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Won't someone send me already to the "Japanese addiction rehabilitation center"??? (LOL is there a thing like that? How I wish there was one because I'm 200% addict now! Who wants to join me there??)

First thing first. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my new friend, [personal profile] x_fei!! Cheers for joining the elite 20's club LOL and hope that you'll enjoy the beginning of your adulthood and more fangirl years to come :D (Sorry I still can't keep my promise answering your memes because lol this entry will be so long because I'm in the mood to type these randomness.. Gomen ne)

I was overly excited that finally, m-flo's Cosmicolor Final Leg in Yokohama Arena Live Tour DVD will be released on October 31, 2007! Yeah you have read that right, finally my most awaited DVD, is on its way to be released. I was praying that hopefully this would be announced because I'm losing guard with my money for buying cds elsewhere. So I'm glad this is already announced.. LOL I already ordered it!!!! Mwahuahua!!! So from now on, I'm locking up my debit card and WILL not order anything (oooowwww??? promise??) until the dvd is released....

LOL this is going to be a long one so I decided to put this under a cut... ^^;; to lessen spammage on your friends list... LOL

EXILE's Toki no Kakera PV was already released ^___^;; The PV is like Love, Dream and Happiness PV which only featured clips from Vocal Battle Audition until the EVOLUTION live tour. But I'm happy with it :D Why? Because I have seen the scenes behind the camera :D LOL I'm amazed at Hiro! He is already going to his 40s but woah his body looks like a body of man in his 20s. You don't believe me??? LOL Here are some evidences:

This is one of the reasons why my Takahiro is really into building up his body because he is envious of other EXILE members' bodies hehehe.... If you will watch the PV, EXILE members are really into body building... :D

*__* Sexy back *___*

But what caught my attention is Takahiro's smile is really soooooooo *_____* dfakjda;jfad;ljfdasj (speechless) LOL His dimples are really so cute *________* LOL If he really smiled at me like that, my knees will tremble XD

*______________* (*points myself* is a great sucker for Takahiro's smile and dimples)

EXILE's live tour is already finished. Finally!!!!! I miss my husband, Takahiro on the scene!!! T____T I have read some fan reports and waaahhh the last concert was really so emotional T___T The report goes like this: (thanks Lena for the translation)
"When EXILE finished singing, Atsushi said something like, " Takahiro good going" and they hugged each other for a while. and then Atsushi cried and said: " Takahiro worked real hard in this 4 month's pressure and I want to praise him for that" and Takahiro started crying in those words. And EXILE continued singing "Michi" but Takahiro couldnt sing, he was crying and Atsushi was crying the whole time too" T____T *sends love to Takahiro* Reading this makes me love him x1000 more *sniffs* Another concert that Atsushi cried T___T I wish people will stop comparing Takahiro with Shun because they are really different >__< And well he may be not that good but he is trying his best (and looking at the clips of the Evolution Tour, he really improved since last year's auditions) T___T (LOL I'm not that biased, I'm just being fair with him xD)

EXILE EVOLUTION ~Summer Time Love~ Set List (August 4 and 5)

Change My Mind
COLOR: Blue Sky
Lost Moments ~okiwasureta Jikan~
JONTE: Yureru
~Dancer's Theme~
Won't Be Long feat Neverland
No Other Man feat NaNa
J Soul Brothers Introduction
Lovers Again
Kanata Kara Koko he
Choo Choo Train
Dream Catcher
Medley: Carry on, Together, EXIT, Hero
Summer Time Love
Unmei no Hito ~Orchestra Version~
Toki no Kakera
One Love

They have announced another subgroup: J Soul Brothers (which is the resurrection of Hiro's former group). This one is a mixed of EXILE and COLOR (but same principle with EXILE, 2 singers and 4 dancers but their music is more of R n B so that's why it is a mixed of the two)

Tetsuya (these three came from the defunct group, FULCRUM)
Shoukichi (one of the semi-finalist of the Vocal Battle Audition) (pic)

EXILE's live tour will be shown in Wowow this September 22 at 8:00 PM, Japan Time. T____T I wish I can get my television fixed (If I managed to do so, I'll record this and a-nation 07)

I finished watching the live DVD the other night and all I can say are these:

1. Let It Beat's perf made me so dizzy
2. I wished that Yume no Kakera was included in the 8 angle shots
3. The dance bridges are 07.gif
4. Nissy missed some lyrics during Q
5. Mitsuhiro should not dance to Champagne Gold
6. Yukari looked anorexic >___<
7. I got to praise Misako's good vocals and err criticized Yukari and Chiaki's vocals
8. Woah Shinjiro has lots of fans!!! O___O
9. Nissy in megane look is 07.gif
10. Still 3rd attack is the best but the setlist of 4th Attack is good (there are a lot of new songs)
Nissy shouldn't attempt again to lift his shirt up because he needs a lot of body workout to do!!! LOL (Why don't he ask Takahiro's advice for working out? o__O)

But overall their dvd is amazing :D I really like how they perform live (I'm a sucker of buying all 4 of their dvds!)

Sad news:

Quoted from z-degrees blog:
"Horan, female vocalist for Korea’s most famous electronica band Clazziquai, severely injured her knee on stage at a concert held last month. She stepped in some pit on stage and tweaked her left knee. 

She is supposed to have plenty of rest for at least 2 months, but with heavy scheduling, the group is having a hard time coping. In place of Horan, member Alex has been coming on the variety shows for her. Her company revealed that she will come out for SBS’s Inkigayo on the 12th." Source

T___T I hope she get well soon.. They still have so many live events until September so I hope she can managed to attend to those. Even if my real favorite member is Alex, I hope that she's get well soon... T__T

I'm sooooo excited but at the same time I'm sad because I'll be broke again T____T I just wish that being a fangirl is a paid job because being a fangirl is really expensive!!!!!!!!

I'll update my list of: You Know when you are addicted when it reached 150 LOL xD

I still have so many things to update to but this is already too long so I'll save that for the next posts....

Thanks for bearing with my fangirl squeals *___*
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