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After being rejuvenated, here I come again with another year-end special review (haha I can't help with my inclination of watching long shows like these) (I watched this at 1 am then had a sleep again and watched the other half a while ago)

As an introduction to everyone, Japan Record Award is recognized as Japanese equivalent to Grammy Awards. The songs were selected by a panel of judges who will receive the Gold Prize and Special Awards (before the event) and during the event, which is usually at December 30 every year, they will choose one winner for Grand Prix, Best Singer/Vocal Performance and Best New Artist.

As another year end special ended, we are looking forward to 2008's music year.

I'm just pissed off that when I need to download GBs worth of files my BT download is so slow
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A couple of days ago, my internet connection was very slow I couldn't open a webpage properly. I can't access to my own blog ^__^;; Plus Y!M is still a pain, my messages were lagged >___>

Since I am in the mood of blogging and putting my own review to different music shows that I have seen: CDTV SP and Japan Record Awards, this post will be a long one

I got some left-over AAA link:

AAA - Hurricane Lily, Boston Mary at a-nation 2006

And visit kurisuti's AAA fansite at: Kagayakitai.com
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AAA is my favorite group for this year. When I saw their 1st Attack clips on the TV, I was amaze by their choreography and how they perform live with seemingly endless energy.

So now I am sharing some of the best things of AAA fandoms LOL

Since this is still a season for sharing, I am sharing some AAA stuffs that I uploaded ^__^;;

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"Still just an ordinary Sunday" - This is how I can describe my Sunday LOL >__< 

Waaaaiiii I have finished reading Death Note manga.. LOL xD xD After some dragging parts, I have finally finished reading it! LOL!!!!!!!!! (*applauds myself*)

Also last night, I finished watching EXILE's Perfect Best Live Tour DVD! I really like this group!!! xD xD I just found out that MakiDai and USA can also rap xD xD and not just dance LOL ^^;; Atsushi's former group, COLOR also guested on that live performance and GLAY... (Taka, the one who joined the EXILE's vocalist audition and also a member of COLOR, decided to form a new group together with the 3 finalist of EXILE's vocalist audition.. So we'll just have to watch for them having their debut single). Also on the live tour DVD, everyone cried ^___^;; They were very emotional in that live tour.. (Maybe because it will be the last time they would have a live tour with Shun as EXILE member)

I finished downloading NTV's Best Artist Special (LOL I'll write a review on that tomorrow ^^;;)

BoA appeared on CNN TalkAsia. She was interviewed about her life as a pop star.. ^^;; And LOL she revealed that she has a crush on Justin Timberlake (too bad he is taken) and cleared up some rumors about her.. But she looks soooo haggard at that interview... ^^;;

As I was browsing the net, the Japan's version of Grammy's announced the awardees!!!!

An ordinary day has passed again....


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