRAC lol xD*)

Kinda off topic to MSSL but waiiiiiiiii I just read that Shota Shimizu will release his debut single on February next year!!!!! ZOMG!! I have been waiting for him to debut! (This is way overdue though) For those who don't know him, he was the duet partner of Kato Miliyah in their version of Celine Dion's song, I'm your Angel (Tribute to Celine Dion album) and he was the featuring artist in Dohzi-T's single, One Love. I really love his voice. I'm so happy that he will finally release something on his own. I just learned that he is just 18 years old! Wow he is so young... (Oh if you think of him as an idol just simply don't. LOL he don't have that looks but he got that talent that I'm looking for in a singer) 
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I just finished watching FNS Kayousai 2007. Wow that was one enjoyable show!!! I love their dual stage. The first stage is the one with all the instruments (piano, strings, drums, wind instruments) and backups and the second stage is a regular one. In between those stages is the banquet hall where all the guests were sitting. I think this is one show that don't have a regular audience as their audience are the performers themselves. I love their Bokura no Ongaku style of music arrangement (yeah the lounge-fy one) and the fact that most artists perform full version of their songs *_______*

Waaaahhhh T____T Why did Clazziquai Project will release their remix album on an unexpected date. Although, it's a remix album but almost half of the songs are new ones *sigh* If ever HMV will have a pre-order link on or before December 10, then it's a sign that I should buy it. But if not, I will wait for another Korean album to purchase on YA.

I'm really so bankrupt now *sigh*
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LOL I forgot how many times I posted some Japanese entertainment random news ^___^;;

Let's get down to the business:

I really hate sudden change of weathers because I'm very susceptible to colds (even if I take tons of Vitamin C) >__< and if I have colds, my voice is automatically affected *sigh*


Oct. 18th, 2007 07:42 pm
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If you are thinking that Celine Dion's tribute album was the biggest Japanese artists tribute album for this year, you are wrong. Now that Luna Sea announced their one night comeback concert on Tokyo Dome on Christmas Eve, they also announced the tribute album for them on December 19.

As I've read the news when it first appeared on Tokyograph, my first reaction was: "huh!?! wth!?!". I had that reaction when I saw some of the artists' name that was there was just so weird. I can't imagine them singing Luna Sea's songs.

And now for the song list and artists that will be featured for the tribute album

bleah, m-flo is really killing me in suspense for their dvd. MTV Japan has aired the Luvotomy performance (the one with Namie Amuro) in Yokohama Arena that will be used as a promo for the dvd >___< As expected the performance was just so good that I can't really wait! LOL! *sings: I want this.... that... this.. that...*

and I just discovered that by the time that it will be shipped here, it is holiday here because of the All Soul's/Saint's Day T___T So probably, I'll receive my cds/dvds on November 5!!!! *wails*
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The last Music Station had a great lineup. This is the first time I think that I cut all the perfs in one show (except ayaka's special) Even if I don't like Ayu, I feel so pity if I left her perf uncut...

I'm disappointed with AAA's album (but I felt good when I canceled ordering their album LOL xD) and overjoyed with Angela Aki's album because it's amazing LOL

Edit (11/19/07): All files here are not available for download now. Comments asking for reuploads will be ignored
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Hmm.. I'm just bored again and I decided to post up some news about: Jdramas and Jpop

First News:

Second News:

Third News:

Last news

Waaahhh today is the airing of Clazziquai Project's Concert in Shibuya T____T I hope someone will record and upload it for us!!!

I recommend everyone to watch Dororo! It's soooo good especially if you are Satoshi and Kou's fans *__* Plus Mr. Children sang it's theme song LOL I can't wait for the sequel!

Bleah! The weather in our country is really abnormal >__> The feeling is still summer when in fact it should be rainy season. Plus I watched on the news that in the northern part, it rained hailstones ~___~

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I'm not in love nor have special someone for the moment LOL ^__^;; I just gave a title to my blog entry because I am really addicted to Clazziquai Project's 3rd and latest album, Love Child of the Century (LOL noticed that when I'm typing their name it always have the word "project" because it is their official name) (and you will know the reason later if you follow my posts xD)

Warning: This blog entry will be very very long because I am in the mood to type my randomness hahaha XD

Anyway the next part of my entry will be all about Clazziquai Project, so if you don't want to read this randomness and follow my squeals you have a choice not to read LOL...

Today is the final leg of m-flo's COSMICOLOR tour in Yokohama Arena. Weh those fans are really so lucky to watch it!!!! >___<

EXILE released the covers of their new single and weh I will really award them as the artists with worst covers ~__~ They should fire their album and single cover photoshop artist >_<

I'm really so envy at the people who went to Otakon and see AAA live *wails* But I'm so happy they received our scrapbook T___T

Speaking of AAA, I will order their 4th Attack DVD (the 1 disc version only) plus Monkey Majik's, Sora wa Maru de album *___* Luckily, I have CDjapan's discount so I will save just a bit for the shipping costs... Bleah! Their shipping charges are sooo expensive compared to HMV. CDjapan: 2 CDs airmail = 1000 yen; HMV: 2 CDs EMS = 900 yen ~___~

Well that's all for my randomness entry again, and thanks for reading my nonsense fangirl squeals

*poofs, flies to Korea/Japan and hunts for Love Child*
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Before I go to sleep, I want to answer some randomness... I got this from [profile] yessenhart's blog ^__^

I AM: a jpop -slash- jdrama - slash - live performance addict
I WANT: to have money (who doesn't want to have money)
I WISH: I can go to Japan and watch: m-flo's concert on July 21 / Clazziquai Projects' Japan tour on 28 and EXILE's live tour
I HATE: people who don't appreciate my hard work
I MISS: my friends: (my Ninang Vawewie, Mama She, Mila Rose, Romielyn, Reth, Ige, Aki, Mariel and Vic-vic)
I FEAR: rejections
I HEAR: a song on the background (Lost Moments ~okiwasure ta jikan~)
I WONDER: on what my life will be 5 years from now
I REGRET: not being able to say what I want to say
I AM NOT: conceited
I DANCE: fairly good.. xP
I SING: in the shower
I CRY: a while ago while watching Yamada Tarou Monogatari T__T
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: everything
I WRITE: some sense-less random blog entries
I CONFUSE: myself with my plans and wishes
I NEED: money to buy my drugs err jpop stuffs
I SHOULD: use my time wisely
I START: doing things and not finishing it
I FINISH: watching another episode of my weekly dose of Yama Onna Kabe Onna
I LOVE: myself and everyone ^_______^;; *sends love to the world*
I REMEMBER: that I should burn some files and clean up my HDD
I TAG: everyone on my friends list to answer this! xD

Speaking of concert, Siam Shade will be having a reunion concert!!!!!!!!!! The concert will be on Nov.18, 2007 at Budokan!!!!  Although it is just a one time performance, I'm soooo happy that they will be reunited again *sadafkdajdasl -speechless-* I hope they will sing: Glacial Love, Dreams and 1/3 Junjou no Kanjou T___T (Source)

Clazziquai Project tops the June 2007 album charts!!! Yay!!!!! :D Love Child of the Century is really a good album xD (Source) I saw some of their pictures during the their concert last July 14 and huhuhu I'm really so envy to the people who watched them!!

Hmm... iijpop, one of my download source, had already removed the links on it's site because of the copyright issues. =___= I am now considering to lock all my files here. (but the big no when I do this, people will add me on their friends list just to leech on my files ~__~) Hopefully, no one will send complains about my site that I violated some copyright issues because of the files I am sharing... T__T I want to share but if that happens, I'm sorry, I will lock all my files and will stop sharing...But for the meantime, just like what I have said on my last entry, all posts with downloads are in the public post mode.
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Another Friday the 13th for this year xP I don't believe in superstitions.... It is still man who creates his own destiny hahaha


As we all know, the m-flo loves project will officially end after their last leg of COSMICOLOR live tour this Saturday, July 21. Most of their fans have a question: "What's next for m-flo??" And well, the answer for this question will be also revealed on the 21st. But as I was reading VERBAL's blog, he wrote a sentence there (in big and bold fonts) that caught my attention:

LOL this is not my supposed to be my blog entry... but well since I'm typing up a post, it wouldn't be complete without adding some randomness

As an eyecandy for everyone, I'm now presenting a new breed of Tuxedo Mask


LOL I'm just adding this video!!! Clazziquai is a cool group! Alex and Horan are goofing off during their rehearsals ^__^ but still their vocals are so great! (And *evil grin* I really want to take the mascot and have a purikura with it)

This ends my novel-like fangirl post ^^


Jul. 4th, 2007 08:46 pm
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LOL I really can't think of a blog title, so I just put etc... ^^;;

I was reading an article about Clazziquai Project and waaaaaaaaaahhh I discovered something I am really anticipating for: ALEX will be performing on COSMICOLOR's LAST LEG LIVE TOUR on JULY 21!!!!!! *____* (although the date of the tour on the article is July 20, but it is July 21, and hmm Yokohama Arena is not exactly on Yokohama as I have read on some info pages) hahaha I know he will be performing because a week after the Cosmicolor live tour, Clazziquai Project will have a concert on Japan :D (I just need a confirmation ehehe, or maybe I'm the only one who is going hype with this news because I adore Love Me After 12 AM LOL)

Hmm.. let us see who are the other artists who will appear on COSMICOLOR's last leg (aside from the "m-flo regulars; Emi, Emyli, Ryohei, Yoshika and Lisa). As I am browsing Yahoo auctions, tickets are now at 25 thousand yen mark (and those are not good seats LOL) I'm really excited for this concert!!! ^__^;; If this will be released on DVD, I will definitely buy it (I'm already saving money for this one LOL) I'm sooo envy for the fans who will watch this live on Yokohama Arena T____T

Speaking of m-flo, melody, just released an album and on the credits page, she thanked Verbal, Taku, Roma (Tanaka), Ryohei and Emyli (Credits Page, scanned by k1sek1), How sweet of her to write this long credits page.. Usually Jpop artist don't write message on their albums, they just mention names of people they want to thank

An irony thing is that w-inds.' Love is the Greatest Thing single debuts at number 2!!!! >__< I really don't like the single (well knowing w-inds. trajectory sales, as the days passed it will drop to lower ranks) and as expected ERIKA debuted at number 1... ayaka got a low rank because the single leaked very very early and people in Japan already downloaded and listened to the single a couple of times. LOL but well ayaka's sales trajectory are good because even if her singles don't debut on a high rank, the singles last long in the ranks.. (longevity vs ranks) || Source

The collaboration song of EXILE, Sowelu and Doberman Inc will be released in 3 ways. (1) as a b-side of EXILE's, Toki no Kakera single (which will be used as a theme to dorama Yama Onna, Kabe Onna); (2) as an a-side single of the single in their names, 24 karat; and last (3) as an album track to Doberman Inc's best album all of these will be released on August 29.

Toki no Kakera sounds like Hibiki (the b-side song in their Summer Time Love Single)

I already watched the first episode of Hana Kimi (Japanese version) last night and waaahhh it is really so funny ehehe especially the "shampoo search scene" Maki's acting improved a bit compared to her Kurosagi acting xP and Shun??? waaaaaahhh he had this chest exposure!!! I can't wait to watch this again with subtitles :D

Next Episode Preview: (Do not click if you don't want to be spoiled; If you clicked it, don't tell me you were not warned LOL) *______*

I am watching again another Taiwanese drama, Why Why Why Love with Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone *___* Mike He is sooo gorgeous!! (as usual he is playing a rebel child who likes riding motorcycle just like his role on Devil Beside You)

Another fangirl squeal from me :D

Ja ne!
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Woohoo! It's Friday again.. Time passed by real fast ne??? LOL I'm having Friday Blues ^__^;; Maybe because another week will passed soon and a new week will start...

Anyway, I have listened to my Clazziquai Project cd for 4 times in loop (twice on my cd/dvd player and twice on my PC) and I really love the album. *__* Alex really has a nice voice! I hope that his solo album will push through (It's not that I don't like Horan ^^;; They sound so good together)

I know I am late for giving this album a review but I want to share my opinions about this great album

Waaahh I'm really a sucker for Clazziquai Project's new mascot, Love Child (points my avatar) Isn't it sooo cute???? If last year, I can give the award for "Cutest Mascot" for Nodame Cantabile's Mongoose Doll,

probably this year, the winner for this award is Clazziquai Project's Pig Mascot. As a trivia for everyone, Clazziquai Project's official mascot is a pig for the fact that Clazziquai Project's main man/producer/composer and musician, DJ Clazziquai (Kim Sung Hoon) has a pig pet named Dalmacian (which is always mentioned in each album of Clazziquai Project as his beloved pig). But for this album, he designed a new concept for the pig mascot as his "love child". As seen on the album cover, the mascot's head is a little boy with blue eyes.. ^^ He said that the mascot's purpose is to spread love and peace to everyone ^__^ (as the theme of their new album) The mascot appeared on KBS 2 Love Letter Special of Clazziquai and lol the host is curious of it's gender but well the mascot didn't remove the head part

Because of DJ Clazzi's love for this cute thing, this mascot has his own blog, which has pictures of this mascot in the street meeting different people (LOL even a taxi stopped for it)

Here are some pics from its blog:

>> *points itself on the poster* It's me!!!! **

Speaking of Love Child, Waaaaaaaaaaahhh I want a poster of it which is currently on sale on Yesasia!!! ~___~ Weh it's kinda expensive... $10 for teh poster.. *sigh*

And since I'm talking about Clazziquai Project, looks like it will be a great chance to see Alex on the last of COSMICOLOR live tour because at the same month Clazziquai Project will have a concert in Japan!!!!! Waaaahhhh I hope he will really appear!!! *___*

Woeh! AP Bank Festival Performers are now complete ~____~ Of all the performers, why they did pick out Koda Kumi!!!!!!!!! Angela Aki could be a better choice!!! >__> I can't imagine a song Koda Kumi and Sakurai will sing *rolls eyes* The only console for the festival is that ayaka and AI will be there ^__^;;

waaaahhhh EXILE will appear on a-nation this year!!! After their 2 years absence in that outdoor festival, finally they will perform there, together with mihimaru GT.. AAA + EXILE and mihimaru GT!!!! Also EXILE will also appear in this year's J Wave Live Concert sharing the stage with Yuna Ito, Hajime Chitose, Kaela Kimura, Crystal Kay and Suga Shikao ^_____^.

Weh! SMJ shipped out my item so late.. It was supposed to arrive together with my order but looks like it will arrive on Monday ~___~;;

I just browsed my MediaFire account and woah! I didn't know that I have uploaded so many files (Well not all those files are shared publicly, there are some files that only my friends can download LOL)

My MU and Gigasize uploads are not yet included in this count!

LOL thanks again for reading my non sense random blog posts!

*Hunts for Love Child*
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I feel sooo lazy... ^__^;; and spent some time watching Hana Kimi (the taiwan version) and waaaaaaaaahhhh Wu Chun is love!!!!!!!!!! *________* I can't wait for the Japanese version this July!!! xD xD

and speaking of Japanese version, I saw one cm of Hana Kimi and waaaaaaaaaaahhh Shun is sooo hawt!!!

***She really looks a girlish boy here LOL**

Shun!!!!!!!!!! *___*

I also watched Chemistry's live tour and waaaaahhh Douchin is soooo kakkoii!!! Hahaha Too bad he is already taken bleah xP

I am still reconsidering of buying a 2 disc version of 4th Attack DVD.. My reasons?? (1) It is the "last" concert that they are still complete (Yukari -____-) (2) If I got it right, the 2nd disc contains a documentary portion waaaaahhhh finally!!! I don't like multi angle shots LOL xD (But my main problem is I'm d*mn broke -__-)

One thing that I'm fixing now is my bank account. Well I have problems with SMJ (the "middle man agency" for YJA) because of the deposit and still it hasn't been refunded to my account ~__~ I already sent an email to the bank and asked how can I get the refund. They replied back to me that I should send a fax of a letter of dispute and a copy of the email they sent to me ~___~ WTH, this is load of work for me >____>

Summer in Japan is approaching! And huhuhu those fans are sooo lucky with lots of summer music festivals to anticipated.. I already made a post about the artist line up for Rock in Japan 2007 and now I will add some line-ups of the anticipated festivals in Japan (grrrr how I wish I can watch at least 1 of these festivals!!!!!!!!!!)

Mr. Children will release a Triple A single this August! O___O I thought they wouldn't fall with this type of single versions! ~___~ Anyway the single will be more intense than Fake (Woah a hard rock song!!!). The single title is Black and White (Similar to AAA's Double a Single)

And EXILE's upcoming single will be used as a theme song in an upcoming jdorama, Yama no Onna, Kabe no Onna (Mountain Woman, Wall Woman). Hmm.. Looks like the upcoming single got great promotions (well the fact that they will have a collab with Sowelu already created a big news)
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Woohoo!!! After being away for a couple of days due to some "serious" business in the real world, I have been surprised by some jpop news.

Waaaaaahhh 2 weeks more before the 3 hour finale special of Liar Game!!! I can't wait!!!!!

It's soooo hawt =____=
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What a news to pop up in the Jpop World! Earlier this morning, this sad news popped up after a festive weekend in Jpop.

ZARD's Lead Vocal, Sakai Izumi, died yesterday (May 27) after having a fall in one of the higher floors of an hospital. She has been admitted to an hospital for treatment for her cervical cancer. It is not yet sure if it was an accident or she jumped out of the window.

Official ZARD Website
Nikkan Sports Website
Kyodo News

I'm not really a ZARD fan. I just knew of them because of their one song in Slam Dunk ^__^;; But it is really sad for a great artist to die in this manner... May she rest in peace... -____-;;

edit (May 29): The saying, "you'll know a value of a person when he/she dies" is true now. Why?? Because their best album is now rising at the charts ~__~;; Oh well at least people give some tributes for her

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I have been on guard with this year's MTV Japan MVA 2007 because most of the nominated are my favorites and now as the awards night is airing in Japan, I'm posting the list of winners as they are shown in the official site of MTV Japan MVA 2007

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Waiiiii summer in Japan is approaching!! This the time where concerts and music festivals take place (Huhuhuhu I wish I can go and see them)

While I was cutting some perfs from Rock in Japan 2006, I was reminded to check if this year's list is out. And it is.... :D :D (After the disappointment for this year's a-nation and anticipating the artist list for ap bank fes 07)

Rock in Japan Festival is the most extravagant music festival in Japan O__O Last year's artist count was 45++ artists/bands for 3 days, all day and night concert. Of course, all artists/bands will not perform at one stage only, they are divided into three stages. These three stages for RiJ are: Lake Stage, Sound of the Forest and Wing Tent). The ticket price for one day is 10,000 yen and for the whole 3 days it is 30,000 yen (well with this setlist, the ticket price is worth it LOL). Audience can select which stage they want to watch and the ticket applies to all the stages... The sad note here is if two of your favorite artists are performing at the same time on a different stage you have to choose which artist you will watch LOL.

The TV version of this one is aired at Music On! Last year, this concert was an 18 hour marathon on TV (I was only to download I think 12 hours of the concert ^^;; because the next 6 hours has no seeders =___=)

Here is the list of the artist that are already confirmed to perform for this year's Rock in Japan Festival

Rock in Japan Festival 2007 Artist List )

For more info: Rock in Japan Festival 2007 Official Website


May. 12th, 2007 09:35 pm
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Here I am for a weekly dose of nonsense blog post. LOL I can't think of a blog title =___=

Since there is nothing exciting happened to me this week, I'll post some Jpop News

  • Ryohei will release his acoustic cover album entitled: CaVaCa or Catch the Various Catchy :D :D (LOL I like the title xD) He will be covering some tracks like: Calling You by: Holly Cole; Georgy Porgy by: TOTO; Human Nature by: Michael Jackson, I Like It by: Debarge, Lately by: Stevie Wonder, She Will Be Loved by: MAROON 5, Sweet Soul Revue(English Ver.) by: PIZZICATO FIVE (although I expect that AAA will cover this LOL xD), You Gatta Be by: Des’ree. This will be released on July 18,2007 for only 2000 yen (a very good price for jpop albums LOL): Source
  • ayaka will be joining the league of Final Fantasy singers :D :D ayaka will be singing the theme song of FF VII: Crisis Core with the song entitled: WHY. (Source)
  • mink was chosen to sing the theme song of a CG movie entitled: Vexille -2077 Nippon Sakoku which will be produced in both Japanese and English and will be shown in over 53 countries worldwide. The released date is still unconfirmed but rumors said that it will be sometime this August and the single will have both Japanese and English version (Wow a worldwide promotion for mink *claps*) (Source)
  • Dong Bang Shi Ki (DBSK) / Toho Shinki will do a collaboration song with EXILE (yeah EXILE as in the group where Takahiro is) that will be released on June 13 in their Loving You single as their b-side. The title of the song is Sky xD xD (Well  I  think this is more beneficial for DBSK since EXILE is famous and establish in Japan already LOL) (It was just a speculated rumor >___<)
  • This year is the return of the comebacks LOL xD xD Yoshika is now back at the scene after giving birth to a baby girl. She is now joining m-flo's tour (COSMICOLOR) / will be produced a tour by m-flo (I dunno if which of this two is correct but the words are Yoshika, tour, m-flo LOL)
  • Takeshi Kobayashi (Mr.Children's "5th member") will file a divorce now with his wife after the allegedly true rumor of having an affair with Hitoto Yo (LOL they first met in ap bank fes and now rumors are they are going to be married once the divorce is settled)
  • If there is a divorce news, now for the marriage news, rumors are strongly spread that finally Ayu and Tomoya Nagase will tie their knot this year xD (waaaahhh Tomoya Nagase). The rumor is JE manage to say yes to Tomoya's plan to marry Ayu because he was kinda involved in Jin's return to JE / KAT-TUN xD. Well time for them to settle down (and time for Ayu to retire and pass her "crown" to some deserving artists LOL and avex have already milked her a big money with all of her releases in the span of 10 years)
I'm sooo addicted to COLOR's new song with ATSUSHI, Lost Moments ~okiwasureta jikan~ :D :D (Might consider buying this single LOL)
Looks like I'll break my promise that I will not buy jpop stuffs =____= Waaahhh AAA is releasing 4th Attack DVD!!!! (I know they have crazy releases but I'm a live perf freak and AAA's live performances never fails to amaze me and their concert DVDs are worth buying) >__> Time to be broke again

Speaking of live perfs, I'm on my uploading mode again, I'm sharing these recent live perfs :D :D

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all the moms out there (and to my mom, waaaaaaaaaaaahhh I really miss you so much Love yah mommy!!! :D :D)


Mar. 23rd, 2007 08:18 pm
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~___~  Another weekend off for me. I spent the rest of Friday morning and afternoon in bed >___< I have a fever and cold (But compared last week, I already regained my voice) I still feel very hot even if my aircon is at the coldest setting (Fever + hot environment)

I can't wait for April (~sings "holidays are coming"~) LOL

I have been missing a lot on downloads (I dunno which is which to download now so much video + songs that are released left and right)

So far this is my download list:

My To-Download List:
1. Mr.Children - I Love You at Tokyo Dome Live Tour (finally after a month I have finished downloading this)
2. Mr. Children - Wonderful World on Dec. 21 (special concert, this is after Sakurai's recovery)
3. Rock in Japan Festival - (also after a month I have finished this one LOL)
4. Yuna Ito - St. Valentine's Acoustic Live
5. Angela Aki - HOME Live Tour at Zepp Tokyo
6. Angela Aki - Piano Live One
7. Hayami Kishimoto - Thursday Night Live
8. February 28's new singles and albums releases
9. Nodame Cantabile anime episodes
10. Yuna Ito at Bokura no Ongaku
11. ayaka at Girl's Pop Factory
12. Angela Aki - My Keys at Budokan
13. J Wave Concert 2006 (both Day 2 and 3)
14. Music Station (March 16  episode)
15. Mr. Children at Bokura no Ongaku (will be aired tonight)
16. Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru Movie (waaaaaaaaaaahhh Tamaki Hiroshi!!!!!!!!! *___*)
17. Death Note the Last Name
18. Hana Yori Dango Last Episode
19. Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 19
20. some other PVs and videos (LOL)

1. March 21 releases
2. Others LOL I'm too lazy to specify

(my conclusion: I need a very large HDD for all of this my 200GB HDD is not enough!)

Waaaahhh Keita is releasing a new single and a photobook (Bad Timing ~________~ I am d*mn broke)

The nominations for MTV Japan MVA '07 is already announced

Woot So many info posted :D :D
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Okay I know, I am a day late but I am very very busy as of today (I haven't got any good sleep for now) but waaaaahhh I'm very happy that Nodame Cantabile snags all the major awards in the last 51st Japanese Drama Awards (As I promised I will be online if this thing happens)

LOL I just get online because I am really really curious about the result and lalala.. time for me to get some sleep ^^



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