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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!


I really love collaborations. It's so good to see your favorite artists singing with each other and more or less the output is really good

All of the songs in this list have download links (most are audio rips, some are video links), if these won't work, just leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to upload these songs for you :D
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LOL @ Blog title!!!! xD Actually that title is a fusion of 2 album titles from my top Korean music "idols", Younha and Clazziquai Project :D Finally after the long wait, the albums are already in my hands ^___^ I really love HMV services, the items arrived to me after 3 days of shipment (the fastest and ever reliable)

Younha's A Perfect Day to Say I love You and Clazziquai Project's Love Child of the Century with my new "baby"

 After resisting myself downloading (for almost a month), Clazziquai Project's 3rd album, waaaaaahhh finally I got to listen to it now... :D I really love the packaging of Clazziquai's new album *___* (I'm sooo lucky to order the last available copy of the limited edition one)

***The package: Pocket Photos (Above) Lyrics Booklet that can be turn into mini Poster of Love Child mascot, DVD on the orange paper sleeve, Audio CD on the White Audio Sleeve and the sticker***

**The back panel of the cd box of Love Child of the Century album**

I thought Cristina (Alex's sister) wouldn't sing in this album but looks like she sang 3 songs and one duet with Alex! Well looks like she is still a Clazziquai Project member but she don't appear to any live perfs.. (It's just always Alex, Horan and DJ Clazziquai)... As usual on the credits section of this album, DJ Clazzi mention his dearest pig, Dalmacian (no wonder why the covers are all pigs xD) As usual, both Alex and Horan managed to sing songs that always sound so relaxing and "heavenly" ^___^. I hope there will be a song that will have Alex's rap because he is soooo good both in singing and rapping (He can sing Love Me After 12 AM alone xP) I definitely recommend everyone to try Clazziquai Project songs because they are good!!!

On the other hand, our "heiress" Younha ([profile] emeraldz and I are calling her like that exclusively for our "harems") is very beautiful in the pics on the booklet of her album :D

*the back picture of Younha in her lyrics booklet (Sorry I don't have a scanner)**

I am really happy buying these stuffs (even if I am broke now LOL) Huhuhu after purchasing these two cds, my wishlist is really growing again.....

  • Monkey Majik - Sora wa Maru de - me and [profile] gaily_girl instantly fell in love with this album after listening to it *___* Especially I miss you and Long Shot Penny ^__^ We both wish that Pretty People was not included here and instead change it into Car Crash LOL. Waaaahhh as always Monkey Majik's album is cheaper than other regular jpop albums but with the state of my finances it will took me a lot of time to buy this one
  • Monoral - [profile] gaily_girl introduced me to this great band! And just like Monkey Majik their album is cheaper than regular Jpop albums =____=
  • COSMICOLOR Live Tour DVD - I have got a strong feeling that on the last leg most of the artist on the "m-flo loves project" will appear and perform with them T_T and if that happens, I will really save up money to buy this
  • EXILE EVOLUTION Live Tour DVD - no explanation ask for this one hahahha
Speaking of Jpop, these past few days, there are a lot of "early leaks" from different artists... Hmm.. LOL I can't keep up with it....

I have been watching some old dramas again, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake.... T___T I watched this because I saw the lead guy's pic and he is sooo handsome! LOL And wahhh I have been crying in some scenes T_T

AAA is going to Baltimore!!!!!!!!!! Waaahhh I'm really envy to those people who can watch them T_____T

LOL Sorry again for my fangirl squeals :D


Mar. 23rd, 2007 08:18 pm
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~___~  Another weekend off for me. I spent the rest of Friday morning and afternoon in bed >___< I have a fever and cold (But compared last week, I already regained my voice) I still feel very hot even if my aircon is at the coldest setting (Fever + hot environment)

I can't wait for April (~sings "holidays are coming"~) LOL

I have been missing a lot on downloads (I dunno which is which to download now so much video + songs that are released left and right)

So far this is my download list:

My To-Download List:
1. Mr.Children - I Love You at Tokyo Dome Live Tour (finally after a month I have finished downloading this)
2. Mr. Children - Wonderful World on Dec. 21 (special concert, this is after Sakurai's recovery)
3. Rock in Japan Festival - (also after a month I have finished this one LOL)
4. Yuna Ito - St. Valentine's Acoustic Live
5. Angela Aki - HOME Live Tour at Zepp Tokyo
6. Angela Aki - Piano Live One
7. Hayami Kishimoto - Thursday Night Live
8. February 28's new singles and albums releases
9. Nodame Cantabile anime episodes
10. Yuna Ito at Bokura no Ongaku
11. ayaka at Girl's Pop Factory
12. Angela Aki - My Keys at Budokan
13. J Wave Concert 2006 (both Day 2 and 3)
14. Music Station (March 16  episode)
15. Mr. Children at Bokura no Ongaku (will be aired tonight)
16. Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru Movie (waaaaaaaaaaahhh Tamaki Hiroshi!!!!!!!!! *___*)
17. Death Note the Last Name
18. Hana Yori Dango Last Episode
19. Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 19
20. some other PVs and videos (LOL)

1. March 21 releases
2. Others LOL I'm too lazy to specify

(my conclusion: I need a very large HDD for all of this my 200GB HDD is not enough!)

Waaaahhh Keita is releasing a new single and a photobook (Bad Timing ~________~ I am d*mn broke)

The nominations for MTV Japan MVA '07 is already announced

Woot So many info posted :D :D

On Hiatus

Jan. 29th, 2007 08:29 pm
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Waahhh I will miss blogging, downloading and other net stuffs (but not fangirling LOL even if I'm away from the net I'll still and always be a fangirl). Despite with my upcoming busy schedule, I will try to once in a while to be updated and check the net ^^;; (LOL I can't really control myself with it)

For the AAA's 1st Attack clips that I haven't reuploaded, I will try one by one to reupload them all (be patient, I will reupload them!)
I will miss Orange Days!!! (LOL I'll try every weekends to finish that series, it keeps me addictive)

As for upcoming Jpop releases, my album / single wishlist are as follows:

1. w-inds. 6th album
2. BoA - made in 20 (LOL I haven't bought it on HMV maybe next time)
3. AAA T&C single limited edition with T-shirt and pouch as freebies (for me to purchase this one is very very low >___< because it is sooo friggin' expensive and I spend money to buy some AAA stuffs ~__~)
4. m-flo's upcoming album (I love the new line-up and collaboration)
5. m-flo Beat Space Nine (Korean version, I know this is on bargain on Yesasia but....)
6. Anna Tsuchiya / OLIVIA Limited inspi'NANA albums ~______~ (as the word says it is limited in copies >__<)
7. Ryohei - ReListen album (waaaahhh it has been a while since he released an album and waaahh I want that)
8. Mr. Children - Home album (this is special because it is their 15th anniversary album and I love Mr.Children's new stuffs)
9. EXILE's rumored album - the 1 cd + 2 dvd version (i hope this is true), the cd contains the audio tracks (with their past singles + Won't Be Long and Unmei no Hito ~orchestra version~), the 1st dvd contains the PVs of their past singles plus the making-of videos while the 2nd dvd contains the entire EXILE Vocal Battle Audition Final Live (Waaahhhh this is what I really really want to see.. Takahiro!!! *__*)
10. UVERworld - Bugright album (after being postponed!! >__<)
11. some stuffs on YJA ~___~;;

I hope that avex trax will stop their album releasing spree ~_______~;; (Well knowing avex trax, the money sucking recording company in Japan) and yuck Koda Kumi *ehem* releasing Best-of album again is really too much... so as Ayu (yuck!) releasing Best album in two versions (I just wished that my favorite artists don't belong to avex trax and Rhythm nation)

And I also hope that Nodame Cantabile will snag major awards on 51st Japanese Drama Awards LOL (Tamaki Hiroshi as Best Actor!!!) (If this happens, I will be online no matter what and share the joy to everyone LOL)

So much for fangirl stuffs and see yah all!!!!!! :D :D


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