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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!


I really love collaborations. It's so good to see your favorite artists singing with each other and more or less the output is really good

Collaborations that were released in CD/digital single (this will also include "featuring works")

10. Monkey Majik + m-flo - Picture Perfect (m-flo loves Monkey Majik - Picture Perfect Love)
- So what's the difference? Picture Perfect = has japanese verses; Picture Perfect Love = pure English + m-flo-ized song (the middle part has been remixed). Thanks to this song that I discovered Monkey Majik.

9. Dohzi-T featuring Shota Shimizu - One Love tied with Kato Miliyah x Shota Shimizu - I'm Your Angel
- Shota is one talent to watch for in 2008. (I'm giving Dohzi-T bear hugs for giving young R&B singers a chance to be known) LOL even if he hasn't debuted yet officially, I will put him to the "Best Debut Artist for 2008" list XD. I'm actually more impressed with Miliyah and Shota's version of I'm Your Angel 10 times more than Yuna Ito's My Heart will go on because they innovated to make a new version of the song rather than just trying to sound like a copycat of Celine.

8. Dohzi-T featuring Full of Harmony - Kanashimi ni Sayonara
- LOL this cover version is so d*mn catchy for me! Haha FOH's smooth vocals matched up with Dohzi-T's raps. I wouldn't mind if they will collaborate again next time.

7. EXILE featuring NaNa - No Other Man
- This is my favorite song in the EVOLUTION album *O* Another bear hugs for STY for this song. Plus the performance of this song is for the win (especially from EXILE's final night concert). I wish NaNa will continue this style on her solo works though.

6. m-flo loves melody. - Stuck in Your Love
- Another favorite from COSMICOLOR album! *O* I don't want the melody loves m-flo - Born 2 luv U one. Actually this is a step up for melody's voice as VERBAL's rap matched with her voice. My one and only wish for this song is that they should perform it live... T__T

5. SEAMO featuring BoA - Hey Boy, Hey Girl tied with KOH+ - Kiss shite
- This song is really so cute! *O* But interaction wise Love Bug > Hey Boy, Hey Girl. I just can't pass on the cuteness of this song. On the other hand, I really find Kiss Shite so catchy too but I don't like how it was performed live :(

4. COLOR featuring ATSUSHI - Lost Moments ~okiwasureta jikan~ tied with EXILE's Touch the Sky featuring Bach Logic
- another EXILE related songs. LOL but I really love Lost Moments that I'm still sad that the final concert dvd didn't include the perf of this one. Meanwhile, I'm going to give large bear hugs again for STY for Touch the Sky. The song is really so good but just a big no for the PV of this one. I'm so happy that Takahiro can pull out now some upbeat R&B.

3. Koda Kumi featuring DBSK - Last Angel tied with Anyband's Promise U
- This my favorite Koda Kumi song for this year (hahaha I never really liked her solo works that much anyway) Their dancing styles plus vocals made this song rocked for me. Oh, I got to admit I loved the PV of this song too ^__~. Promise U is one of the best Kpop collaborations for this year *O* (and best BoA collab to date)

2. ayaka x Kobukuro - Winding Road (the mp3 is the AP Bank Festival version though ^^)
- A very good combination of vocal talents and composition skills. Although the record version was good but it more freaking amazing in live performance. I will really freak  our if anyone of them will release a solo version of this song. Yada!!!!! The song won't work without the other artist.

1. m-flo loves Alex (Clazziquai Project) - Love Me After 12 am (all versions)
I think almost everyone knows how I much love this song (woohh song of the year). Alex voice is so velvety and Verbal's rap was just so good for this song. Like I said, I love this song whatever version it is. May it be the original version, remix, or the Cosmicolor concert version

Unofficial Collaborations (Collaborations that were sang in live perfs) - I don't think this will reach 10 though

8. Golden Circle with Sakurai Kazutoshi of Mr.Children - Music at Golden Circle Live
- I know this song has been released on CD but I love the live version more than the record version though because Sakurai's voice has left a large mark in the live version.. *O*

7. ayaka x Sukima Switch - Kotoba ni Dekinai at Music Fair 21
- ayaka's live perf collaborations are for the win. As I have been whining, I wouldn't mind if they will collaborate again.

5. Toshinobu Kubota x Atsushi (EXILE) - Indigo Waltz at MTV Icon Special: Toshinobu Kubota
- I love this version of Indigo Waltz. I just wish this two will do another collaboration and release it on CDs.

6. Yuna Ito, AI, Bonnie Pink - Dreamgirls at Oggi x M-On "The Basics Live"
- They got a good rendition of this song. Well any live perf collab with AI = awesome

5. Gospellers x DBSK - Towani at Soul Power Osaka
- Like what I always say, Towani is one of the best JR&B song, no matter what version it is. I love how Gospellers "supported" DBSK in this song. I admit Changmin got a good voice in this perf though. It will be nice if they will be included for the "Tribute to Gospellers album" if ever.

4. Gospellers x CHEMISTRY - Mimosa at Music Fair 21
This collaboration is for the win!! I love this version of Mimosa. Kaoru Kurosawa of Gospellers is really good in blending his voice with other artists

3. Yuna Ito, AI, Bonnie Pink, Juju - Lady Marmalade at Oggi x M-On "The Basics Live"
They can replace the original version of this song with their own version *O* The rip is on loop in my player

2. Younha x Epik High - Love Love Love at Music Bank
- I really love this version more than the CD one

1. AI x Boyz II Men - I'll Make love to you at Music Fair 21
- Boys II Men = love + AI = love equals Great love and Bear Hugs. This perf is more of like fan + idol performing in one stage lol. Like Boyz II Men said, they would love to collaborate with AI for another new song that they will release exclusively in Japan *O*

My Dream Collaborations

AAA x BoA - one hot dance song pleaaaaassseee
AAA x EXILE = the 2 Takahiro's = love (I'm sure AAA boys will be thrilled if this collaboration will happen)
Alex and Atsushi = next to impossible lol xD
Alex, Ryohei and Yoshika = *O*
ayaka x DBSK = haha [personal profile] rikayla will be overjoyed if this will happen.
ayaka x Sakurai Kazutoshi (Mr.Children) = another fan + idol dream collab
Utada Hikaru x Sakurai Kazutoshi (Mr.Children) = instant million selling single xD
Roma Tanaka x BoA - it will be a kick ass collab if they will do a hot dance PV
Takahiro x Yamapi x Jin = I will explode if this happen in a million years XD
m-flo loves EXILE - too bad the m-flo loves project already ended but I will be really happy if they collaborated
Angela Aki x mink = LOL they will be the "female" Sukima Switch
Full of Harmony x Bennie K or Soulhead= *is speechless*
Shota Shimizu x Bennie K = love love love

All of the songs in this list have download links (most are audio rips, some are video links), if these won't work, just leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to upload these songs for you :D

on 2007-12-26 07:02 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] michikonowishes.livejournal.com
I grab Lost moments! I love the atsushi solo part...its so sweet <3
Nice song..thanks for sharing! ^^

on 2007-12-26 10:13 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] garnet-moon07.livejournal.com
Your welcome, as I said, it is one of my favorites :D :D


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