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Won't someone send me already to the "Japanese addiction rehabilitation center"??? (LOL is there a thing like that? How I wish there was one because I'm 200% addict now! Who wants to join me there??)

First thing first. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my new friend, [personal profile] x_fei!! Cheers for joining the elite 20's club LOL and hope that you'll enjoy the beginning of your adulthood and more fangirl years to come :D (Sorry I still can't keep my promise answering your memes because lol this entry will be so long because I'm in the mood to type these randomness.. Gomen ne)

I was overly excited that finally, m-flo's Cosmicolor Final Leg in Yokohama Arena Live Tour DVD will be released on October 31, 2007! Yeah you have read that right, finally my most awaited DVD, is on its way to be released. I was praying that hopefully this would be announced because I'm losing guard with my money for buying cds elsewhere. So I'm glad this is already announced.. LOL I already ordered it!!!! Mwahuahua!!! So from now on, I'm locking up my debit card and WILL not order anything (oooowwww??? promise??) until the dvd is released....

Sad news:

Quoted from z-degrees blog:
"Horan, female vocalist for Korea’s most famous electronica band Clazziquai, severely injured her knee on stage at a concert held last month. She stepped in some pit on stage and tweaked her left knee. 

She is supposed to have plenty of rest for at least 2 months, but with heavy scheduling, the group is having a hard time coping. In place of Horan, member Alex has been coming on the variety shows for her. Her company revealed that she will come out for SBS’s Inkigayo on the 12th." Source

T___T I hope she get well soon.. They still have so many live events until September so I hope she can managed to attend to those. Even if my real favorite member is Alex, I hope that she's get well soon... T__T

I'm sooooo excited but at the same time I'm sad because I'll be broke again T____T I just wish that being a fangirl is a paid job because being a fangirl is really expensive!!!!!!!!

I'll update my list of: You Know when you are addicted when it reached 150 LOL xD

I still have so many things to update to but this is already too long so I'll save that for the next posts....

Thanks for bearing with my fangirl squeals *___*
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Woot! I got a new template here at LJ xD xD I wish I can learn how to do a layout in LJ but well I have no time to do that... >__>

After a few days off, so far I have been busy watching videos left and right xD xD and busy timing Delicious Gakuin which will be translated by kurisuti

And then yesterday I had an overload of Takahiro pictures and waaaahhh I was able to make some avatars :D :D *points my new avatar* (Isn't my Takahiro hawt and sexy??) Don't ever dare to pick a fight with him or else...........   LOL

Now, I realized that my AAA and EXILE fandoms are related LOL!!!

>>> The two Takahiros singing together!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhh I want to see this one!!!!!! =____=

>>> The long lost brother of ATSUSHI!!! LOL

Speaking of AAA, I love it's new layout. The Get Chu / She no Jijitsu theme is sooo cute :D :D

and back to EXILE again, last night I saw an interview of Takahiro, Usa and Hiro. The video was about how Takahiro knows about EXILE (of course, he perfectly answered all the questions because he is EXILE no dai fan!!!) The questions were: What is the title of the collaboration single of GLAY and EXILE? (Answer: SCREAM, I hope they will re-record this one!!), What is the name of HIRO, USA, MAKIDAI, and MATSU? (Answer: J Soul Brothers), What is the name of the original singers of Won't Be Long (Brother Tom and Brother Korn), What is the name of USA's companion in his part time job? (LOL I didn't get the answer for this one LOL), What is the title of the book that Hiro released? (LOL I forgot the complete title all I know is B-Boys something like that) (and I forgot the other question, will add later if I remembered it) Here is the interview that I am talking about:

Waaaahhhh m-flo collaboration officially ended >_____________< I wish they had a collaboration with EXILE as I am always saying to [profile] gaily_girl   ~____~ I really love Cosmicolor!!! (especially Love me after 12 AM and Stuck with your love) And I also love YUI's new album.. Hopefully, I can buy those albums!!!!!!!!!!

[profile] gaily_girl 
This video is for you --- Suemith and the Suemitsu - Allegre Cantabile at PJ

So much for fangirl-ism :D :D

Till the next time
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AAA is my favorite group for this year. When I saw their 1st Attack clips on the TV, I was amaze by their choreography and how they perform live with seemingly endless energy.

So now I am sharing some of the best things of AAA fandoms LOL

Since this is still a season for sharing, I am sharing some AAA stuffs that I uploaded ^__^;;

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Waaaiiii xD xD I should really applaud myself for waking up early for Misa de Gallo! xP Because my house was just a few distance away from the church, my alarm clock was the big bell at the "tower" of the church LOL ~___~ which keep on ringing at 3 am - 3:30 am... The days and nights are starting to get cold and chilly...

57th Kouhaku Utagassen Artist with Song List )
This past few days, I have been fangirling over Tamaki Hiroshi (in Nodame Cantabile) LOOOOOL ^^;; His expressions were really priceless! LOL!!! xD xD.. And lately I have been downloading some Jpop shows (PJ, HeyHeyHey and MF) LOL 

Screenshots Galore!!! xD xD )
Huhuhu! Fall season dramas are now coming to an end.... ~___~ I will miss Nodame Cantabile (but hey! they announced that there will be an anime adaptation next year January 2007 xD xD I can't wait to be on a fangirl mode again to Chiaki-senpai LOL)

Ja matta!!!!!!


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