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Another Friday the 13th for this year xP I don't believe in superstitions.... It is still man who creates his own destiny hahaha


As we all know, the m-flo loves project will officially end after their last leg of COSMICOLOR live tour this Saturday, July 21. Most of their fans have a question: "What's next for m-flo??" And well, the answer for this question will be also revealed on the 21st. But as I was reading VERBAL's blog, he wrote a sentence there (in big and bold fonts) that caught my attention:

LOL this is not my supposed to be my blog entry... but well since I'm typing up a post, it wouldn't be complete without adding some randomness

As an eyecandy for everyone, I'm now presenting a new breed of Tuxedo Mask


LOL I'm just adding this video!!! Clazziquai is a cool group! Alex and Horan are goofing off during their rehearsals ^__^ but still their vocals are so great! (And *evil grin* I really want to take the mascot and have a purikura with it)

This ends my novel-like fangirl post ^^
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Dates and days are really my weakness LOL! I thought today was Thursday and not Friday... I forgot to greet my friend, Aki but my other friend sent me a message about Aki's birthday so I was saved and I greeted Aki a while ago via SMS....

I really like Nodame Cantabile!!! xD xD This series ish really hilarious! Plus the way they played musical instruments in the orchestra were superb LOL! (Chiaki-senpai ish very cool in this series!!!! Waaahhh Chiaki-senpai!!!!)

*** Chiaki-senpai during the beginning of his piano performance ***

*** Nodame as the cute mascot as S-oke special performance ***

While me and my cousin were watching 14 sai no haha's episode 6, we cried a little bit. LOL ~____~ It was really a touching episode that we feel pity for the main character that she was ridiculed by the society that as if being pregnant at 14 makes her a criminal.... ^___^ We want to see how this series will progress.. ^^;; 

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi's plot seems good as the series progresses.. Hopefully the next episodes will changed our views about this drama that it will be just an ordinary korean drama... LOL

I also watched Prince of Tennis Live Action Movie.. and LOOOOOL Shirota Yuu ish really kakkoii as Tezuka.. The live action movie covers the beginning until the Hyotei arc in the anime... The live action movie's effects are good... ^___^

**** Shirota Yuu as Tezuka *_____* ****

>____________< As the end of the month is approaching, Waahhhh money money and money again LOL



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