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I'm such a video quality whore that even it takes me a long time, I'll grab the nice TS quality over at JPS *___* Good thing, I recently "cleaned" my HDD allowing some space to download this. I promised at [livejournal.com profile] ongaku_bangumi that I will re-encode and upload the AVI converted file. I'm still keeping my promise so yeah I hope those guys can still wait. Me and my friend were discussing that uploaders now in JPS got lazier in encoding and just throw in TS files. But then beggars can't be choosy and they can't please everyone. ^^;;

General Opinon about the show:

> FNS Kayousai patterns the music special with Fuji TV's Bokura no Ongaku (Our Music)'s format (with all those strings, and live band *___*)
> No live audience except the performers themselves. (In which sometimes I prefer because audience screams can destroy the beauty of the performance)
> Set in a formal banquet with rotatable chairs as the tables are placed in between the stages. Therefore it has a formal mood.
> My opinion still never changes that this is the best music special!

> Kuroki HItomi and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi are this year's main hosts. Well no problem with Kusanagi because he is the voice over on Bokura no Ongaku
> FNS Kayousai 2009 Theme: Miracle (Dream) collaborations, Miracle (Dream) covers.

SMAP - Sotto Kyuuto
> This is the rare times that SMAP didn't sound bad. Actually there are a few reasons to love this performance: (1) the song - Toshinobu Kubota produced this song (For those who don't know him, he is the father / pioneer Japanese soul music) (2) the orchestra / live band.

Talk Corner: SMAP and Tokunaga Hideaki
- It was just kinda funny that Kuroki HItomi butt in to Tokunaga's talk. XD
- KimuTaku said that during their performance, it was a big nervous performing on stage with lots of artists in front (EXILE and ARASHI). Seeing EXILE in front reminds him that he wants to audition as an EXILE member. LOL HIRO and other members were caught laughing at KimuTaku's comment.

Tokunaga Hideaki - Hello (with Koike Teppei on guitars / chorus
> I admit I'm not his big fan but his songs are good. I love the mix of his voice, Teppei's chorus and the live orchestra.

Girl Next Door - Infinity
> Just like I said on my Best Hits Kayousai review, I don't like Chisa's voice but she's pretty and that's all.

Aoyama Thelma - Wasurenai yo
> My love for her is on and off. It was on during her debut and I got turned off because of Soba ni iru ne fever. Then after that this girl continued to sing poppy songs. Where's the urban voice? But then I can still forgive her with this song.

I'm going to introduce you to a thing called: "hair brush" XD

Tsuruno Takeshi x Iwasaki Hiromi - Love Is Over
> Tsuruno was wearing again his "double kara" outfit. I'm not a big fan of this kind of songs but it's a decent perf :D

Remioromen - Sakura
> I think I appreciated their performance on FNS Kayousai better

KinKi Kids - Swan Song
- I've never been a fan of KinKi Kids. It looks like on the performance Tsuyoshi had some problem with his ear monitor. He kept on adjusting it.

Remioromen, KinKi Kids, EXILE talk
- They just talk about how they felt being on FNS Kayousai, what happened to them this year and what they anticipate for next year. But OMG! I really need to drag Takahiro / Akira on a barber shop and cut/shave their heads! wtf! I should remind him that permed/curly hair is a big no!

Big Bang - Koe wo Kikasete
- It has been my LSS due to Ohitorisama. They're one of the artists who performed outside the main hall. It was a good but short perf though. Too bad they can't still join the talk parts. I guess they have to improve their Japanese first (like singing "kitto" as kittu).

NYC Boyc - NYC
> I honestly don't know them until I saw them on this special. Waaaaiiii Yamada!!!!!!!!! Okay I'm not a big fan of JE songs but yeah Yamada just caught my attention again! LOL I might just be sued for child abuse!

Now, I know where did my cooking oil went... xD

Go Hiromi - Dangan Boys
> I was really surprised he is already 54 years old! *O* He really looks so young. I thought he's in late 30s or early 40s. Even the EXILE guys were surprised to know this (because most of them already look old rofl). Then [livejournal.com profile] yuuka informed me that he used to be an endorser for a clinic or something like that. His performance was very catchy and lol at those buffy guys on the background. Seriouly, I don't like skinny guys but I also don't like guys whose muscles are bigger than their faces XD

Collaboration Parts
- True to FNS Kayousai theme, there are a lot of collaboration performances this year ♥♥♥

Jun's outfit made him look like he's the waiter on this banquet

Makihara Noriyuki x Arashi - Fuyu ga hajimaru yo
> The perf started with Arashi singing the first part then Makihara Noriyuki joined them. The song was kinda catchy though...

- Arashi forms a semi-circle, JUJU and Thelma enters

Makihara Noriyuki x JUJU x Aoyama Thelma x SPEED - Kita Kaze
- Makihara, JUJU and Thelma sang first while Arashi exits. Thelma looked like a ready made gift xD Then, SPEED entered as the backup vocals. Anyway, the performance was good

- JUJU and Thelma went out of the scene, Hexagon Girls entered

Maki was the luckiest guy on this show having lots of females with him on stage

Makihara Noriyuki x SPEED x Hexagon Girls - Watashi Obasan ni natte mo
- I never liked SPEED but I find this collab so catchy.

- Makihara Noriyuki went out of the scene.

> SPEED x Hexagon Girls - 17 sai
- they could be the new MM though xP

> Makihara Noriyuki, Arashi, Kobukuro Talk part
- Maki talks about his 3 collaboration performances and how nervous he is. Arashi was delighted to do a collaboration performance. Meanwhile Kobukuro talked about their live tour.

> Kobukuro - Stay

- I felt that it has been a long time since I saw these guys perform on stage. As usual, it was a good performance!

> Superfly - Alright!
- she didn't perform on the main hall. I really like this song as it was one of my LSS during BOSS time. After the performance, she talked about her album and some BOSS talks.

> V6 - Guilty
- I'm not a big fan of V6 but I fancy Okada xD Haha I actually did like this performance.

> V6 and TOKIO talk
- Nagase told that this year, it is their 15th anniversary and all of the TOKIO members are in their 30s but then leader butted in and said he'll be turning 40 next year XD
- V6 talked about their Asia concert

> TOKIO performance
- I only like some of their songs but I like how they are different with other JE groups.

SMAP x DBSK Talk part
> I am feeling they are just flattering themselves on this part. Kusanagi said that he had changed his mobile number and apologized to JJ that he hasn't given his number to him yet. He'll do it on backstage after the show xD. But then for DBSK fans, this must be thrilling that KimuTaku praised DBSK as good singers, dancers and guys. Hehe Tsuyoshi is so cute when he said Kamsahamnida (?!?!)

Collaboration Performances

> ayaka x Ken Hirai - LOVE LOVE LOVE
- This is one of my favorite performances because in terms of live performances, these 2 rocks! Am I the only one not feeling ayaka's new hair?? Anyway, I just noticed that her voice seems to be weaker. I guess that's because of her treatment. Too bad, ayaka will on hiatus but I really want a collab single from these two.

> AI x ATSUSHI - Story
> whatever songs they perform, it will be always good. I just don't like that this song is pimped to death. LOL. Anyway they were so cute when they hi-five after the performance.

> JUJU x Tokunaga Hideaki - Yasashisa Afureru you ni
- This is one of my favourite JUJU songs but then I felt their voices are going on different directions xD.

> ayaka x Ken Hirai - Talk
- Ken Hirai praised ayaka's performance on their collab. ayaka said that she used to sing LOVE LOVE LOVE back on her high school years.

Winter Medley

> Nagase Tomoya x Kai Yoshihiro - Anna (with alan playing erhu)
- Another nice collab with my Tomo-baby and alan on erhu. I know she can play erhu but this is the first time I saw her playing an instrument. I guess it isn't her time to perform on FNS Kayousai.

> SPEED - White Love
- They are one of the groups that I don't fancy but White Love is one of the songs that is stuck into my mind especially the "hateshinai...." part XD

Why don't you listen to me and have your hair cut! Perm is not good for you dear. You aged quite a bit in the span of 2 years!

> EXILE - Lovers Again
- I guess they are too many to accommodate on the stage with the live band and orchestra but it's been a long time time since I listened to Lovers Again. It is just annoying to have 12 dancers dancing on a ballad.

> Koda Kumi - Lick Me
- Another rare times that I didn't skip her performance. Her outfit is really too cute recently. XD Okay in fairness the song is quite catchy ^^

> Aqua Timez - Ketsui no asa ni
- Haha my attention while watching their perf was diverted on the vocalist's attire. I'm thinking of making a shirt with the same design XD

> Hexagon All Stars - Naite mo ii desu ka
- They are not the best singers around but I like their performance. Most of the peeps that I saw on Arashi's shows are here (Yaguchi Mari, Osawa Akane, etc.....)

> DBSK x Tokunaga Hideaki - Rainy Blue
- I came to appreciate the song because ATSUSHI covered this on his solo premium live. Sad to say, ATSUSHI's version pwned over this version. XD Why is that when DBSK are collaborating with other artists, their voices are just being flooded by other artists??? (No surprise for Take of Skoop though)

- Tokunaga Hideaki left the scene -

> DBSK - Stand by U
- This is the best Stand by U performance! Some of you may think that I'm a DBSK hater but no I'm not. The more I criticize a group, the more I love them XD Nah... I'm not really a fangirl whose point of view always fall head over heels over their idols xD I just really hope that the lawsuit drama will end ASAP xD

> EXILE - Futatsu no Kuchibiru
- They performed on the stage across DBSK. Aww why there's no slight dancing to the next performers.. Like what ayaka x Kobukuro did with EXILE perfs (FNS Kayousai 2007) and Arashi (FNS Kayousai 2008). Anyway, I'm still not feeling every performances of this song because admit it 12 dancers on a ballad song = eye sore. Nakamura Jin must have earned loads of money from EXILE (he's the composer of Lovers Again, Ti Amo and Futatsu no Kuchibiru) as all of his songs are "hits"

> Arashi - Ashita no Kioku
- These guys don't sound bad when there's a live orchestra / band. I'm not a big fan of Arashi but to those who are fans of Arashi, do these guys have live band on their concerts??? If they don't have, I better suggest Uncle Johnny to give them a live band during a concert! But then watching this perf makes me want a My Girl performance than Ashita no Kioku.

> Kobukuro - I love You
- This song has already way many covers but I love Kobukuro's version the most. I guess it's because their voices are matched with the original singer. Too bad I felt the perf was a little bit short

> Koda Kumi - Ii nichi tabidachi
- I already can't remember this performance but her attire was eye catching XD

> Ken Hirai - Boku wa kimi ni koisuru
- I admit this song is mediocre but Ken's live perf is awesome. Now I guess sometimes why him and ayaka can click. It's because some of their songs are mediocre but in live performance it's amazing.

> Hitoto Yo - Un to Shiawase (with Kobayashi Takeshi on piano)
- I was kinda surprised to see KobaTake on piano because of the rumour between them. In case you don't know, I think they are still a couple. Anyway, it was a nice performance

> Yuzu - Niji
- Kitagawa Yujin is still an eye candy. I really love their brooches and Yujin's guitar!

> JUJU - Ashita ga kuru nara with JAY'ED
- This song is much more amazing with live orchestra *_____* At first JAY'ED was performing at the back of JUJU then at the middle part of the performance, JAY'ED was on the same line as JUJU. I guess JAY'ED needs to work out his live vocals. He sometimes come out very weak.

> ayaka - Minna Sora no Shita
- The performance of this song will be always amazing. I'm just too sad that ayaka has only Kouhaku left and she'll be on hiatus.

> SMAP - Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana
- This by far is SMAP's best song. I wonder how much Makihara Noriyuki earned for this song. Anyway, I got a theory now that mediocre vocal JE groups sounds good with a live orchestra. I hereby suggest Uncle Johnny that instead of putting a budget with their tacky costume, they should invest for a live band/orchestra to their groups XD

Random Pictures

How girls envy Namie's hair!

And how I envy Koyuki's skin!

But then Kumi just brushed off that idea that Koyuki's skin and Namie's hair are better than hers

I also envy the Nose sisters. Maybe they are wide awake when God spread the gift of beauty. They brought out tons of drums while my drum has a hole XD

Tomo-baby can't agree more with my comments!

Even Junsu is speechless about my blog. LOL about the 3 sisters!

And who's mesmerize with Karina's beauty??? Now is your chance! Get her number!

Ahh Gail, your non-sense posts makes my hair curlier than usual!

You are all bunch of copycats! I got the original curls!

What's funnier is that EXILE's shortest member (MATSU) has the same height as ARASHI's tallest member (Aiba). They'll look dwarfs standing side by side with EXILE's tallest members (AKIRA and NAOKI)

I'd take home the Sony VAIO. Where's the old Tamaki!!!!!

Okay he smiled! Forgiven XD

on 2009-12-11 02:20 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] alize-sakura.livejournal.com
waaa... FNS review... and lol, so funny comment that you give at the end... hum... so far I just watched DBSK's Rainy Blue performance... it's good... and because you write the review... it's making me more wanting to see the full show... XD

on 2009-12-11 02:33 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] garnet-moon07.livejournal.com
[livejournal.com profile] ongaku_bangumi has different formats that people can watch ^^;; Still encoding the HDTV format though =___=

on 2009-12-17 01:53 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] nakulayan.livejournal.com
LMAO on your review.. especially the end. Nice cap of Nagase there. MatsuJun's curls FTW!

Was the talk part subbed? Okay, I'm really tempted with that 30GB TS file now. Did you have any problem watching it? It's too big of a file for me, but the show seems awesome..

on 2009-12-17 02:14 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] garnet-moon07.livejournal.com
LOL I'm usually like this every year end. Posting some random stuff about year end music shows XD Haha yeah Matsujun's curls ftw!

Nope, it's not subbed. I just kinda understand a decent Japanese to get some talk parts. I don't have problems watching the TS version though.


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