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After being rejuvenated, here I come again with another year-end special review (haha I can't help with my inclination of watching long shows like these) (I watched this at 1 am then had a sleep again and watched the other half a while ago)

As an introduction to everyone, Japan Record Award is recognized as Japanese equivalent to Grammy Awards. The songs were selected by a panel of judges who will receive the Gold Prize and Special Awards (before the event) and during the event, which is usually at December 30 every year, they will choose one winner for Grand Prix, Best Singer/Vocal Performance and Best New Artist.

I won't go in detail with this show as more than half of this show are either rewind of the music clips or enka showcase (I'm sure  many of us are not interested in enka). I may have skipped or forgotten some artists (especially the enka ones), so sorry for it

Satomi Takasugi was this year's performance opener for Japan Record Awards (last year was ayaka) then after her performance, all the participants (except w-inds.) were in the center stage with the hosts.

I just noticed one thing that I now fully realized how tall Takahiro is as he is just a few inches shorter than Kuroda of Kobukuro (yeah that gigantic man) (I didn't realized it when he is with EXILE as they are almost of the same heights)

(I hope you can see the picture Takahiro is in between USA and Kuroda)

The cute thing in this awards night was how they present the awardees/performers into the stage using the lift. They presented performers in pairs.

Among the artists in Jpop, C-ute was the second performers. And well as everyone knows, I don't like anything related to H!P so I skipped watching it.

Jyongri and Stephanie were the next performers. Jyongri was eagerly showing the crowd her "proud necklace" I like her performance here better than in Best Hit Kayousai. Stephanie's performance was like: "eh? is that pride of the 5 octaves girl?" lol her voice is not that flop but it's not awesome too that I can par it with MISIA or other female with the same range.

Then Otsuka Ai and BoA were presented next. Ai is just so cute (maybe one of the reasons why I like her because she's too cute to resist. She don't look like she's 24 already!!!) Ai's Peach perf was good too. BoA looks good and that was the best Love Letter performance I've ever seen so far.

Ai, please stop wearing those plaid pants and scarf!!!!

EXILE and w-inds. were the next performers. w-inds. did it again like last year's dance showdown but I really hate Love is the Greatest Thing. I just only like the dance. Keita really improved now in dancing. Also like last year, they performed outside of the venue hall.

Is it just me that their outfits made them shorter??

This is again another first for Takahiro (yeah this year is a lot of "Takahiro's first....") I think this one is the 2nd best Toki no Kakera perf I've seen (of course the final night concert was the best one) They all looked good except that Atsushi's stashe is blonde again! XD

All smiles

Kumi and ayaka were both so pretty in this show. I like how they put their promo pictures together while they were presenting both artists. This is one show that I didn't skip Kumi's performance. ayaka did it again with the Jewelry Day ending but I want her to take a rest though as her voice is really so raspy now :(

Kumi x ayaka promo pictures during their presentation

I also like this ayaka's hairstyle.

After some more enka related performance, they showed the video clip from 1988 - 2006. It was so cute to see artists "singing" with other artists songs in clip (they have this small box section on the video). As always, Keita was the most enthusiastic to sing along with them like he was imitating it (I can't describe this part that right in words so I hope you somehow get my point). Ai-chan was just so cute too. I think the camera loves to focus on Keita and Makidai. Takahiro sang along with Kuwata Keisuke's songs and of course both him and Keita sang with Mr.Children's Sign :D

Kobukuro performed with their Tsubomi. Kobuchi said that Tsubomi was written for his mother who was sick then. T___T

Then the announcement of the 3 major awards came next. The Best Artist was given to C-ute. I just know with this show that Japan has a rule for minors appearing in television that they are not allowed to appear live after 9 pm (but I realized that in 2005 not all AAA members are 18 years old so why they were allowed on TV? or maybe it is just a new law) C-ute's producer was the one who received their award. C-ute members just gave their thanks to the people in VTR.

I think I already spoiled this here the winners of Best Vocal Performance and Grand Prix. But more than the results itself it is nice to see how they received their awards. I was rooting for everyone except Kiyoshi and Kumi to win >__> and looks like my whines were heard :D

EXILE snagged the Best Vocal Performance for this year. Everyone was teary eyed (especially Takahiro). They thanked all the people who supported them. But unlike previous year's winners, they didn't give a repeat performance of Toki no Kakera. (But I'm still feeling that they should be nominated for Lovers Again or Michi rather than with Toki no Kakera but anyway still congratulations)


The Grand Prix was given to Kobukuro. Kobuchi was so teary eyed that when he was singing Tsubomi, he almost broke into tears while Kuroda did his part well. It was a good grand finale performance.

Omedetou! Tsubomi is really a good song :D

After watching this, I just can't understand how they pick out the nominees and winners though LOL XD

As another year end special ended, we are looking forward to 2008's music year.

I'm just pissed off that when I need to download GBs worth of files my BT download is so slow
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