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It's another year again of year end shows. Continuing my yearly traditions of watching and randomly commenting with the performances, I'm writing again another non-sense stuff for this year XD

Actually I should have done this yesterday but I still waited for the HDTV version. Isn't it just me that this year's Best Hit Kayousai is just short??? Hmm.. Anyway let's start!

> Opening
- This year's Best Hit Kayousai is not on a TV studio but on Osaka Jo-Hall. I just noticed that one of the hosts is Fujiwara Norika. I still can't forget her on the drama, Star no Koi XD.

Let us play hide and seek with Perfume

> Perfume - Special Medley-
- I honestly can't see how they are called "singers" when they just only use voice decoders and layering. Anyway, they have a decent perf though...

Thelma's Winter Wonderland theme

> Aoyama Thelma - Soba ni iru ne
- I seriously dislike this song! Why?? Because it's so cheesy! j/k actually the girl has a lot of potentials but instead of using her voice on stronger songs she choose to be tweeny. Actually my favorite songs from her are mostly her collaboration songs... Well I don't say that she's bad but she just sings / choose wrong type of songs... I actually thought of her to be urbanish but I guess she can't avoid to be poppy. Too bad for Soulja, Thelma is reaping all the success that he supposedly should have.

- Okaeri, ayaka. I hope you won't do again the pic on Why it is just so creepy... Please bring back the bun style kthnx

> ayaka - Okaeri
- Haha when I remember ayaka and Okaeri, I can't help to smile and remember her rumored relationship with Mitsushima Hiro. Anyway, they look so cute as a couple so no complains. Also ayaka is one of my absolute favorite for live performances and the girl got a good performance. Too bad they didn't whore again on Anata To! >< I miss the bun hair! Haha it's so cute when the audience shouted Okaeri at her

Your clothes are in "super shine" mode too. Ahhh husband I sooo miss you!!!

> EXILE - Super Shine
- I just hate my husband and Akira's hair with passion. I really need to drag them to the nearest barber shop >__> It is so cute when Makidai told that everyone was calling him: "Ken-chan" after his drama. Anyway, this was a good performance. LOL I just really miss them on videos. They did the line dancing on this performance. I dunno but I really like some part of the choreography of this song. It would have been nicer if EXILE is with Verbal for this song. Isn't just me that their mics made their voice sound layered? O__o??

Peace out yo!!

> Shuuchishiin / Arajin
- Talking about overrated. @___@ I honestly can't see any good musicality in this group except that Kamiji Yosuke can be charming on screen.

> Fukui Mai
- her song is good but her voice is not. She has a very hoarse voice that I was afraid that anytime on her perf she will be voiceless XD

> Girl Next Door
- Eh? Is this the new avex pet?? LOL I honestly can't see why they are just immediately invited to Kouhaku where other groups are more deserving ahem*AAA*ahem. Anyway I see them as a reminisce of DAI and DAT. The girl is pretty though...

> Ponyo singers
- LOL i can't remember the name of the kid and her "father" who sang the theme song of Ponyo XD

You won't really mistake him as an enka singer

> Best New Artist Awardee - Jero - Umi Yuuki
- yeah, he's the Black guy who broke into the enka scene earlier this year. LOL when I first saw him I thought he was an urban artist XD His mom's letter is so touching though... Well I don't like enka so......... I skipped watching his perf.

> Special Performance: SPEED - Special Medley
- SPEED is one of those earlier girl groups that is now back after their hiatus. I just remember one of their songs which was the theme song of Itazura na Kiss drama version. LOL I'm not a fan of this kind of girl groups but their performance was decent though...

--- Rewind Clip - Best Hit Kayousai past winners (New Artists and Grand Prix awards) part 1----

> Special Performance - Go Hiromi
- Sorry guys I don't like him so I skipped watching his performance.

--Rewind Clip - Best Hit Kayousai past winners (New Artists and Grand Prix awards) part 2 --

I just noticed that they didn't showed the winning clips of EXILE. Well maybe out of respect that SHUN is not there and they can't just use his images anymore

The formal look

The preppy look

> Special Performance: Namie Amuro - New Look
- Too bad she wasn't on the same hall while performing but I seriously envy her body!!!! Ahhh she's really so skinny! I thought her dress was really formal until I saw the entire dress.. It's so cute :D LOL I just find it funny how cute-sy New Look is.

> Kobukuro - Akai Ito
- I can't remember if I watched this or not as I feel asleep XD They should just whore Anata To with ayaka (Some says Winding Road is much better but I'm addicted to this song)

Sorry I was lazy to take each screencap XD

> Koda Kumi - Moon Crying
- Wow the girl was........ off-key singing her own song. The girl on MegaHits Karaoke special beat her in singing this song. She should have just performed Taboo though..

YooChun's hair is just waiting for a bird to land on it XD

> Tohoshinki - Doushite Kimi suki na shimattandarou (WTF, the title is so long to type >__>)
- The guys look so good in their white outfit. I still hate Yuchun's hair with passion. Yunho and Changmin look so good. I feel so pity on Jaejoong that he struggles to sing the high notes. They should have just performed an upbeat song. I seriosly don't like them singing ballads (well except Love in the Ice)

> Mizukawa Kiyoshi
- I skipped watching this perf (Yes, I dislike enka)

Yay for EXILE. Another award on their awards list :D

> Grand Prix Awardee: EXILE - Ti Amo (part 1 || part 2 )
- It is EXILE's 3rd time to win the same award. It wasn't a dramatic award acceptance but still congratulations to them. I still don't look at the performers' faces while they were performing Ti Amo. Good thing the cameraman don't focus on them so much and just went to focus on the vocalist's faces XD

**I uploaded EXILE performances so just click on the image/text link to grab the video. For other performances, if you want cuts just leave a comment*** (Thanks to hikkichan for the HQ video)
The show was decent though.. I can't wait for FNS Kayousai, it was my last year's favorite year end show. I hope it will be a blast :D

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Posted by [identity profile] hiroki-chan.livejournal.com
wow, cool! thanks for report, I might try to download this if it's available :D


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