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Sorry my reviews are coming late. ><

I'll join the league of posting their favorites/dislikes for 2008 fandom.

My taste leans on mostly pop to R&B side so yeah I may not post mainstream stuff here.

Take note that this is not by rank. I s*ck at rankingsThis is just whatever stuff comes into my mind

Best Original Albums

1. Full Of Harmony - ENERGY
- This still remained as my top album for 2008. Except for the title track, all the songs are great and really consistent their R&B style. I can't wait for their best collaboration album <3

2. SHINee - SHINee World
- Wow they are are still so young and their voices are good. I finally gave in to buy their album (too bad it's so annoying that the repackage album came after I bought their original album). I wish Japan has a boyband like them. Now I know why girls are d*mn crazy to Korean boybands music and look wise.

3. Emi Hinouchi - ME....
- The girl is back with her hot album. Out of the m-flo girls, her stuff are better compared to others. I am always waiting for her return and good thing she didn't disappointed me.

4. Tohoshinki - T
- I have returned my fandom to them, thanks to their 2008 releases. Except for Love in the Ice, I don't like them singing ballads as I'm cringing when I hear JJ sing high notes. If they keep up with this trend, I might really splurge as their regular fangirl

5. Big Bang - Number 1 / Remember
- I was actually first hesitant to listen to their stuff as I don't tend to follow fandom when they are overhype XD But anyway, my first impression was wrong and actually find their stuff good :D

6. EMI MARIA - A Ballad Of My Own
- Her album is good for a debut album. Actually I just discovered her by accident. LOL oppose to the title, her songs are not ballads at all but your good old R&B. Hmm... I think if Hikki was really into R&B, she and EMI MARIA will have the same music.

7. Nao'ymt - wit' 1st Season
- A compilation of album from the great R&B producer, Nao'ymt. I love JINE's songs and STY song.

8. Shimizu Shota - Umbrella
- Might have been much better if he just worked with STY XD But anyway, not a bad debut album

9. ayaka - Sing to the Sky
- A little step up from First Message. All the album songs were great <3

BLUE was a disappointment, BLACK was a revival of interest... <3 STY really rocks!

Best of the Best Albums

- out of the 3 best albums that they released, this one really got my attention. EXILE should have really keep up this R&B style than going to crazy nonsense pop beats >< My Fantasy and My Buddy are my absolute favorite

Best Collaboration

1. Various Artist - Special Calling
- If collaboration will be this good, I wouldn't mind Thelma Aoyama collaborating with other artist than doing her own stuff. Every song were really so good. I love Taiyou. I hope HI-D will produce this kind of album again. (FOH please!!!)

2.  m-flo loves Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei & Emyli & YOSHIKA & LISA - love comes and goes
- The last m-flo loves song released like a bang! Ahhh I really missed the m-flo loves series

3. ayaka x Kobukuro - Anata To
- Some says that Winding Road is much better but then I'm addicted to this song. It will be great if they will release a full album with their collaboration songs

4. Toshinobu Kubota - Flying Easy Loving Crazy feat MISIA
- Ahh two greatest Japanese artists in one song! The live performance rocks!!!!!

5. Tanaka Roma - Forever Love feat. Thelma Aoyama
- Like I said earlier, I wouldn't mind Thelma collaborating with other artist than continue her teensy weensy solo stuff.

Best A-side Single

1. DBSK - Purple Line
- This song made me come back to DBSK fandom. Dear DBSK, Please release another great upbeat song. KThnx - Gail

2. ayaka - Te wo Tsunagou / Ai wo Utaou
- Ahhhh the love!!! I'm really so addicted to this song <3 It must be really the live that was forever stuck into my mind.

3. KAT-TUN - Don't U Ever Stop
4. Shota Shimizu - HOME
5. JAY'ED - Superwoman - Album please!!! Kthnx
6. Daichi Miura - Inside Your Head - Another album release please!!!
7. AZU - Jikan yo Tomare - this song is love especially if you watched Itazura na Kiss anime
8. BoA - Sparkling
9, J Soul Brothers - WE!!
10. Bright - Tegami feat. K
11. CHEMISTRY - Life Goes On -side K- originally loved side D but in the end loved side K more
12. Micro - Odore!
13. Emi Hinouchi - Kataomoi

Best Cover Song

COLOR - Color of Love - gave justice to my favorite Boyz II Men song
EXILE - Manatsu no Kajitsu - much better than other versions xP
EXILE - Last Christmas - Enough said, that's my favorite Christmas song

Best DVD

BoA - The Face Live Tour - the b*tch is now back with her hot moves
DBSK - T Live Tour - see?? I'm really going back to them

Best TV performance

Skoop on Somebody x Gospellers Collabo Labo episode - Two Japanese R&B legends in one episode

If there are best of 2008, there are disappointments of 2008

Clazziquai Project - Didn't like the mini album except for Beat in Love
Alex - after all those whinings, I felt it went to drained after I heard his album
8eight - The debut album was good but what happened to the 2nd one???
EXILE - Ballad Best - could have been better if they removed some songs and added new songs... Ahhh Japanese are really suckers this album is almost 2 million copies shipped
Younha - ahhh why is it that the 2nd album failed to capture my interest

Anticipated Stuff for 2009

1. J Soul Brothers debut - musically they are better than EXILE (but of course, still couldn't surpass Full Of Harmony's line rofl... For R&B groups musically speaking my ranking is now: FOH, then an impassable wall, J Soul Brothers, EXILE, COLOR, CHEMISTRY, SOS then Gospellers)

2. Ravex Project - Taku, Shinichi Osawa and FPM in one project, who's going to resist on it???? 1 more night already showed how great this ravex project is

3. BoA x Crystal Kay x VERBAL collaboration - enuff said

4. So far albums of BRIGHT, Fukuhara Miho, COLOR and best collab album of FOH.

Top Japanese Dramas

1. Seigi no Mikata - Makiko really reminds me of my sister
2. Daisuki!!! - the drama that made me cry from episode 1 -10; much tears than 1 liter of tears.
3. Bloody Monday - the suspense rocks!
4. Ryuusei no Kizuna - Ryo x Nino x Erika = smex

Top Animes

1. Skip Beat!
2. Itazura na Kiss
3. Special A
4. Toradora
5. Earl and Fairy

Few may agree, most will disagree.. XD

on 2009-01-08 04:43 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] fuji-sempai.livejournal.com
WOW. Your list has been compiled carefully and I have to agree with most of it! I just stumbled across this post when I was looking for your Gospellers discography.

This year I got back into DBSK too~ I like both their Korean and Japanese songs. Purple Line had a better MV but Microtic lives were mind-blowing.

Have you heard the new Ravex song? The one with Blaise Plant in it

SKIP BEAT for the win! <3 Though the crunchyroll thing makes it longer for me to watch the eps. D=

Thank you for uploading all the discographies! I really appreciate spreading the love of jr&b <3 It needs more fans~ (except EXILE - WHOAH 2 MILLION COPIES?!? I deleted half of the songs because I already had them on my comp. D=)

Top Animes

on 2009-11-30 10:18 pm (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
Great list of top animes (http://www.topanimes.net) I'm too going to add this.


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