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Although many people say that 2007 is like a boring year for Jpop/Kpop music, I still think that there are a lot of good things that were released this year. This will be a very long entry! LOL

Referring to my previous album list, I think it will remain the same with just some differences.

This will be a mix of Jpop and Kpop albums that I really enjoyed listening over and over again for 2007. This list may be biased though as I will base it in my personal opinions.

I'm more of an album lover than singles ^^;;

Most of the tops here are the albums that I own :D

1. m-flo - COSMICOLOR
- This has been my top album of the year for some personal sentiments: (1) this is the last m-flo loves original album, (2) I'm thankful to m-flo that I discovered some music gems, (3) it fits my mood whether pop/hip-hop/R&B. The song titles lived up on their names as I love them all now. (especially now that I have watched the concert *O*) Now I'm waiting what's their next direction after releasing their "loves best" album. I'm just kinda sad that they didn't released Love Me After 12 am -Cosmicolor concert version-
 Best Tracks: Love Me After 12 am (haha this is really my song of the year!!! If there will be a fanlisting for this song, I will be the first member), Stuck in Your Love, Picture Perfect Love, Luvotomy, Simple and Lovely

- I know readers of my blog will say that: "You profoundly professes your addiction but why is that EXILE is only your 2nd album" Read above sentiments why m-flo is my top album. The margin of my love between this and Cosmicolor is just a centimeter away. This is a step up of from their EVOLUTION album. Just like m-flo, this album has some of "full of loves" song titles XD But well I don't care as I really love this album too :D Although some were bashing that this don't deserve a million sales, haha it is just a pure timing and luck as I never expected too that this album will do good in the charts. I want to give bear hugs to michico, T.Kura, STY and Bach Logic for the R&B-ish songs. I'm so happy that finally Takahiro can pull out his R&B mood with this album :D
Best Tracks: What is Love?, Touch the Sky, Beautiful, love, I believe, Kimi ga iru kara

3. Clazziquai Project - Love Child of the Century
- Only Clazziquai Project is the group that even with repetitive lyrics that I won't get tired of listening to their songs. Alex, Horan, and Christina are definitely three of the gems in Kpop (even if most people haven't recognized that fact) This album had a good mix of house, electronic, pop and R&B moods combined in one album. The live performances of the songs from this album are simply amazing especially with Alex's vocals *O* I must say that discovering them is one of the best discoveries I had in my music fandom history
Best Tracks: Friday Blues, Romeo n Juliet, Our Lives, Prayers

4. Monkey Majik - Sora wa Maru de
- 2007 has been a good year for Monkey  Majik as they are getting the recognition they long deserved. Every song has a special meaning that are really awesome. I want to give a salute to both Blaise and Maynard for pulling out those great tracks. My only wish for this one is for me to see their concert (as I'm a big s*cker for concerts)
Best Tracks: I miss you, Long Shot Penny, Futari, Change, Picture Perfect

5. 8eight - The First
- I'm so glad that I discovered 8eight that when I first listened to their album, I was like: "I want to buy this now" (Well I have already bought the album and one of the best albums that I have bought this year). Just like Clazziquai, their songs are really a good combination of pop & R&B (minus the house and electronica vibe). I have seen a lot of their performances and I give them a thumbs-up for the good performances. The only thing is I need to know their names!! Haha I'm so weak with Korean names >__>
Best Tracks: Forget Love and Sing, If I only had one day featuring VOS, I can hear the memories, Between featuring P.Dog and K.Will

6. Younha - A perfect Day for Love Declaration
- this album made Younha to be famous in Korea, her motherland. I actually liked this one more than her Japanese works though (maybe because it is catchier than her Jpop ones) XD
Best Tracks: Password 486, Fly, Delete, Love Condition

7. Full of Harmony - W
- another wonderful discoveries of 2007. *O* Like their previous album, this one never failed to pull out some great tracks. *sigh* I wish I can snag some of their albums (but the problem is I can't choose which one to buy)
Best Tracks: Sweet November, Love Story, I'm Sorry, Wonder Girl

8. Tanaka Roma - Keep On
- This is like one of the best debut album!!!! LOL I love all the songs without any hesitant to miss a track. I miss him now on music waves. I can't wait for his new songs....
Best Tracks: One, ikigai, Namida, Romeo n Juliet

9. Wada Masaya - My Flavor -Dinner for the soul-
Although this is a cover album, I love his versions *O* His voice is not only a dinner for my soul but a complete meal for my soul xD
Best tracks: You Raise Me Up, Gone, Crazy, Kimi no soba ni

10. Kobukuro - 5296
- the much awaited albums for Kobukuro fans. Although 5296 was a ballad fest, I actually like it. Some of it were the gems in the album *O* They are best known as long term seller so I see this album in the charts as time goes on.
Best Tracks: (5696) White Days, Donna sora demo, Coin, Aoku Yasashiku, Tsubomi;

Honorable album mentions
1. Onitsuka Chihiro - Las Vegas - amphibious pawned this album! I find the lyrics kinda funny though XD
2. Angela Aki - Today
3. MISIA - Ascension
4. EXILE - EVOLUTION - I always love No Other Man feat. NaNa (lol I find the performance so cute) Another bear hugs for STY
5. Mr.Children - HOME
6. YUI - Can't Buy My Love - lol this is the shortest album I've ever listened to
7. MONORAL - Turbulence
8. Dohzi-T - One Mic
9. AAA - ALL and CCC - Champagne Gold, Feel Like Dance, Minna Star are all love *___*

This is not in rank because haha like what I said, I really s*ck at rankings so I'll just give what singles I enjoyed from some artist I will mention

AAA - I have been disappointed with their 2007 releases (especially the guys' single thing)
- best single: Get Chu, Kuchibiru Kara Romantika, That's Right, Sunshine

ARASHI - I admit I got sweeped by how catchy their songs are ^^
- Love so Sweet, Happiness

ayaka - 2006 > 2007
- best single: (collaboration) Winding Road (solo) Why

BoA - her music is going on downhill now. I hope she will reinvent herself though
- Lose Your Mind featuring Yutaka Furukawa from Doping Panda

Crystal Kay - she is one of the artists whose b-sides are love more than a-sides (sometimes xD)
- Konna ni Chikaku de; (b-sides) As One (b-side of Kitto Eien ni), Feel (b-side of Konna ni Chikaku de)

DBSK - I'm an on and off fan of them XD But at this moment, I'm their fan.
- Choosey Lover (yeah I'm so into this poppy song that I love it), Summer Dream/Song for you/Love in the Ice

EXILE - they are so active this year with their releases (but I want it as I see Takahiro on videos more often)
- I believe, Michi, Lovers Again

Hirai Ken
- His singles flopped this year in terms of sales LOL XD
- Fake Star - inspite of flop sales, I definitely love this single.. Choooo hot!!! The mash-up is the best one

Ito Yuna - :\ Almost everything she released this year was quite disappointing most especially her HEART album
- Mahaloha

mihimaru GT - another "I want them to give bear hugs". Their songs continue to be so catchy
- Punkish, Gazen Yeah!

Mr. Children - I guess I rekindle my love for them this year *__*
- Fake - my absolute favorite from them from the song to the performance (except the PV though)

NEWS - 2007 is their comeback year and I must admit they released some good songs
- Hoshi wo mezashite = *___*

Otsuka Ai - I think she and YUI are the biggest exceptions for my "no kiddy voices allowed" but her songs are sometimes so catchy to miss
- Peach

Utada Hikaru - this is what I call another love rekindle year ^^ Now, I can't wait for her album
- Flavor of Life, Beautiful World

UVERworld - they are still passable. I'm giving a thumbs-up for Takuya for all those weird song titles
- endscape (the whole single is love especially the b-sides)

YUI - it's YUI's year! I really love her catchy songs
- CHE.R.RY, Rolling Star, My Generation

Well not all here are in the "best" category.

w-inds. - They top my list of my disappointing list as they failed to pull out great tracks that suit my style. :\ All I'm whining for is a song that has Ryuichi and Ryo's raps (Is that a big request? LOL) I don't like Keita's pitch now as like I'm getting annoyed with it. Release something like Fire Flower/'ssup/Time Machine/1 or 8/balance/song 4 u/Lil Crazy and I'll be back as a hardcore w-inds. fan

AAA - They used to be on my top but the all boys' single thing is a big disappointment for me (especially that I'm a fan of J-R&B) as they pulled out the rehash of EXILE/COLOR/FOH songs. Also their Around album was quite a disappointment. I really hope that Avex won't manufacture them as a boyband as I love their current setup.

BoA - she still continued to disappoint me in her album, Made in Twenty and some singles except Lose Your Mind. I hope that she will reinvent herself. Like she shouldn't be stuck in those cheesy pop songs

UVERworld - Bugright was just a big disappointment, I hope Proglution will be a better one

Ito Yuna - I was just pissed off that I anticipated Heart back then but it turned to be a major flop for me.. So yeah hopefully her next album wouldn't be like a mediocre song festival

KAT-TUN -Cartoon II KAT-TUN was a big flop album! LOL XD KAT-TUN without Jin's vocals = nothing

Ryohei - CaVaCa project was really disappointing. If he continues this way, I'll whine that m-flo should adopt him and make him as the third member!

These are all based on my personal opinions so yeah I might be biased xD


This might be an off-topic. But for NEWS x EXILE fans, do you all remember the Hey3x Special where Yamapi and Takahiro had a talk? EXsub really wanted to pick up that project (especially me) but there is already a group who picked that up so yeah we can't make it as a project. But don't worry, our translator, Lena already had the translated the talk for us and well I'll just tell here everyone what they talked about (Please credit makira of EXsub when taking out this translation outside of my blog)

Host: Yamapi's question to EXILE's Takahiro: "What is the wrong thing I did to you?"
Yamapi: Before Takahiro joined EXILE, I already met and was introduced to him. Takahiro said to me that, "maybe I'm going to join EXILE" (see Takahiro has been long eye-ing to be in EXILE) In the beginning, he greeted me nicely, but when we met in some other music shows, he was kinda unreactive/cold (ignored him)
Hama-chan: That's not right! Maybe EXILE made him to act that way!
Takahiro: No, it's not, It was at the bar when we met and I didn't expect him (Yamapi) to remember me.
Hama-chan: Sakaba?? Are you some kind of enka singer? (Sakaba is like a lounge for enka)
Takahiro: At a work place, I didn't want to be all friendly to him because he'll maybe think, "Man, that guy is really too touchy" and well I treated him with modesty instead", If you like you can join us to our, (this part is kinda blurry) sushi party or something like that
Hama-chan: Isn't it weird?!?? "Sushi party" I hate you EXILE!!!!! (in implying that he wasn't invited by Takahiro to join them)

- END -

I think after this talk and some nice hang-out, Yamapi and Takahiro are friends now :D
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